Jason Mraz - We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things

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We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things Tracklist:

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posted by MUSICALLY star!!!!

I love the song lucky!! When this song came out I was only 1 years old and as the years went by I always liked listening and singing to it and it brings me so much joy to my childhood!! Now I’m 13 and I still love the song it’s so touching!!!

Robbie Stanton

Features my favorite song I’m Yours and a song with Colbie Caillat.


I LOVE I’m yours


I am lucky 🍀... I am lucky to know I have found dis beautiful song and album!!:3 and I am also lucky to know ppl are making amazing music!!! Tank u!!:3 if u have read dis “stoopid” review.❤️ -RWBY🍪

Boden R

The first track reminds me of NYC.

rocket squid

(That’s a good thing to me👀) 👅 Tee hee hee Jason makes sucky days unsucky I really felt like I’m yours was made for my stuffed animal of a turtle named zeek and my stuffed animal of Pooh bear and my niffler and my Pooh pillow bet and my Pluto and lots others so he Wroclaw rocks groovy bro🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄






Beautiful Music!

puppys are lfe

It’s so good like u have an awesome voice

bunk'd all the way

I love 💗 it so much so awesome good music 🎵

why dont we fan

Owe are one big family




Seriously the best album!!!!! I listen to it over and over again!


I have strongly mixed feelings about both Mraz and this album. I constantly flip flop between liking him and not. He's clearly one of the hardest working musicians out there and i respect that, but it's easy to hear too much of him. I tend to hit my Mraz limit pretty quick - long before a full LP can play through (This one included). Put one of his albums on and it gets old fast. He's kind've a musical polyglot in that he's always mixing several different genres of music. As with everything about him, I like some of his styles and dislike others. His summery tunes and many of his more rappy songs tend to be his best. This one is not quite as rappy as his previous albums, but it does seem to have his heaviest doses of breezy/summery songs and they are by far the strongest on this album. I was drawn in when i saw Colbie would be on one of the tracks. I knew that would be a sure summery tune and you can't go wrong with Colbie. Because of the several strong summery songs, despite the low overall rating, I would venture to say that this album is stil his best to date. Many songs in his catalog and on this album, however, tend to be more of a blend of R&B and/or Funk tunes. These are usually the weaker Mraz songs and drag down every single one of his albums. I also have mixed feelings about his vocals. 90% of the time when he comes on randomly, I'm convinced he's Tracy Chapman. And when Tracy Chapman comes on, I'm convinced it's Jason Mraz. They sound exactly the same. He sings kinda feminine and she's sings kinda masculine. This has always been my biggest pet peeve with Mraz. There are moments on this album, however, that I like his singing and he almost comes off a little like Michael Buble at moments. Finally, I have mixed feelings about his lyrics. Many of these songs sound pleasant or even good, but the lyrics are either silly, cheap/empty or just plain weak. Live High, in particular, was one of the more painful ones to sit through. I enjoyed the sound, but wanted to scream at the cheesy lyrics. In general, if the song isn't one of his hits, it's going to be a throwaway more often than not. The stats are, once again, a mixed bag on this album. The first three songs are solid, but it's spotty at best after that. The biggest thing affecting the overall rating of this album is the fact that more than half of the songs are throwaways. There's 0 five star songs, 1 four star song in I'm Yours, 3 three star songs, 1 two star song and the rest were throwaways. He's never been a "download every song" kind of artist.


All really good songs

@marilynlove01 (jacks girl)

Vkook moments brought me to lucky I really love that song


Good song I'm loving it


This album Jason sang has top quality sound and a kind of music that's hard to come around these days. Thanks for your uplifting songs with a message mists artists dare to even think of producing. Thanks for an amazing album


Unbelievably good music! Unimaginably talented performer! A true breath of fresh air! The "Extended Version" is a must - it has some of his best material on it. Seems you can only find it if you access all of JM's Albums?!? Pricey, but worth every penny and then some. I never rate an artist on anything related to iTunes itself, but I have to say that the garbage filled review they gave this amazing artist and album - comparing virtually every tune to some other artist - must have been written by someone with severe hearing loss. Nearly 3,000 4-1/2 star ratings kinda bears me out on this. The album includes the song "I'm Yours" which has the record for having been on the charts longer than any other single in history (iTunes history? I don't know, but a big deal has been made of that fact). And, golly-gee, a year later and it's still there. Imagine that! Anyone who hasn't watched or heard his live concert based on this album "A Beautiful Mess, Live on Earth" is missing out on one of the best concerts ever. I had the soundtrack nearly a year before the video came out. Watching him and his amazing stage presence along with his amazing band is......... BEYOND AMAZING! Just get it - you'll be mesmerized.


This song brings back so many memories


I love I'm Yours! It's my new favorite song. It just won't go into my music so I can listen to it even though I bought it. 😔

rut baba

Mra-z was better


this album saved three people from unnecessary tears. As a new parent, I'm Yours was and is still the only song that can calm my daughter down. Right to sleep every time.

NYC Parker

Jason Mraz is so original. I find his lyrics clunky sometimes, but his spirit, his unique melodies, his vulnerability, all make him a great songwriter. Go Mraz!

Jason Mraz himself!!

This album is AMAZING


This is a good album. This album introduced me to Jason Mraz, so it took me a little while to wrap my head around it. But that didn't take that long. I found this too be so good I downloaded Live without testing it first


Jason Mraz can always surprise you. He blends vocals ands instrumentals together in a way you don't even notice. He can take a basic rhythm and make it a melody that's just magical. From I'm yours to Lucky, Jason has turned himself into one of my favorite singers. You have to buy this.


My five year old calls this song "the doctor McCarthy song" from A Dolphin Tale. We love this song!!! We are proud to be a Richmonder also!!


I love this way too much


Over and over I want to sing this song at my wedding well revows lol this song is all about me and my babe.


All I have to say is.............AWESOME❕


One of my favorite songs

Nice change of pace

I purchased "I'm Yours" 5 years after it came out. This track has stood the test of time and will continue to be played for years to come. It is a very relaxing, toe tapping, catchy and invectious melody that is so easy to listen to and you buy it sooner or later like because it sticks in your head. Nice to have an "easy listener" like this one in my playlist along with "Summer Vibe" by Walk off the Earth.


I listened to the album, but I only really like the song I'm yours...maybe it's just me but I wouldn't buy the whole album..


This album was the first album I really listened to collectively, and it's still my favorite. Every song is a masterpiece, especially Beautiful Mess, If It Kills Me, I'm Yours, and Make It Mine. This is definitely Mraz's best.

Biker Rick

He stole your hard earned money!


Too good!!! Must buy!!!!


This is a good song

Shoshana Bernie



I found Jason Mraz's songs because of the Glee TV show. I love lucky, my favorite!

sarah (i <3 country music)

hey so i just wanted to right about my idol so here it goes.... i think that jason mraz is tots asome i mean seriously he is boss but really i dont think many people know about this guy cause seriously i ask my friend today and asked wheather she knew what the song "i wont give up" by jason mraz and she was like s\who is that so i seriously thin k our generation needs to hear more song by this guy and by my generation i mean the newest generation (no effence) anyways so im like13, u can prob. tell by my spelling but our generation is all like omg nikki minaj which is great i mean i love her music but they need more country by the way i would tots die in happiness if jason mraz and garth brooks did a song together anyways that my speel so yep well i dont know how you are supposed to end a review so im just gonna stop typing and call that my exit


The best songs. Other then that the other one I don't like. But that's just me😋


I'm yours definitely the best song out there it has been out for 4 years but I can't get over it


Amazing, creative, Insane, fantastic ! Well done Jason ;)


Amazing artist. One of my favourite hands down.


I like I'm Your's but I love when Shinee Onew is singing it!☆(*^^*)


Jason Mraz is epically awesome!!

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