Jessie Ware - What's Your Pleasure?

A PMR / Virgin EMI Records release; ℗ 2020 Universal Music Operations Limited

What's Your Pleasure? Tracklist:


This thing is full of bangers and beautifully produced, her vocals are like silk


Jessie just KILLS IT with this album!!! Every song is just like Daaaaaaaamn!!! My favorite is the title track She just knows what to do with her music and her voice is simply put superb!!!! A must buy!!!!!!


Loving this album!


I just stumbled upon this album, and it has a surprisingly different feel from the rest of the music scene recently. The retro genre is a common avenue that pop artists take and score big hits(i.e. After Hours - The Weeknd). However, it is very rare to accomplish a feat like this album does, where each song evokes the mood it wants based on the production and lyrics.


Jessie has an amazing vocal range but also the awesome beats to back them up whether she’s performing R&B driven ballads, going disco with her tunes, or giving you house inspired pop. This album is a mixture and flavor for everyone’s tastes.


I’m in love with Jessie and her new album


I am so in love with this. The whole album is really exquisite! A+++ It’s flirty, fun, sensual. The fantasy escape that everyone needs in their life. Jessie is amazing and such a true artist. I feel like she spoils us every time with her music. I’m not complaining! Spoil us more!


She deserves more recognition


This album is EVERYTHING! From start to finish the album is incredible, which is rare with music these days.


Great album,disco finally is back.


I don’t know why artists with massive recording contacts release entire albums and have one hit. Yet Jesse Ware is super underrated and every song is fire 🔥🙌🏼❤️


Best album of the year.


Amazing performance!


This album by Jessie Ware is amazing on so many levels. Effortless and beautiful electronic dance, simple and pure beats, and that smooth voice! Jessie is very underrated and deserves a lot more attention than she gets. Ever since her first record, Devotion, I have been a huge fan of her sultry vocal delivery. Her third album, Glasshouse, was a little divergent but this lineup of songs is spot-on and just what I love to hear. Thanks for sharing your musical talents with us Jessie! This record is highly recommended.


An album I can listen from start to finish- it’s this mix of pop and disco that creates this sensual and fun album! Jessie is the most underrated artists, don’t miss out!


With much anticipation we all have been wating for you "What My Pleasure?" And here you are!! What a great/fantastic album. We need a little love and dance/happy music right about now. Thank you J.W. Official fan of this artist. What a voice and sound.

Simply divine. I didn’t think Jessie Ware could keep topping herself like this, but she has. This album is dance bliss!


I’m getting this timeless ABBA vibe from this album. Ready for a Mamma Mia level adaptation.


What a great album. Only disappointment is "Overtime" didn't make the album, that song was a banger!


I’ve been a fan of Jesse since hearing her smooth grooves on Running. This is the the Album I’ve been dreaming of for her. Every single has been better than the last and now I’m soo pumped to hear another full on Disco album.


This album literally makes me dance to death. Jessie is A legend. Luv her soooooo much!


I have to admit I had never herd her before and came across SPOTLIGHT and thought “this gal has style”! She really is a star and this album will be great!

Jo Alina

Absolutely looking forward to Jessie Ware dropping this new album- the available songs are all strong, consistent in style and delivery. So so happy she has taken a upbeat and retro tone with this upcoming album!


I admire Jessie.

Billy Bob Joe the 42

I’ve changed my opinion. I have to admit this has grown on me


Sounds like disco is back