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JACKBOYS Tracklist:

Austin Aho

Literally everyone badly reviewing this album still buy’s his joints y’all some lames and fake fans.


I’m a huge fan of Travis Scott been here since owl pharaoh and this may not be his greatest work but this project wasn’t about him. Take Pop Smoke R.I.P 🙏 and Don Toliver for example this was Travis introducing Smoke and Don to a new platform and fan base putting them on the map essentially. Fortunately I’ve heard some of The Dons music and he’s got his own unique style witch is also the case with Smoke and unsurprisingly Travis. People need to realize that just because the intoned artists did put 100% on himself he definitely put 100% on Smoke and The Don pop smokes song Dior has been trending along with out west via this project. If your still reading this I was very high and inspired while writing this add the insta:@puff_greenie Snap:smelter_j 🌵🎢🎡


overall the album was fire (What To Do especially🤩) and if ur giving it one star and calling it trash then travis just isn’t the artist for ya🤷🏻‍♀️ but still it was really short and it could’ve been a lil bit better

your faec

Had enough and what to do are fire

nickname boi 27

Rosalia ruined the highest in the room remix, the intro was a waste of space and what to do should have not had the one minute of instrumental at the end. the good side is I came for Travis I stayed for don Toliver


But please do highest in the room with just you and lil baby👶🏾thank you


Amazing how he made Gatti his song. His sound is all over it. RIP 🙏

joshua guignet 13

Some tracks didn’t hit as hard as others but still good overall


Overall through the first listen I didn’t like the album but it took time and it grew on me. Only thing that bothers me is that I feel robbed because we only got 7 tracks

the gamer 7549997

Come on Travis


The song “OUT WEST” is so gay. Horrible album.


Give it a couple of listen throughs before fully judging it


If you’re not from Houston you wouldn’t understand, that’s all ima say. (Everyone who rated 1 star is a lame [Facts])


It’s fye

Ebin Ya Boi

Your went from astroworld to this? Come on travis Ik you got better than this


We can not let this Hot Garbo continue! Does anyone EVER listen to lyrics???


This is a trap banger, Definitely buy this if you wanna just have fun, the production on this album is crazy, and everything good as far as trap goes, however the opening track isn’t really good but the rest is fine, the album is pretty much carried by Travis Scott & Don Toliver but hey, it’s still a great project, definitely worth a listen


It has its purpose 🔥😎




Absolutely loved this album. Was hoping for more than 7 songs (well 6) but overall loved the album. Hopefully packs 2 & 3 come out soon. GANG GANG. 🌵‼️🔥.


Don carried this album, only reason it’s somewhat decent is because his vocals and flow🤧

Mo Lotto

Fire song


It’s good, however it should’ve been longer (like it was leaked)


Just ain’t vibing tbh

2 rad 2 b sad

Nice album cover though. That FD lookin clean af.


Dumbing down the nation, one track at a time.


This album is so goat!


Highest In The Room and Gang Gang


Music these days is just being stupid drunk or drunk and saying whatever that comes to mind and covering it with shut loads of auto tune.


A couple decent songs and that’s being generous


Had potential to be a lot better but it was pretty good can’t lie Young thug feature carried album


If u dont like this album then u a fake fan


All tracks are fire, had enough slaps!


y'all cappin. this album is slight asl. definitely bump this in the whip


Cmon man. You’re doing my mans wrong with this one. Show some respect for the goat of trap.


Was hoping for something better


Only three good songs & two of them have Don Toliver .. 🥴


Best of the Best




This guy is so lame, acts too tough for his music being so trash.


But too short


This is great


Goddamn this is hot garbage, feel bad for the kids that this is what they r putting out as music now




What is "New Music Daily" if they only change less popular artists songs daily, but not popular ones like these? It's a sham & a scheme to get more popular artists more attention. Ridiculous.

ya boy jb

Not great but could be a lot worse. Could be a Miley Cyrus, Taylor swift, or any country artist album.


First... this album is “NOT JUST TRAVIS ALBUM ” so all the people saying this that there isn’t enough Travis in it or worst Travis album. This album is him starting to groom the next generation of artists, that’s one reason why he made Cactus Jack label to do this. He’s using his superstar fame to so us the next generation soooo JACKBOYS is easily a great to end the year! Showing us that sleeping on Don Toliver in 2019 was a mistake! Big things from H-town Don. 2020 is a year of being less toxic so shut up and enjoy listening to JACKBOYS!


What an artist! Absolutely love the music and production. What To Do is my fav track! Keep doing your thing Travis, art is subjective and there are a lot of closed shallow minds on here.

jackflaco ASAP

I loveee the album

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