Katy Perry - One of the Boys

℗ 2008 Capitol Records, LLC

One of the Boys Tracklist:

Beverly marsh 🎈

Loveee thisssss

queen of dopeville101

I kissed a girl is cringe 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮


Hahaha When I hear Hot n Cold I think of Todoroki Shoto XD

sharren G.



I love this song! I use it for gatcha music vids!



Trust and Us



This is a album I would really recommend but...... The song Ur So Gay is a terrible song besides the beat to it #❤️uKaty


queen of pop omg


Im Still breathing the best song


miss the old katy :( i still listen to every single song like i was 10 all over again


Still one of the best albums I have ever heard, not one bad track.


Love the original Katy!


Can you please add her Japanese bonus track” a cup of coffee” itunes?


Katy did what she had to do. Thinking Of You might be the best song in her career.

my thots about this

Same thots as my title




Katy Perry doesn't sell music with nasty lyrics because she wants to. She only does that so she can make money. Looks like she wants to be as rich as Bill Gates so she can buy stuff like a Rolls-Royce Phantom, A luxury mansion, a motor coach, and even a BladeSystem with Windows Server or commercial enterprise Linux, and go to Monte Carlo, Monaco. Either that or her management team pushed her, or there was a contract with a record label. I don't like to attack people, I really mean it. I suppose it's the people of the record label and management team that want money for stuff like what I listed, not Katy. Well, the management team and record label should stop that pushing and should give her more freedom. Wouldn't it be nice if the artist wasn't dependent on the record label and the management team, and she could do whatever she wants, and the music was 100% hers? But that's not the case. Keep the pop style, but please go back to decent lyrics. I'd also really like Katy Perry to use synth. A Roland JP-8000. It's all about money, and it shouldn't be. Hollywood and the music industry should stop thinking about just money and start thinking about quality and greatness. Yes, they can still make money, because money is needed to make great music and movies, but money and production shouldn't be primary. It should be secondary to quality and greatness. It is better to make great music and get little money from that than it is to make bad music and get tons of money from it. Like the Good Book Says, "It is better to be poor and kind than it is to be rich and wicked" - Proverbs 28:6. I know what you're going to say - it's religion. But I believe that the Lord God is real. Let's get and promote independent music. Let's buy and promote non-Hollywood movies. I'd really like to be professional in reviews.


I really like the music in your song but you sound a little tired and I think for kids and maybe some grownups you could make you voice a little more funny like the chipettes. But you could keep the one you already made and just make a new one. From Annabel M Petrizzo

Di Di 😜


Kitty Nikki

Katy Perry you have amazing songs my favorite is firework or legendary lovers but I recommend both. I LOVE YOU KATY PERRY.

Better than dragon city

This is so different from prism/teenage dream and I absolutely love it


Don’t buy


As a non stan of Katy's I do enjoy her pop material, but this is takes the cake to being my favorite. This is Katy's best album. A sound that suits her so well, that she never shoudve ditched for pop, it just suits and compliments her voice so well! I hope she goes back to writing more of these songs and brings back the true classic in her.


This album was pretty great when comparing her most recent releases




Even though this song is pretty old, it’s awesome!


Just the thought of this song makes me cry.


Wonderful first album, Katy knows how to make hits


Zoetqxge.6 atyxyyzgzraaXitznsz



by yoToxicKAT

You're amazing I love your music video of hot n cold. (I an eight-year-old girl) I am totally a fan of you.🤣

Kk kariii

goooddddd!!! love u




Teenage Dream & OOTB is what I live for when it comes to Katy Perry!!!😄😄😄💕💕2 perfectly good albums


LOL, she is like a mess

Ralphie Cosio



Katy Perry is one of my favorite singers and I love all of her music.


I remember Hot N Cold from 2008!!! How??? That song gets me so hyped like I'm 13 now and I still remember that song😍That song was BAE tho

Wil Lo

I only liked 3 songs.


Her music was so real and honest way back when and this album proves it. Her highest point was her album Teenage Dream believe it or not, California Girls was real! She's a California Girl and she's definitely unforgettable but sex on the beach may not be accurate but it's still her old teasing self from Ur So Gay and I Kissed A Girl. Prism has a few major songs here and there and some of them were real but This is How we Do? Come on. I was tempted to purchase it (which I did) because it's catchy but Rise? No no no. Sorry Katy but you're not like anyone else. You're a pearl.

whitch stick

I wish there were not swear words in Hot N Cold. I had to go and edit it. Otherwise, has some good songs.

Really 1024

You all should really check out Taylor swifts albums. I prefer it over this


I love the album!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nehru rqbfagsgn

I love her voice she should be one the voice I even played it 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times

Live eat lax

This is slaying for a first album stay on fleek Katy! 👸🏻

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