Jonathan David & Melissa Helser - On the Shores (Deluxe Edition)

℗ 2014 Bethel Music

On the Shores (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist:


I was studying in my college dorm room, playing my worship iTunes Radio station and “Abba” came on....tell me how I had to take an unexpected study break to worship The King!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Jonathan and Melissa for being vessels to carry the anointing and the glory of our mighty God! There is a difference in your music and worship. It's the kind of music that stops people in their tracks and draws them to the heart of God. NEVER let anyone hinder or spoil what God has given you. Stay alert. Stay at the feet of Jesus!!! God bless you richly!!!


I was recently introduced to Bethel Music and when I heard No Longer A Slave, I had to go searching for more of Jonathan David's voice. The way he sings calls out to my heart like a testimony to God's glory itself. You can hear the worship and love he has for God when he sings and it stirs your own heart to cry out for a closer relationship with God. At this point in my walk with the Lord, I feel called to surround myself with His music, His word, His presence in all that I read, watch, or listen to...and this music makes it easy. It is food for my soul.

Michael D White

Such an awesome album with a fresh, new sound. If you like Ray Lamontagne and other artists like him, this will blow you away. New genre of worship music!


So beautiful. Sometimes slow worship music just speaks to me so deeply and the writing is so amazing and peaceful. They are truly anointed and I'm just left with goosebumps and such awesome and encouraging images in my mind of Heaven. So happy I found this. Let your Spirit rest in this music and let the words and instruments carry you to Jesus.


Bring you right into the throne room of heaven!

Been Thru It

Fantastic album. Powerful vocals and lyrics and beautiful instrumentation.


These 2 worshippers worship in Spirit n Truth! I love them

Patrick Thurman

This couple knows how to worship the King!


Their music is alive and vibrant; their hearts of worship before the Lord lead me into His presence! This CD is full of creativity and new sounds. I had it on repeat for months and now (a few years later) I still find new things about their songs to love.


My heart is forever thankful for the lives of the Helsers. They pour out their worship and lives in their music and it has changed me forever. I have encounter Jesus deeper than I could've of imagined through their songs. I'm so thankful for the genuine lyrics.


This is just such a powerful album. One of those albums where you can't pick out a favorite song at all. Every song is intense, deep & carriers The Spirit of Worship! This is definitely one of my all time favorite albums.

Diddy Bop 56

In a word,,, phenomenal!! I own every song Jonathan Helser has published. His music ushers me into the presence of God. I never tire of hearing this gifted artist worship.


This album is filled with such an amazing anointing of perfect timing. The way each song can insightfully fit into exactly where the listener is at can only be described as divine. The passion and heart of each and every chord and lyric shines through as you feel each track for more than a song but as an open book.


Jonathan and Melissa Helser are beautiful worshippers who pour out of their amazing love relationship with the Lord. Authenticity reigns in their lyrics and is vibrantly expressed through their sound. They are brilliantly passionate and offer up an invitation to experience God's goodness and His big, big love!


I saw the helsers and when they came down to Dunklin memorial camp a couple years ago and it was a huge time of healing for me. Their music has helped me see my relationship with the Lord in a whole new way and I recommend it to everyone I come across

On the Shores

One of the best worship albums you will ever purchase, until they come out with a new one!

Terry Gordon Roemer

Their music can take you to a place in worship like no other...Abba was the first song of theirs I ever heard. Immediately I was hooked. So powerful, song after song. You can feel the true love and connection they have with the Father. So down to earth, humble and amazing family.


Totally love this album! God has impacted my life in so many ways through it! It is perfect.


Jonathan and Melissa’s have been role models by the way they live their life which has transferred into their music. You can feel the heart beat of God in every song and i’d encourage everyone to get their music.

Paul Glazener

I’ve been trying to spread their music to my friends for years. I am so happy to see them getting a bigger platform. It’s proof that God exalts those who honor Him. If you’ve ever seen them worship or been in the same room. You can feel the anointing that they carry. They are amazing.


It's a great album! A little different from the type of Christian music I usually listen too.. But different can be good sometimes.. :) keep up the good work! Love that you joined bethel. It's only getting better and it's just the start..


I watched as I and those closest to me glimpsed into this window of what God has been doing in Jonathan & Melissa in their album Endless Ocean, Bottomless Sea. The their anthems became our own and their hearts led us deeper into the Fathers heart. Get ready! It's really good!


Love it :) great for worship


This album is one of of my favorite worship albums. However, they should have made all of the additional tracks available for individual purchase. I don't want to pay $10 for the Extended Version of Abba (different from the one on the Abba EP).


These songs are rich in passion and longing for more of the Father.


Love every song on the album. The way they right about the Lord, the way they capture His character: just beautiful.

Raquel Gaitan

I am just Amazed it's amazing every song !!!! I love this album the passion behind it you feel in every song !!! So anointed so worth buying !!!!


I've listened to worship my whole life, and the thing I value most in a worship album is true, genuine, authenticity. The Helser's are authentic to the core and their music is a reflection of their hunger and passion. They aren't perfect and they aren't super slick, they're just real people who have spent a lifetime pursuing Jesus, and that's conveyed in every melody and note on this album. I only have a few "go-to" worship albums, and this is one of them. If you're looking for the typical corporate praise and worship album, don't buy this. But if you're heart is longing for something raw and real, then you need to get this album.


Jonathan & Melissa Helser are a true gift from God.There music has inspired me to seek God.


Really excited that my two favorite worship leaders teamed up with Bethel music to release this. Everytime I listen I am encouraged to fall deeper in love with Jesus. Thank you to the Helser's for living a life of authenticity. The joy and hope of The Lord pours thru every song.