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Wuao!! canta como los angeles , alguien lo dijo !!!

Sigo siendo yo

No se escucha y ya esta cobrado y pagado, que debo hacer demandar para que me reembolsen el dinero del pago de dicha canción.


Nunca un album.... Que digo? Nunca un cantante me a hecho llorar, gritar, bailar y volver a llorar con canciónes! Gracias Dios por este mandarnos este flaco lindo! muaaaakk

[email protected]!!!:]

I love Marc Anthony and i'm eleven! My dad used to work for him as his driver and knows every single song from him. Too sad he doesn't anymore,LOL!


Es lo máximo me encanta es el cantante mejor escuche lo no se arrepentirán




I adore Marc Anthony. I discovered him while flipping stations in the car one day, about 14 or so years ago. It was the first time that I had ever listened to a Spanish-language radio station, in this case La Mega 97.9 in NYC. I had no idea what he was singing about at that time, I was just hooked on his hypnotic voice. It had massive soul. Since that time, I've learned to speak Spanish pretty fluently and enjoy his music on a level that I cannot adequately describe in words. As one reviewer below noted, his music makes you feel alive. Yes! I've seen him in concert at least ten times, all MSG performances and others in the NY-tri state area, and in Miami. I'm a huge music fan and love live performances. I've never experienced a live show like that which Marc puts on. Just saw him at MSG on 9/10/10. He just continues to stun. What an amazing man. Just when you think he can't top himself...he does. That's the true mark of an artist. He continuously hones his craft.


Me encanta la canción, "Lo que no di", es que le proyecta un sentimiento único. Espero verlo en el Madison o en San Juan....


omg his music embodies the boricua culture.... im only sixteen but i've grown up with his music blasting like 24/7.... we have all his albums, my mother and i go to all his shows when hes in nyc.... we love him!!! i even have a cousin named after him... his music is 1000% boricua, especially the songs from "El Cantante" the movie about hector lavoe... i reccommend you search hector lavoe if you digg marc anthony's music... thts classic salsa..... I LOVE SALSA!


pongan las mejores TU AMOR ME HACE BIEN , TE AMARE , son buenos videos para verlos con los amigos tomando ponganlos please




Marc Anthony is Salsa! A living legend, his name is synonymous with the genre. Along with Willie Colon, Hector Lavoe, Ruben Blades, and Tito Nieves. An extremely strong vocalist, ese flaco belts them out. As an introduction to Salsa and for the afficionado, Marc Anthony is A Prince! WEPA!!!!!!

Boricua HEC

Although his personal life is a zero after he played out his ex-wife; his music is legendary!!!!!! My boy can SING!


Amazing, just Amazing.. No word can say how great this album is. So happy I got it.


Marc diplays his excellent voice and his love for the traditional sounds of Puerto Rico. Though as he puts it (Celia Cruz quote)" My english is not to good looking!" either language he can sing to me!


I am waiting for new songs...It is about time to release something really new and not another compilation. Are you getting lazy? Forgot about your fans that wants to listen to something new?


I don't care what he did in his personal life, it's his business and no one else's. His music is an inspiration and I love all of his songs!! ~ This from an italiana girl!! ~


Marc Anthony is the best Salsero of all times. His personal life has nothing to do with his music. His music stands alone. I believe that he sings with more passion now; due to the fact that now he is very much in love with his new wife (JLo).


I've been a fan of Marc Anthony since the beginning, however, I do feel that he has lost some of that flavor and feeling that he had. With that said, this album cannot be consider a new production since most songs with the exception of "Que Precio..., Tragedia & Lo Que no Di," is recycled music. Marc get to business and put out something new.


I enjoy all of Marc's song but I would love for him to come out with a complete new album with all new songs. I love the old one's but when he comes out with all new songs he really lets his voice out. At any rate his personal life should stay that way. If he loves J-Lo then just wish him the best. Hurry up Marc with that new album!!


Lets be clear about something... Marc is a talent to be reckoned with PERIOD! I don't care about who he does and doesn't sleep with. He is entitled to his personal choices and most of all to making the mistakes WE ALL MAKE IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER! So he and Jennifer found each other while he was still married... So what! HOW DO WE KNOW what was going on behind closed doors. No one is a victim no matter what the circumstances. We bring to ourselves the reflection of how we feel about ourselves. We are such hypocrites that we would much rather HE HAD DONE THE RIGHT THING and stayed married to someone he fell out of love with because that would make him a responsible man. What about his responsibility to his own spirit. He seems happy NOW and he has to live with his choices and however they affect those he loves! The public has no right to anything other than his music. You can buy it or NOT but leave the man alone to the affairs of HIS heart and find happiness within yourselves. That will mean NOT making the POPULAR choice sometimes. A FAN AND A FRIEND!


Marc anthony is the best salsa artist there is. All his record album are a hit. Especially Sigo Siendo Yo


Although his personal life has become a major focus for a lot of people.......keep in mind he's just a MAN! Marc Anthony is and will always be one of greatest salsa singers of our time. I love his music the way he sings a song is so powerful it touches your soul and that's what music should do! For all you fans out there focus on his personal life.........remember we don't live with him and we don't know him the way we know our Family and Friends.......We only know the Musician, the Singer the Entertainer. We Love Who We Love and Love Can Make anyone Loose his or her Mind! So with that said, let people live their lives how they see fit. Marc, Lo Que No Di & Que Precio Tiene El Cielo Bravo Bravo.........I'm Never Disappointed keep up the GOOD WORD! Fan Of Beautiful Music.


I have all of Marc Anthony's CD's. Yes, I was expecting a new CD with 12 or 14 brand new songs. However, I'll take the 2 that he included on this CD. I don't know how anyone can sit here and judge other people about their personal lives and what they have and haven't done when they don't even know them personally. How can people be so self-righteous is beyond me. To be honest, I will continue to buy all of his CD's regardless who he's married to or who he's not married. HIs personal life is his personal life. I might not agree how he handled his previous marriage but I'm not him. I will continue to go to as many Marc Anthony concerts and buy as many Marc Anthony CD's that come out. He's an AWESOME Salsa singer and a WONDERFUL performer in person. MARC IS THE KING OF SALSA!

DJ Lourock

Marc Anthony is one of the great voices of the world, he was invited to be in stevie wonder tribue album a collection of artist doin his great songs, micheal jackson tribue concert he was ask by micheal himself to perform for him on stage singing one of his song, which micheal stood up and give him a standing ovation. He is love with fans around the world. His music is basic on love and pain, and life. Album after album he never produced junk always give his fans there money and time worth, with his great gift of music.


Marc Anthony has one of THE BEST voices out there. The man can sing. If we were to only listen to musical artists who's personal lives we are in agreement with, then we'd all be humming to ourselves and we would not have the benefit of enjoying Marc's rich talent. Marc's voice is beautiful, strong and passionate. We are reviewing his album, not his relationships. Let he who has not sinned throw the first stone. Go ahead Marc!!!


Anything Marc does is great. The new songs of course are excellent, the old ones are always good to hear again.


I am not going to comment on this man's personal life but I will comment on the music. We all have our faults and varying roads which we pursue. However, for lack of a better word, Marc has gotten "lazy". After any artist does a greatest hits album, its pretty much down hill from there. Marc is by far my favorite artist and in my opinion, the king of Salsa but he is a fading star and he will surely lose that title to these newer artists that are hungry i.e. Michael Stuart. The new songs on this album are mediocre at best and it's been two years since "Valio La Pena". Why wait two years for two lame songs? The compilation is nice if you haven't been following him but hard core Salseros and his established fans already have that stuff. It is just frustrating.


Yes, this is a new album. Too bad that Marc stays so true to himself and releases this album sounding almost like the same as the previous ones. I'd say just listen to the preview 30 seconds and move on.


How many "greatest" hits or re-releases can one artist do?

Music comes from the soul

I have followed this man since his first album and he always sang about what he felt in his alma. Since this is another attempt of recycling his old things, has he lost his soul? Has he lost his passion? Has he lost his desire to give back to the people that have made him the latino super power that he is? - Mi gente, solo puedo decir una palabra - Si!


This music reminds me of living in Puerto Rico I some how related to Marc Anthonys songs and life. The music makes me feel alive. Love what you do and respect your choices. Zanate


I don't why,but one of my favorite singers has lost his inspiration,even his voice sounds empty and with out inspiration. The compensation law will come around...You lost all of your blessings when you sold your soul for lack of a better word..YOU BROKE YOU BOWS and God will not be mock,and please don't wear that rosary around your neck is a godly simbol,you give catholics a bad name.


the man can sing are you reviewing his personal life or his music? Two thumbs way up on the music!

Dwayne C

I can't believe someone would criticize Marc Anthony based on what he does in his personal life!!! We all go through various stages of relationships and marriages. Whatever happens in our personal lives is our business. I would never criticize his music. I'm going to his concert in 2 weeks and I can't wait. He is an entertainer. If we held everyone accountable or their success based on their personal life decisions, we have no one to appreciate!!!!! When Marc does put out a CD, he puts out quality music! Its all about Quality, not quantity! I will always enjoy his music, no matter who is dating or is married to!

PR Princess

I agree with NYChiquita, Marc Anthony has a beautiful voice and I want to hear Mr. Anthony belt out a beautiful ballad and/or move his petite body around the stage to a irresistible salsa that you can't help but to get up and dance to. So he divorced his wife and married Jennifer Lopez, that should have NO effect on his music or the way he sings it. I do think however, he should maybe spend a little more time picking out his material, lets back to the basics and make us swoon to your beautiful ballads and make us move our hips until we can’t stop to one of your infectious salsas.


I'm a 24 year "young" puerto rican youth. And Marc is my role model. I love salsa and I have all his albums. All the way from Otra Nota to this One, even his compilations (just to have them even if i have all his cd's) to support him. I'm just going to comment on the two new songs. Que Precio Tiene El Cielo is Excellent and the Lyrics are so powerful. The music is really vibrant and alive..a notch more rumba than any of the songs on Valio La Pena.I mean He always has those heart tugging songs that play with your emotions, his songs always have a climax. Even his ballads. Lo Que No Di, is a stringy classical with rock. Almost batman like gothic. It's awesome. On a note on Marc's salsa: Yea, i've heard people complain that marc's songs have to much dynamics for dancers because of the changes. Honestly, I don't care, that is what makes Marc special. Libre was his best salsa album. Any true music..and musician would appreciate all the different types of musical influences in there (the andino flutes in Barco a la Deriva..omg). This is Marc's staple, the slow start, the rising voice rage and the musical climax. Everyone should appreciate marc for his uniqueness and not trying to be so rumbero or just vocal like other salseros. He's actually in his own salsero class. All his songs...I Love 'em. Marc..congratulations. You are the King of Salsa..and also of ballads too. He's may not be a sonero a la Domingo Quinones or Victor Manuelle or have that jibaro voice, but he put salsa (even in english:ex. from his self title '99 album Marc Anthony, titled: That's Okay) on the map for the whole world to enjoy. Marc, you are the Pride of Puerto Rico. And we all love you. God bless you.