John Mayer - Continuum

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Continuum Tracklist:

Capitalism and Freedom

This is one of my personal favorite John Mayer albums. This album has a great flow, track after track. This album also has great vocals, great drum solos, and great guitar solos as well. Finally, the instruments wrap around the vocals like no other, and intertwine perfectly. Definitely looking forward to the next limited play album, and extended play album from John Mayer.


Broken hearted


Definitely need to make gravity into a ringtone ughhhh


12 years ago and one my favorite albums ever!


This is one of my all-time favorite albums across all genres.


Soulful tunes.


Artist's like John HAVE to keep moving in different directions - Usually that is a recipe for unpopular feedback by fans. Mayer manages to do it so well in this album, that he not only brings-in a new audience, he compels the original core fans to happily jump aboard a train heading in a new direction. Brilliant.

tito forno

One of the best record.... pure Blues and perfection......


John Mayer is brilliant!! Every single album is pure genius 😩💋 been his fan since he first came out. Thank god for this beautiful talented human. Musical genius for sure. Will always be a fan.

Into the Mystery

JM's first three albums were his pinnacle. This was the apex.


John Mayer is a great, awesome singer and I like his music.


This is one of the greatest albums ever made. Every track speaks for itself and together it creates one of the finest musical works in the genre.


Loved this album 10 years ago, and I still love it just as much now!


Best album of all time. John Mayer has a touch that no one can duplicate and this album represents his talent amazingly.


It's 2016, and I'm still listening and loving this album! It is by far his best one.


In my opinion, one of the best albums ever made. Lyrics, straight-forward production, amazing musicianship, melodies. Everything is there.

Dora get a LIFE!!!!!!

I love how soft and cutback the tracks are. Each song contains smooth and impressive acoustic performances with soft and catchy percussion backing it up. John Mayer's throaty yet appealing voice also has the same effect that tells you this is real.


This remains my favorite album by John Mayer, because his songs possibly mean even more to me now than they did 10 years ago. My personal preferences aside, YOU should buy this album for the lush R&B stylings of John Mayer and the fabulous session musicians. There is not a filler track on this album. Everything fits together and all of them have emotional pull with the possible exception of "Say" which is standard pop and a bit repetitive. The 4 songs that open the album are great and are the ones you're most likely to be familiar with, but "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" is the standout track for me. It's a blistering ballad where the music sets the mood perfectly. "Stop this Train" gets me every time and it appeals to both young adults afraid of getting older as well as older adults watching younger generations struggle with the challenges of growing up..."Vultures" is just plain GROOVY. I was serious when I said in my opinion this might be the best album released between 2000 and 2010 by ANY artist...oh, and if you like this album then you will LOVE John Mayer Trio's TRY album for a live concert album full of "Bold as Love" style wailing guitar solos from an underrated guitarist in John Mayer...I wish he'd get back to R&B as I prefer it to his previous pop and his current folky stylings. BUY THIS ALBUM. $5.99 is a STEAL for such a masterpiece!


John Mayer is a legend and this album just shows it. The lyrics are beautifully crafted and his ability to reach and touch others with his lyrics is unbelievable. Mayer shows his true craft, playing the guitar during solo's in songs such as Gravity. I would recommend this album to any age at any time. Probably my favorite musical album out there, definitely my favorite artist.

Fletch F. Fletch

Regardless of how you feel about him as a person or his legion of young female fans, this album is legit. Mature and soulful. The track Gravity is worth the price of the whole album, but there are plenty of other accomplished pieces here to make own the entire album more than worthwhile.

Martin, Chris

So much win.


It's a very rare moment when I can listen to an entire album and enjoy every song. Kudos to John Mayer!

Tyl3r F05t3r

He's a great guitarist! He is definitely one of the greats, has a sounds almost like Hendrix.



Rena Lyn.

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Prosecutor Godot

This album is a great slice of what folk-rock is all about. My mom has compared this to the work of the Grateful Dead. Great guitar work by Mayer, with lovely jazz touches. The opener is an instant classic, while "Gravity" is superbly beautiful. Even the Jimi Hendrix cover rocks. My only problem is with the closing track.


John, one day i'll see you on stage next to me



G- man#47

Whoever had any thought or nerve to write a bad review for john mayer has no taste in music. His work is heaven to my ears. Nobody has any room to make a negative comment about this perfect set of songs

Question mark?:)

really chill to bake too

Downtown Prof

Superb, straightforward musicianship, stewardship. Give me more, John.


He just gets it. He's constantly growing as an artist. That's key- but he does it so well!


Cover to cover I'm in. This is therapy. Will never get old. Complete classic album.


Wow. Just wow.


I still think this is his best work 8 years later


I decided to review this album after its release almost 8 YEARS AGO. Continuum i consider to be one of the top 10 greatest albums ever made. Not one song on here is bad… it fits any mood your in happy, sad, mad, whatever. I don’t think i know anyone who does not like this album. All you can really say is true genius from Mayer’s part!


While this is John Mayer's third album, he somehow keeps it fresh and doesn't fall into the trap of writing the same song over and over, running it into the ground to make hits. This is definitely not a follow up to Room for Squares or Heavier Things. This album was all about perfection in Mayer's eyes and it shows. This album is well thought out and there's not an out of place song in this album. He keeps his music fresh with great chord progressions and beautiful delivery. You can really feel the music. John Mayer is one of the few pop artists that don't compromise musicality for hits. This album is proof that your music doesn't have to be cookie cutter to sell. Great album that I would most definitely recommend buying!


His music, voice, songs are just amazing! Thanks for such Beautiful songs


Words cannot describe how perfect this album truly is. I love how calm and chill all of these songs are, and I love all the meaning he's put behind the lyrics. Seriously, my most favourite album he's ever released. Absolutely perfect!!!!!!!!!!!


Mood Music, Luv his messages✌✌

Toodie Fulton



honestly this album changed my life during my college years/ John is amazing i can't get enough!!!!!

<3 Jen <3

This album embodies everything that John Mayer is about. While he has changed his style of music recently, nothing will beat Continuum for me because it is his most solid body of work. The bluesy rasp in his voice and his guitar skills are at its best and each song is one I would listen to on any given day. There's not a single song I'd skip over and that is hard to do in an album. I wish he would go back to his roots and make another album such as this one. Regardless, I'm still a big fan. My standout tracks are Belief, Gravity, Vultures, Slow Dancing In a Burning Room, Dreaming With a Broken Heart, and In Repair.


I love this album there isn't a john mayer song I don't like

JM is the man

This album is simply the greatest piece of work JM has ever done. This album has captured a certain time in JM's career where he was at the top. Not only at the top of his song writing but also at the top of his guitar playing. This album is the closest thing to a perfect album that I've ever seen, and with classic songs like waiting and slow dancing this album has to be the greatest album of John's career. I would encourage everyone to buy this album get a bottle of wine and sit down by the fire and listen to every song it's a life changing experience for you and your ears. PS thx john for creating continuum.


I love this album so much!!!!!


What can I say...this album is AMAZING. So comforting and got my through my crappy highschool years. Listening to it now is so nostalgic.


I love this song. It is a song that you can play over and over and never seem to get tired of it. Such strong words. Very meaningful.

Skylar Nicole Rosé

1st: this album is absolutely amazing. 2nd: I don't see why people are writing such mean reviews! when John mayer wrote this he wasn't writing it just because! it's what he was feeling . You obviously have terrible taste if you have something negative to say about this album. Maybe you should take a 2nd listen or just don't listen period if you have something stupid to say.