Jason Mraz - Love Is a Four Letter Word (Deluxe Version)

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Love Is a Four Letter Word (Deluxe Version) Tracklist:


My Sexuality bettet half

Ya I'm pregnant 14 wks now


Best Ever Artist with the best songs that are the best !!


I still love your music Jason, but it's just not the same. You're the master of word play. I can play your older songs over and over and never get bored with them. This is after years of listening to them. It's cleverness you don't find anywhere else. I still listen to Live and Acoustic at least once a week. I hope you revisit that at some point.

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😀 amazing.


My favorite song on this album is "Be Honest". I just saw him concert last night at the Davies Symphony Hall. He's such an incredible artist.

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It love maraz and every thing about him his songs have a lot of feeling and emotion


Not very good. I just like two songs. These slow love songs are not for JM.


I love this album as a whole!! Love that all the songs are about love, love the music, and the lyrics... I love the positivity in the message...

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When someone disses contemporary artists and modern music, I cite Jason Mraz as an example of good music—going on right now! More than that, it speaks to me in a very deep and visceral way.


Jason experimented in weird ways before that seemed like he was trying way to hard to A. bring unneeded energy to the music that seemed difficult to do effectively. Now, his ease in intonation, strumming that sounds and feels like a breeze in Hawaii rocking your hammock or brushing through your hair on a tropic or beach cliffside hut makes you really feel like all your stress and troubles are gone. This music makes me forget how tense I am and his quick wit and puns still live on in every song. This is like Jason has found a well-fit chair to sit and play music from, after trying to make or find one that just makes no sense to his demeanor. I’ve bought and listened to every album and song of his, and he was the first artist and album I EVER bought in my life back when he started when i was a kid. He’s unbelievable, and his voice is just like it used to be. This album does the best so far to capture what people see in him live, and when I play it my living room, all my friends ALWAYS ASK what this is playing; that it’s so different from all the “BAD music” everyone else is making!!


I really don't know why a lot of people dislike this album. I actually find this album quite enjoyable because it feels like he's growing up and learning to accept the way things are. Some people are also saying this album is "melancholic" which I disagree because most of his songs on here are about love and being happy, that's the albums name right? There's nothing to expect out of this album except for some good ol' Jason Mraz


I love this album he has pulled me in again


He never disappoints. Amazing album and even more amazing is his personality. Good vibes and great music.

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This is one of Jason Mraz's best albums. From songs like "I Won't Give Up" to "The World As I See It," Mraz has shown himself to be a great singer-songwriter. The only thing that I find disappointing about the album is that it has a 30% chance that you will skip 33% of the songs on it in search of the "golden tracks."


He puts so much passion in his music!!


There aren't many artist who's album I can listen to entirely without changing. I love all his music from the early to now. I love the fact that it's different than the others, although I love the others as well. Speaking as a musician myself, the music we play is an expression of ourselves. Of course it's going to sound different, whose taste of music hasn't changed at some point in their life. Somedays I feel like blues, somedays I feel like jazz, somedays I feel like funk, sone days I feel like bluegrass or even some alternative, even country. I bought this album once, I'd buy it again. And since everyone is putting their favorite songs my favorites are 5/6 and I never knew you. Those I can relate too.


You make me cry with your openness. You make me think with your heartfelt ness. You are so unassuming yet so intuitive. Thank God you are here and you do what you do!


I really don't want to like Jason Mraz but he is becoming quite an amazing artist. This album has, in addition to excellent studio music, some raw stuff that sounds like he is in the shower singing or just goofing around in his garage. Well done...


He is a genius


Many people on here are telling you not to get this album, mostly for one of two reasons: 1) It's not downloading properly 2) It isn't the same quality as his other albums Well, first off, if the album isn't downloading properly, it isn't the album's fault, it's iTunes. Instead of blaming Jason Mraz, and deciding the album is horrible, find another place to buy it, or complain to iTunes. It is just silly to judge music harshly just because you're phone or iTunes isn't working properly. iTunes tries its best, but it can't be perfect. Secondly, to all those people who are complaining that it isn't like his usual music, I actually agree with you. The style and tempo were very different this time. However, you have to understand he DID IT ON PURPOSE. I get why you may be frustrated, but the music still shows his beautiful voice and continues to have clever lyrics. If he hadn't changed it up, he'd still get just as many complaints, but instead they'd be about him doing the same thing over and over again. So thanks for reading all of this, but to sum it all up, I'm going to somewhat contradict myself. What you really should do is actually LISTEN to the music and ignore this reviews. If you like it, good for you, and if you don't, don't buy it. Thanks.


Some of these reviews are why artists are so deathly afraid to step outside of their boundaries and explore and/or attempt to grow and mature as musicians. People want his poppy music? Go and buy his earlier albums. Nothing wrong with them at all, his debut with The Remedy is one of my go to songs even today. But him trying to recreate what he did with that album and song over a decade ago would be embarrassing now. Change isn't always a good thing but it certainly is in this case.


I love a song a person can relate to. My gf broke up with me and she is now with another guy. But I won't give up ;(


I love this my favorite song is I won't give up


Answer - depends if you just poured it , Are if you been drinking from it. Either Way The Duo D has proved thier staying power. By that I mean to perform these songs over the years to The new set of fans and coming off As its played just for them is a true sign of an artist. Well done . Look forward to. The San Fran American cup show in sept. I have an idea if Jason dare sing Shower me with your love - let's start a donation fund to his liking-if he up for this (the tux and red cumber optional-lolol All I ask is just behonest Grant


I think it's the pure simplicity of his music that really is what it's all about. It does take a getting used to after all the garbage we listen to. After about 5 listenings you're "hooked" and no going back.Simplicity is very hard to do in everything we do in life and just the "knock offs" of this album cover are all over the place..Now I have to play catch up and get the older music..if you like mellow,great car listening music.perfect iPod walking music etc you will fall in love with Mraz gold touch to music Cheers and thanks to Jason for the hours of listening! Tony(NYC)


"I won't give up" so so good. Perfectly explains the place in my life right now in my relationship.


I regret what I said before. This is an album I won't forget.

good game123456790

and amazing album very well did!! he has an amazing voice and great gutitar skills!!! go jason!


Love "Living In The Moment" !!!

Evan the big gamer

I love this album. It is so good. Jason Marz is so talented it amazes me that he isn't more popular. If you are not listening to him your missing out.


Jason has rediscovered who he is and has altered his music to fit his new and true identity. Gone is the young, wanting to be generic pop artist and out comes a peace loving, Love focused album that tells of the love of life, love of family and love of friends and that love is the answer! My daughters mother knows him personally and says he is an amazing, caring and down to earth guy who exhibits love to everyone he meets. So its fitting this album is filled with what is most important to him. This album is for the mature crowd who can appreciate music for its lyrical substance and musical style and dont need a catchy beat or inane repetitive lyrics to draw them in. "Living in the moment" is his most toe tapping song for you to get the picture of how reformed his artistry has become. Thanks Jason this Album is the best ive ever purchased....and thats saying something! Oh, and i'd love to meet Jesus one day.... lol


They played this song at my school's Homecoming dance, all my friends and I were asking the girls to dance and they started to freak out. WHOO HOO!!! Jason Mraz is talented.


great acoustic i love 5/6 its a great song!


Jason Mraz has a sound that is endless! This man will never be nailed down to a sound!


Very pure and happy!


Jason Mraz is amazing! His work is always amazing!


This is a great album that again the Grammy snubs so much. It's a thoughtful, honest, joyful, and at the same time, convincing work from a great singer songwriter. Trust me, it should had at least any Grammy nominations.


I had followed these songs from their introduction to the internet-verse to the album release back in April. It's like the emotion and the meaning just gets buried under all the production. I really love the songs. Just, not these versions. Not a bad album, but not a great Mraz album.


Works perfectly sounds great Me and my girl danced to this in 7th grade and now are lovers for life

Ugh. Dug.

i downloaded it, and it wont play :( How can i fix this!!


I liked his other albums better.


I was charged twice for this song. Love it, but when I try to use the link to report a problem it says it cannot connect to iTunes. I sent an email but never got a reply. Think how much money Apple could make by doing this only once to everyone who makes an iTunes purchase. Maybe Apple will see this...?


OMG!! Love this song soooooo much! Great message too! :)


My sister played this at her wedding and I fell in love with it! I have this song on repeat very often!


So worth it! I listen to all the songs over and over again!




This is the top 10 best songs on my ipod!!! And you should buy the song if you like?!?! :-)


I found I won't give up and that was the song to my first slow dance brought back memories

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This song is beautiful!!!

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