Kanye West - JESUS IS KING

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JESUS IS KING Tracklist:


Kanye from his Soul Keep Talking Keep Loving Keep Walking by DaRa

child of jehovah jirah

I never Listened -much less purchased his music but now , I’m on this and it’s in my playlist !




Get this man some help.



jump off a cliff, cb 🥰✨🥺🧚

the lyrics were horribly written, it felt that he just pulled them out of a word generator


He’s gone so downhill


Very Cringe.


just not it

Dude. no

Is he actually running for president? If so, all hell will break loose among the swifties.


Thank you Kanye!


A true song kayne

unknown 1218

Look guys I was never a fan of Kanye I listened to his Christian album only to support him in his new life Bc I know how hard it can be to change and when you know that you have other Christians that have your back it can help you be more bold In the Bible it says that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord It also says that people will hate you because they hate him Yes Kanye you will catch a lot of crap for believing but... don’t ever let that stop you because God has something in store for you that is unlike anything you could ever imagine If you are a true believer than don’t hate the people that hate you Love them and tell them that you will be praying for them Bc you never know That might be what will open someone’s eyes to the truth

Quarter 120

Great album


Love Gospel


I liked it

Trust and Us





Honestly a decent album


No surprise here. Talentless dribble.

The Count of Monte Cristo

This is a joke! Queen Kanye is laughing all the way to the bank! Kanye loves his money! He thinks Trump is King! Let’s hope his buddy Donald gets the boot in November! We went from one of THE BEST Presidents in Obama to the ALL-Time worst President of ALL TIME in Trump, Kanye’s buddy. Hopefully this 4-year Twilight Zone nightmarish episode of the Trump Presidency will end this November! I am a white male and the fact that 44 of the past 45 Presidents have been white males makes me puke! We NEED diversity! We need WOMEN, BLACKS, LATINOS, ANYTHING BUT WHITE, MALE, SO-CALLED CHRISTIAN people! There are many to choose from. I am a white male and I say no more white males for a while! WE NEED DIVERSITY! How about it everyone? Also, I am so sick of people declaring that they are Christian! Like this is a rubber-stamp to decency. IT IS NOT! Most of people I know, not all, that are Christian are some of the most rotten-to-the-core, unethical people I know. We must all grow up and most importantly WAKE UP! In the U. S. when running for President of the US, one must declare a religion. It had better be a Christian denomination or the electorate will ask “what’s wrong with that person? He or she doesn’t believe in the same God I do? They must be evil.” So then we have someone like Trump declaring “I am Christian and I don’t go to church and I lie every other sentence and I commit adultery and pay to keep my prostitutes quiet and I love to grope women!” Can I have an AMEN to that? How PATHETIC! There will always be people like Trump but what I can’t believe is that there is a significant number of people that make up the electorate that believe him AND vote for him! That really makes me SAD! Hey people?!? Imagine a non-white, female, non-Christian, honest, decent human being for President of the US! Just imagine that! Wow!!! So let’s all help one another and love each other. Leave this world in a better way for our fellow humans! Make sure you help others because you love them and not to buy yourself a stairway to Heaven! Make where we live here and now our heaven. We owe it to ourselves! Love all! Hug a tree today. Remember that this planet harbors two life forms: plant and animal. The plants do NOT need humans (animals) to survive; however, the animals (us) NEED the plants to survive. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen from their leaves, which humans and other animals need to breathe. So hug a tree please. 🙂 Hey Kanye! Please Dump Trump! I heard Donny and you are best buds! How so? You say Jesus is King. Trump and Jesus are diametrically opposites! Look it up. Are you really serious about helping your fellow human beings? You know you could go back to school and actually LEARN how to do productive things. Get a degree and use that knowledge to start up an organization with a corporate primary objective, not to maximize the shareholder’s wealth but to help HOMELESS, TERMINALLY ILL, BATTERED CHILDREN & SPOUSES, THE ELDERLY! Kanye? Could you PLEASE stop sucking up to the likes of Trump who is a self-proclaimed King who doesn’t love Jesus! Trump loves himself, fame, fortune, & groping women! You could follow a different King, how about Martin Luther KING, Jr? PLEASE prove to us ALL that there is more between your ears besides a vacuum! HELP MAKE AMERICA SMART AGAIN and be the change you want to see in the world! Dump Trump! That would be a great start. We all have faith in you Kanye! You can DO IT! 👍🏽🧠✌🏽Believe in science and love! Peace all!


I love you brother and this album! Keep it coming and don’t let up! Thank God for your gifts and thank you for using them. ✌️


People waited for this garbage? 🔥 💩


This album is trash..




JESUS IS KING is good, but a whimpering start for Kanye’s Christian chapter of his career. On the surface it’s very well done and produced, and overall is very by the numbers and checks all the boxes. But under the hood is a different story; it lacks depth, soul, and story. It tells us nothing about the emotional journey one would think Kanye’s transition would entail, but instead starts off with Kanye at the top of Christendom. Very few songs portrayed depth or feeling and felt very empty, it’s hard to describe but comparing it to his earlier work that’s how I would describe it. A lot of the backlash was driven from the fact that Kanye’s changed; its like getting Death Stranding from Hideo Kojima. It’s a cool album and very unique one but ultimately resembles Kim and Kanye’s real life “Mausoleum” featured in one of their many interviews; divine, clean, structured, and empty.


Great start to finish!


Inflated. Inflated music. Inflated reputation. Inflated character


Overall, its an OK album. For the most part I found myself bopping along to the beats and some of the lyrics, but there isn’t really much substance here. The bars here seem like they are supposed to have more substance than there really is, which is unfortunate. I know Kanye had an epiphany that inspired him with the direction this time, but maybe its just not for me. He has shown us way better effort in the past, but the last 4 albums really have not been doing anything for me.




Yeah this isnt your average Ye at all, but look, hes doing what i would say is the right move, becoming a christian after all the other stuff, cmon, gotta give him props




Only allows you to download the 1st 3 everything else is not available.


Keep being yourself, keep your priorities God over everything. God is love.


Bunch of Libtards and God haters here. Actually give this a chance instead of bashing him for his views and belief in our one true God! Personally I won’t be buying this because I’m not the biggest rap/hip hop fan but stop attacking him for his Christian and political views! You go Kanye West!


You are a great singer


If you want to listen to the best Christian Music there this is a must!! JESUS IS KING!!!

Zacks bro

Wow! What a great album. I can’t wait for his next one. Jesus saves!! Ps. the fact that Kanye is making music with Kenny G.. is amazing.


I like it


i’m an atheist and i still think this album smacks ngl kanye’s flow and these beats are fire


Pretty short but I like the subject matter. Even though the writing is a little corny I still like songs like God is.


this was the most legit legit legit legit besttttttttt ALBUMMMMMM braaaa buy it even i though i didn’t buy it hehahehaheha😑😑😑😑😑😊😊😊😊😌😌😌😌😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

Kanye is right

The best songs ever Kanye




I love this Album my Favorite is God Is 🙏🏽GBU Kanye West And You Beautiful Family’s

poop doctor!

Listen to reputation by Taylor Swift

South West 6

I got this out of curiosity and cannot believe how much I love it. So good.

mr spd

Wack AF

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