Katy Perry - Teenage Dream (Deluxe Edition)

℗ 2010 Capitol Records, LLC

Teenage Dream (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist:


This is pop perfection! So many hits! Such a good feeling album! Amazing!!!

Miss. MilkMoo

ah yes, i remember those days when i was young.


I got the wrong version it sounds awful



Milkshake Heatwave

Smash or pass? 🤔🤔


those days of young love, friendships and just living in high school were the best days... really takes me back to my teenage days, thanks Katy.


This is my favorite album of her definitely 🥰🥰🥰


This is trash she thinks she can sing but she can’t sing and I saw a song with no title seriously Katy Perry be appropriate like this singer is trash do not buy her music I do not like her 🖕🖕🖕


She puts soooooooo much thought into her music I love the remixes! 💗😁

sharren G.

lemme put you on 🤩🤩

Trust and Us




D. W. Jr.

So I love Katy and her songs but WHY DO PEOPLE WRITE A REVIEW ABOUT HER LOOKS WHAT THE FUDGE DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH HER LOOKS if you have nothing good to say people then don’t say it

Rachel nicki 1217

I love her songs

Garrus Vakarian12

Don't like her style, too loud. Ok.

lazzy punk66789

High school teenage girl dreams of love and a happy ever after 😍 theme song!

henry html hank lemon

You need to change and not be so inappropriate.ok !😐


Totally disappointed at her

Chipolte Spice

I'm 46, like Katy Perry. Guilty pleasure. I dance to her music in my bedroom Go Katy,


Your a puke. Put some clothes on.


This is an essential album for any pop music lover. This album is full of timeless songs that will never get old. Katy is a genius!

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