Jason Aldean - Rearview Town

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Rearview Town Tracklist:

Trust and Us


Shelldog bills fan

He can do it all people.. country shows how it’s on top of all other music because they all wanna mix with us I’m on board simper Fi to all country!


This is my favorite song I listen to it every day because it reminds me of one of my friends in high school. Jason is my favorite country artist and always will be I just want be like you, keep it up Georgia boy!


Some folks are criticizing it for the rock and pop elements, but I think they are added with such a gentle touch that it really compliments his thick accented authentically country voice. It’s well executed. (Jekyll and Hyde by ZBB would be an example that doesn’t do it well) And album has a variance in tracks. In mood and tone and style. Really well done!

Marcus golden

Use of the steel guitar is immaculate


I’ve been a fan since day one. You can buy a cd and love every song on it. He’s one of many who puts out good cd’s.


I know this album gets a lot of hate but it’s one of my personal favorites


Go live your own life and stop hating if your a hatter I love you Jason Aldean Jadon aldean is country and all you haters can go lisen to old town road the fake country song and the git up to!😡😡😡😡


I really enjoy this album!

Ducky moamo

Even though country music is changing and altering Jason Aldean is a great musician and has a great talent.


Love it! Best album yet! I love how all these people criticize the artists for not being country. Almost every artist in country now is criticized for not being country enough. Maybe it’s time to get with the program and realize country has changed. Obviously there’s not enough of a following to be old time country anymore. Maybe you were just born in the wrong era because new country is way better than old country!

Atlas N

Holy nickel back Crap!


Great keep it up


For all of you hate, His music is authentic. If you can’t find one song on here that you don’t like, then you’re just a sad person. Gettin warmed up sets the tone of the party


Saw bad reviews from many who say it’s trash but I really enjoyed many songs on this album.


His songs are amazing I love country because I am a cowgirl.


I can’t wait for this bro crap so-called music to play out


Started buying individual songs as I heard them. After the fourth purchase, I just bought the album. I love all of it. Rarely does that happen these days, when I find an album I like enough to buy more than one or two songs. This is a great album!

Roping Pen

Nashville puppets!! Do yourself a favor and quit calling yourself county


Y’all don’t even know what good country music is. Bunch of cry babies you are.

Ash and Indy

The biggest sign of how fixed and bought the ACMs have become? Miranda Lambert is the most awarded artist and Jason Andean is artist of the decade. And on this album the King and Queen of Award Buying and Being Over-Hyped come together for a mediocre duet. Could the ACMs start awarding real talent for a change? Country music has turned into a joke because of them.

aldean lover 97



I’m not gonna lie, I really love this album. No, it’s not like his previous stuff, but I really dig the feel of this album!


its his music he can sing and play whatever he wants but hes got pure talent and any of his music is amazing if u dont like it dont listen to it negative people. But anyways keep it coming always killing this stuff :)))


Jason has gotten me through all my life’s major events, including my wedding with “night train,” but I honestly have to say that the fame and Nashville city lights have blinded him from the ole star studded sky’s of middle Georgia with sweltering nights, being happy with the few to raise hell with and that girl to raise a family with. The County has been replaced with the city and 5 star restaurants instead of 5 star music. Come back to us country boy.


Jason aldean alright Dont like Miranda Lamberts voice Too babyish and whinny Dissappointed


It has been 7 months since Rearview Town was released and I still listen to it at least once a day. His best album by far.

mini dachsund mom

Very disappointed with his new album don’t want to download anything


To make it worse u add Miranda Lambert lol


love the new music and the vibes it has. keep it up, jason!


I have Never been apart of the Crowd that follows in liking what everyone else does, and judging by the past comments, I think it still holds true. Didn’t care for Jason when I first heard him, much like a good portion of LB’s music at first, but more & more, both Artists have grown with their different albums. I like this new Album from Jason, as to me he’s a Combination of Country, Rock, & a Smidge of Hip-Hop thrown in to really Kick things up abit. Nope not for everyone, & there’s nothing wrong with that.. Great Job, & hard not to pick up afew of my so far Favorites off of iTunes, & I was trying to boycott them. Dammit. Oh Well.




Great album, the album explains my life in a album, this is awesome! Preordered it was awesome! Thanks Jason Aldean for making such an amazing album!


The whole album is awesome!


5++++ stars If this is not album of the year in country it’s because the old school country haters hold it back from getting the award. Great album every song first to last . Let’s get blacktop gone 👍

Aman pro79

Best cd in years, great job aldean!!

Altheia Bates

U make it easy love it ❤️❤️❤️


I'm not the bigest fan overall, but this is an easy listening compilation of music that I enjoy hearing over and over.


Very good album

Ab cloud 2015

I love this album seriously and Jason is a wonderful artist 💋🖤💋🖤🌹🌹


Was a fan from the very beginning. As a farmer in eastern Colorado I could always relate to his deep tracks and would tolerate his hits to be listened to by “country people” in Denver. This album blows. Hope the city folks enjoy it!


Keep it up Jason! Good work!


My Dearest Aldean, Winter is arriving scornly, the mighty winds whisk over the desolate landscape leaving a barren land of rural caucasion american country artists rapping. Day light dwindles with the passing of time and the appropriation of hip hop interjected into the once country genre. Certainly Eazy-E is left rolling over in his HIV infected grave. (RIP E) Kindest Regards, Your BIGGEST fan.


Ha! Nice album cover pic Jason. We all believe that you’re tough and ‘country’ now for sure.


Perfect for Pop radio


His albums are getting worse. No country here. His first albums were great, made me a big fan. I bought his last album without hearing all the songs and it was so, so. Down with the whiskey is the only country song on this. Don’t like this new country at all. I don’t even think Jason Aldean likes this album. It’s all about record labels selling to a demographic, younger progressive listeners. Sorry Jason, I’m done with you until you go back to your roots.


Bye bye


Drowns the Whiskey.....YES! LOVE this album


Here we go again. More Nashville production by Phil Spector wannabes. Every cut sounds like the last one. Good lyrics, great vocals just badly presented.