Katy Perry - I Kissed a Girl

℗ 2008 Capitol Records, LLC

I Kissed a Girl - Single Tracklist:


Amazing song!


Best song by Katy Perry and it’s on just dance!!




But it’s a good song


It’s so different from most songs I’ve heard and it’s really catchy! Yup, definitely buying this..


But this my jam 😍😍😍






I remember the first time they played it on the radio I fell in love with Katy Perry!! #10years


This song is amazing and all of you people are saying that it’s gross that Kathy perry kissed a girl and you people should be ashamed of your selves if she was gay it wouldn’t change the fact that she is an amazing artist


It is such a classic but I love it

Xbox GT - hunterhags

Katy I love it still! 😊


Why??!???? This shouldnt be popular in my opinion. Em i right. She tries to hard!!!!😬😬😬😬😬


The lyrics are gross and kinda disturbing and yet its popular




Had to say it 😜 since all of her songs are explicit.


This is such a funny song! I really like the sound and the lyrics are funny.

Jesse Ugstad

You fools who are talking about Miley for some strange reason are stupid. This song came out 6 YEARS before that so shut up lord have mercy 😒


This is an original Katy Perry song. She's changed people! Sure, the lyrics aren't the best but what's the deal? This made her into the strong amazing Katy we all know and love! Be proud of her, I love this song. She's very talented I don't care if the lyrics aren't too good, but they aren't "horrible" "gross" or "disgusting"! ily Katy, please don't let the haters take you down.

C Frey

Really this song became popular? She's not a lesbian. Nothing but hype and that's all it is. Too bad I can't give it a zero star. This is just awful.


Hate it. Katy is trying to hard.

Green Lova 4 Life

I think this song was based on her and miley cyrus😐


This single made her. The ultimate song where she grew into the teenage dream Katy Perry. Sure I don't like what the song is about but love the tune!!!

AFP 22

Go girl!!


Best song written by katy🐱😂

Minor, Few problems but great

Weird. Good tune, but the lyrics are not good.

Trolling poodle

I just LOVE this song


It's perfect! Love the song!

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