Green Day - Insomniac

℗ 1995 Reprise Records

Insomniac Tracklist:


mitch from downtown

All the songs of this record are great but if I had to pick one really good one it would have to be westbound sign.

small bug in riad

There so many good riffs in this album I can’t get enough of any of the songs easily top 3 albums


So good

Agent troll

When this album hit the scene in 1995. Every suburbian kid wanted to shoot their heads off because of how demonic this album was/is.


I liked; Panic song! Brain stew Jaded


I only love the songs on this album Stuart and the aveanue and brain stew


Why does this idiots voice sound like he’s had a cold for the past 25 years?

Thug Life Supreme

It says the sh word


Beautiful and great music and artist.

Nathan Clouse13

From Cars (Teaser 2005/2006)

Just A Random Impulse

Why is it labeled Pop


If Green Day Is Your Favorite Band Like They Are Mine, You Will Love This Classic Album. Billie Joe's Guitar Combines Perfectly With Dirnt's Bass Playing And Cool's Fast Paced Drumming. Some Of My Favorite Songs From This Album Are "86","Brat","Panic Song", And My All time Favorite Song Ever, "Stuart And The Ave." If You Are Looking For Some Of Green Day's Top Tracks On This Album, It Includes "Brain Stew", "Jaded", "Stuck With Me", "Geek Stink Breath", And With A Perfect Ending To The Album, "Walking Contradiction." I Would Definitely Recommend You To Buy This Great Album!