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BUBBA Tracklist:


BUBBA seamlessly flows together...On repeat!


I think if he has chosen better features than those i think it would be a good album

your faec

This guy is seriously talented. I only listen to rap, but I heard snippets from 10% and gray area and I’m hooked. This is absolutely amazing.


This album is a BOP!!!! It’s something new, innovative and mature. He features some of my favorite artists such as: Teedra Moses (my absolute favorite; she is so underrrated, smh) Durand Bernarr and Estelle to name a few! This is in my rotation everyday.


KAYTRANADA outdid himself on “BUBBA”. Every track is catchy and immediate. This is the type of album that has me sweating bullets, dancing in my bedroom in front of the mirror. A lot of stylistic blends of house music, funk, Afrobeat, R&B. The guest all serve their purpose. Not one track on this thing feels out of place, the transitions into other track are seamless, doesn’t lose the groove. I’d say this is KAYTRANADA’s best album to date, better than “99.9%”.


Not my usual mix of R&B, but I really enjoyed this album from beginning to end. Kaytranada brings something unique to the both the electronic and R&B genres. There’s a certain vibe and tranquility about this album that makes it easy to get lost in and its composition lends heavily to it. Good quality albums are becoming increasingly more rare, but this album nails it on nearly every front and I think there’s something in here for just about all to enjoy. I hope to hear more of this guy in the future and hope he keeps the vibe going!


It’s not better than 99% but your production and featuring artist really works well. It’s a non stop House music party all day.





Rand Randson

Too pumped to be a part of this project! 💛🤸🏽‍♀️




Whatta vibe!!!!

baila d



i have been listening to this album a lot recently and it’s such a vibe and the beats are pretty amazing.


This whole album is a vibe!!


If you liked his previous work, then you’ll love this. It flows really well, and the features accompany each song exactly as you feel they should. Kaytra really outdid himself with this album.

Skrewed MyDucats

This is simply beautiful. KAYTANDRA is a student and a master of the art.


A true artistic evolution. This album is amazing!!


WOOOOOOW, I’m on a MUSICAL High, every song is CRAZYYYY SMOOTH AND FUNKY, Great House Music ViBeZ ......that’s Free Nationals album is CRAZYYY SMOOTH Too

I Am... Yours

I’ve never listened to this guy, but I downloaded this album today and love it from start to finish! It’s refreshing to hear REAL MUSIC! Amazing production and excellent features!

reese witherspooooon

Been waiting and living on sound cloud til now... 🙌🏽


This music is so unique can't help but to give it 5 stars


I’ve listen to this album 4 times already. Well awaited, ands it’s so much fun. So groovy


Worst in me 🔥🔥🔥🔥


Out of this world.

Maurice 777

This album is fire and you are so very very talented!


Repeat mode already

miss gigi

Great follow up..dope all around


The MAN!