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This album is a must listen for all you progressive rock fans! The sugar level of musicianship in itself is enough to buy this record. These guys know how to play and know how to play together. One of my all-time favorites. Those who know, know... Those who don’t should buy this record. Take a listen!


From the opening riff of ‘Of A Lifetime” to the jam that ends “Mystery Mountain” this album is all-around great. “Topaz” reminds me so much of Santana and “Kohoutek” is pure furious. Also, “In My Lonely Feeling” works well with “Conversations”. “To Play Some Music” points toward their poppy future. But the stars of the show are “Of A Lifetime” and “Mystery Mountain”. Both are trips and have great jams- serves as the perfect intro to this album and early Journey. Would recommend this to anyone who is into prog rock/jazz fusion! 10/10!


Thank you for this download. This is the Journey I fell in love with. Listen to Topaz then listen to the newer dreg. Sure the new stuff has hooks, but no roots. Listen and learn kids. This is the real, first Journey. You are a Space man !


I greatly respect and cherish this album. However, I have been seeing other reviews that hate on the era of Journey that formed when Steve Perry joined 3 years after this release. There is no "real" Journey. There are different eras (1973-77, 1978-87, 1996-98, 2001-07, 07-present) and most of them sound different, musically. But there is no "real era" of Journey. It was Journey without Steve Perry, it was Journey with him. I must say that I respect all eras...I think all of them had a lot of good music to offer. If you consider yourself a Journey fan but have never heard anything before Perry joined, give this (and their next 2 after this) a try. You might come to appreciate the different sounds the band had before Perry joined. If you dislike the music Perry had to offer with them, stick with this. And if you're musically open-minded (like me :) then keep on rockin to both sounds! If you just don't feel like buying the whole thing, at least buy "Of a Lifetime." That is one of the best pieces of music that I have ever heard! It is 6:50 but it only feels like 2 minutes! Hope this review helped for new listeners :)


This was my intro to Journey back in the day and was blown away by it. Whoever reviewed this has no clue as do most critics but you have to earn a living somehow I guess. (lol) Nothing against Steve Perry, but this album will be liked by real music fans, not teen boys looking to get laid by trying to sound like Perry. (oh wait, that was And to the pinhead who compared Perry to Plant and Mercury....REALLY?????


I was raised mostly on stuff like the Who, Led Zeppelin, etc. so I also grew up with hit maker Journey. Over the years, I've been drawn to prog more than anything. I have to say that this could be my favorite album by them. Funny part is that Journey and Rush both started around the same time and hit the gold mine in 1981. What happened after Escape and Moving Pictures is history.

Milpitas Metiche

To really hear this album you need to visualize Journey playing outdoors at Marx Meadows in Golden Gate Park before the album was released. The sound is fully amplified, the ground is shaking and the crowd is much more engrossed than the insipid types you'll find wandering at Outside Lands or Coachella. The fullness of sound outdoors was the reason for being present. I never did like Journey after they lost their way from these free unannounced concerts which were put in play by what were the leaders of the medical marijuana movement.




I agree with 2drum4's review. This was their best album ever! 'Of a Lifetime" really caught my ear. I never liked them after they, like so many other bands at that time, went commercial. In the process of going commercial, the creativity goes out the window and the music suffers.


Gosh this brings back memories - probably haven't listed to this in 30 years. This was my first Journey album although the Perry-era was already in full swing in 1980 (which I do prefer that era from Infinity to Escape - scrap the rest). I did like the interplay of vocals between Rollie and Perry starting with Infinity but there is just something pure about this mid-70's gem. That "space" theme that was so prevalent in that period is here which intrigued the 18 year me. They definitely wove the prog, jazz, rock styles well on this album and being the first album they had that ability to experiment - definitely hear the influences of Santana but also a little Floyd, maybe a little early Kansas. I'm glad they made it through this era to get to 1977/78 but I believe this is the best of their 1st three. If you're a prog fan or just a 70's rock fan with an open mind, this is a fantastic album. It's cheap enough - pick it up.


Try out this early Journey - they made amazing jams back then, like Topaz, Kohoutek, etc.


Listening to this sounded almost like new Santana like off of Supernatural. But this was 1974 when they recorded this album. While both bands started in San Francisco, they sound like their own band. But that was because two members of Journey was in Santana prior to forming Journey. Not bad for a band that got its name in a radio contest back in the day.


I am one of those few people who preferred Greg Rolle as the singer of Journey. I enjoy his vocals more and the songs he had written (or contributed to) are my favorite Journey songs.


This is the kind of music that people need to be listening to these days. All this pop stuff grows old the same day its released. Rock albums like this top every modern day pop album. Too bad Journey went pop so quickly...


I saw this version of Journey in Pittsburgh on the Pitt campus. Not many in the audience. Too bad as folks missed a fantastic show. Some time later traveled to Youngstown, Ohio to see them again. Well could not believe that the band had changed. Steve Perry was added, Gregg Rollie was gone. We were really mad, booing, just a major disappointment. Since then I've come to like Journey with Steve Perry, but there is no comparison to the original Journey. One of the great bands ever!!!

Stig O'Tracy

For chissakes people, stop comparing the early and later versions of this band. They are two completely different animals. If you dig the heavy prog/jazz version, just be glad that for a brief time, music like this actually got made and recorded, because now they wouldn't even get a record deal. The Perry edition is a great band, too, but its stupid to compare the two.

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Leo Clarke

And I still have the vinyl I bought in 1975! My only chance to see this band live was at Meyer Theatre on the Santa Clara campus in the fall of 1977. I could not believe the student union was able to book Journey in such a small venue (about 500 seats). My buddy Brian and I were both Journey fans and had front row seats. Imagine our surprise when a voice came over the PA introducing the bands new lead singer Steve Perry. We kind of sat there. The band started to play. I thought there must be some mistake was this the warm-up act? Turns out this was the new sound that would take the band to national recognition and many hits. For me it was a parting of the ways, not my thing. But I still have this great album to listen to. Still fresh 33 years later.

The Josh Effect 73

Look, this is the bottom line. If you're a fan of the all-too-familiar Steve Perry style pop Journey, your probably NOT going to like this album, OR the related reviews. However, I'am an art rock dork , so I FAR prefer THIS Journey over the latter. I wasn't even aware THIS incarnation of Journey exsisted. The musicianship is AWSOME!! I love the much more complex & imaginative rhythm section. The keyboards are great too!! I don't really care about the singer. Is Steve Perry a better vocalist? Of course. Did his vocals make Journey a pop icon of that day? Certainly. Do I admit that they had to take that direction to appeal to the masses? Sure. DO I CARE?? NO! I hate pop Journey. I discovered this by accident. It's a good thing too! I'll take pre-neutered Journey thank you.


Man, this is them at their best! Enjoyed all their first three albums. I saw them many times along with Steve but this is it. Winterland, of a lifetime! I finally blew up my parents stereo system speakers, broke and rattled a few things off tables and walls. The neighbors just loved me even in the next court. I still put this on and crank it. Poor neighbors but tough...... Get it. By the way, Get some reviewers who know what they are talking about or who experienced it. Tired of the barbara striesand lovers writing this stuff.


Steve Perry will always be journeys best front man but he wasn't around when this album came out. The singer was Greg Rollie their keyboardest.


You are a total idiot!! To compare, let alone mention in the same breath as the afore mentioned vocal legends, that AWFUL singer(?) is CRIMINAL!!! Please, to those who UNDERSTAND outstanding MUSIC, enjoy the 3 releases BEFORE the "SCREECHER" ruined one of the BEST compilations you will EVER hear!!


That "squeaky-voiced little screecher" just happens to be one of the most powerful, most emotional vocalists that rock, and even all of music itself, have ever seen and heard. Rollie doesn't come close. I don't think he's bad; he's quite good actually, but when compared to Steve Perry, pretty much everyone falls short. Perry gets my vote for greatest rock vocalist of all time, followed closely by a tie between Brad Delp of Boston, Robert Plant, and Freddie Mercury.

Sharkey Mc

As a teenager and budding guitarist at the time, I was a big Santana fan and really dug Neal Schon's playing in that group. So I was pretty psyched when this new group emerged with Ansley Dunbar on drums. And when I got the debut album home and listened to it I was captivated! All of the songs were very distinctive and compelling in their own ways - I totally dug ALL of the songs! How many records can you say that about? Great playing all around, but simply phenomenal drumming and absolutely stunning guitar playing abounds. Now, I was also a fan of the Steve Perry era, but for different reasons. I dug the hit songs, Perry's voice and the consistent tastefullness of Neal's playing. Journey's story reminds me a little of Fleetwood Mac's, in the sense that, I was already a big fan of the music they recorded BEFORE they became "megastars". It felt odd realizing that the majority of people were completely unaware of - and might not even get - this magical, high quality "pre-famous" work. This album was and still is a big inspiration. Neal - IMHO, you are one of the best quitar players of all time. In any era, you could rip a sizzling, rapid-fire solo, but you'd always as a foundation, lay down really simple, sweet, memorable, melodic riffs. "Of a Lifetime" is a great early example of this - Just a great, moving piece of music with one of the best guitar solos ever played... by humans!


Of a lifetime is one of the great rock songs of my lifetime that is for sure. Thanks itunes for putting this for sale. I have been looking for it everywhere. Almost made me cry thinking of 1975 and how fast that time has gone. Wow, Journey was a totally different group back then. Highest rating!

Real Old Rocker

This album may not have the high production quality of the later albums, nor the mainstream sound that Journey basically invented, but this album definetly shows off incredible talent and a very unique sound. Take Santana sound and throw in the blues, some metal, some interesting vocals, screaming guitars and drums. This album is a must for true Journey fans just so they can see where the band came from.


I really don't know what you all are talking about. This may be a great album, but Steve Perry really made Journey popular if you didn't notice. And do you know why? He has an amazing voice!

The only intelligent person in this whole column.



thank God that Steve Perry came in eventually is all I have to say about this lol.


Journey did a good job on their self-titled debut. It had notable contributions from all band members. On songs like "Topaz", and "To Play Some Music", Aynsley Dunbar stood out. Although on other songs like "Kohoutek" and "Myster Mountain", they seemed pretty dry and repetative. "Of A Lifetime" was a good effort towards Jazz, but I personally did not think it was very good. Although, i'd have to say the best songs were "In My Lonely Feeling/Conversations" and "In the Morning Day". Good try Journey.


This is an awesome album. Kohoutek, Topaz, and Of a Lifetime are inspiring. I remember when my brother queued this album up on our parents turntable. Wow! Great memories. The instrumentals are still awesome. They were way ahead of their time. Thanks Neal, Greg and the rest.


Neal Schonn and Greg Rollie played their best music on this album. Of a Lifetime and In My Lonely Feeling are songs where you can just turn off the lights, turn up the music and feel every note. I think the music they made with Steve Perry was great too, but this was their best stuff. I know why I like Black Magic Woman so much. I like Greg's voice more and the style of music was completely diffrent. I still have the vinyl of their first three.


My friends and I found this album when it first came out and we were blown away. Had a chance to see them at the University of Toledo on their first tour with a crowd of 1000 or so, what an awesome show, so much talent. Read an article in Rolling Stone at the time that said Carlos kicked Neil out of the band because he was stealing the show. I was so bummed out when they went to the bubble gum sound and Greg Rollie left the band. Soon the only rements of Journey was Neil Schoen. But I guess that made more money than being true to their sound. Reminds me a Rush song, "the spirit of radio" "but glittering prizes and endless compromises shatter the illusion of integrety"


In the mid-70's, Journey was just that, a journey into the world of musicians at their best. They did not try to copy other band's styles, although the Santana feel did follow Neal and Greg, instead they gathered their individual muses and fused them into a sound all their own. This is still one of my favorite albums of all time. I've still got the LP around somewhere.


Journey started out as a group of fantastic musicians with a unique, punkish sounding singer. They were far too ahead of their time. 1975 was a year focused on pop sounding catchy songs, and Journey was far too musically innovative to stand out in the crowd. Finally they compromised their style in order to get money. They got a flamboyant annoying pop singer to reel in the attention of the gigantic pop audience of the time. Sadly they never returned to their music theory inspired roots and continued being a greedy pop band.


As a musician that spent a lot of time listening to and playing progressive and classic rock, I have to say that this album is one of my all-time favorites. Sadly, this band went commercial. If you like the later top-40 Journey stuff, this one is not for you. But if you want to hear original, dynamic music, with a wide range of sound, buy it. Neal Schon on lead guitar and Aynsley Dunbar on drums reallly stand out. If you are familiar with them, I think that this is their best work.


I agree with r6fig's assessment that the original reviewer has no clue. Journey's music did indeed appeal to progrockers, and they had a promising future. Being a progrocker myself, playing music in the Bay area at the same time, I can tell you I was disappointed when Journey took the commercial turn they did when they added Steve Perry. But, to their credit, they became hugely successful. This early Journey album is superb, and if you want to understand Journey's progressive heart, this is a great addition to your collection.


This album is a great album if it's your cup of tea. Most people seem to prefer the hits and stuff, and that's ok. But if your looking for something in line with Rush or maybe Hawkwind this runs in as a decent add-on to those type of bands. There are a few tasty jams here but it isnt great its just alright.


Whoever did the primary review does not know his stuff on this one, this is a great album. I was shocked when i heard this, being used to the ok Journey band fronted by Steve Perry, which is more focused on pop-rock. This album is a hard-rocking progressive gem. "Of A Lifetime" gives me goosebumps everytime i hear it, its beautiful. Buy this if you're interested in hearing the REAL Journey!


This album is an awesome example of modern 70's rock production. Aynsley Dunbar and Neal Schon are at the peak of their chops, and Gregg Rolie's soulful baritone blows away any performance by that sqeaky voiced screecher that followed him in this band. I disagree with the "official" review, "To Play Some Music" and "Mystery Mountain" are infectious, raucous pop songs. On a recent vacation I played this album start to finish, and when it finished I was all hopped up on rock and roll.