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All of these iTunes Journey albums have neen remastered with Arnel, nowhere does it state that and this is misrepresentation! I am angry!!!! Unacceptable if I wanted Journey with Arnel I would by the new stuff! I wanted Steve Perry. I want my money back and "Journey Official" and iTunes need to let the public know thesehave been remasterd with Arnel's voice


No singer will ever be as great as Steve Perry!!!Journey is the best band of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today!


Awesome music great voice


Awesome music great voice


As one song asks Why can't this night go on forever,I was crushed when Perry left,I wish he was still there with them instead of Arnel but I guess all good things must come to an end,I have early Journey without Steve and everything with him and will never buy another Journey album without his velvet pipes.I also love how Somethin to Hide effortlessly goes into Winds of March without skipping a beat and I'm so happy that they finally got inducted and Steve was in attendance to get what they deserved for each and every song written by Perry/Schoan and the rest of the original members. I hope to be listening to my Journey collection until I'm 82 lol 20 yrs to go !!!!!!

Peeps Widow

Steve and Greg's harmonies are amazing and I love the older albums so much!


Love this album.... A Journey fan favorite


Ok y'all... Listen up. There are two groups of people that review this album. 1) the pre Steve Perry Journey fan and 2) and the Steve Perry Journey fan. I will break down both quickly. For the Pre Perry fan: This album blows. It is how the prog rock journey that this original Ben set out to be. There are moments in this album that have that feel to it, but it's not the "original" journey. Rolie is great and of course Neal Shon is great. Take away that and that only. Rely on the fact that Journey changed gears bad will never be the same and that the original journey is 100 times better than the new. You win. For the Steve Perry Journey fan: This is the holy grail of Journey albums. This album showed where the band was heading. It's the origins of the Journey that everyone knows. So get it, it's classic.


While I did like the band progression throughout the years, I still come back to the Greg Rollie written songs. Feeling That Way and Anytime are my favorites on this album. Just the Same Way rounds out my favorite Journey songs and all were written and sung by Greg Rollie. Does this mean I dislike Steve Perry? No, I just liked the way Rollie sang and had written his songs and I think that his influence would have still made Journey grow into a big band.

Ice's Lady

Title says it all!!! We have missed you Steve! It's time! Please come back to us!


Love this album. Reminds me of when I was little.


I pretty much agree with all the reviewers here who consider this the best Journey album. It had the best 10 songs that they ever put together on one record and the one-two punch of Steve Perry AND Greg Rollie, both amazing vocalists and the harmony's are truly gorgeous. for me, the band never scaled these heights again artistically. Every song on this album is among their best.


The best Journey album - the first with Steve Perry (not Joe Perry). Try the three before this one also- before Steve Perry. Joe Perry is the lead guitarist for Aerosmith.


I'm not quite sure why, everyone's entitled to their opinion, but this is the worst band of all time. I hated them when they were relevant and still hate them now. I think I'd rather be tied down and forced to listen to Cher before Journey. I know he is popular, but Joe Perry has to be the gayest frontman ever.

bob bobblaw

take it easy, kids . . . . they were a good group . . . .


This is Journey's Masterwork period. There are a select few of those rock 'n roll masterpieces that just have it all and from start to back are perfection. This album is right up there with Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon, Led Zeppelin's IV , Queen's Night At The Opera, U2's Unforgettable Fire, Who's Next, Ozzy's Blizzard Of Ozz Rush's Moving Pictures etc. First off this album is produced by the legendary Roy Thomas Baker who brought out the bands best here and did some amazing treatments to Neal's guitar sound with his Brian May like guitar harmonies. He also added to a sense of spatial movement to the album with his use of tape flange and phasing effects which are used to perfection. This album deserves the VH1 Classic Albums Documentary video treatment asap while all band members are still with us to document this masterpiece. These are not your average rock songs folks...don't be fooled there is a lot going on here in terms of song structure, harmony, production and arrangements. Just listen to "Winds Of March" and "Patiently" for a masterclass in how to write a gripping emotional epic that's on the same masterwork level as "Stairway" or "Time". There is a very real sense of a band trying to achieve something of artistic merit here and this album still sounds as fresh as it did then. A perfect album is timeless and this one is. There was a lot of thought and honestly put into this album and it shows. The production and mixing are genius. Everyone band member is very present here. If you buy a single Journey record this is the one to start with. Next stop would be the album Departure...


saved Journey from extinction, for there were very few "Journey fans" before Perry came on board. And, of course, the great music he helped create goes on and on and on.


For the true Journey fans Steve Perry was the demise of the band. When Gregg Rollie left the band died. Now it's just a main stream band that goes under the name Journey.

Dr 29

Okay, I don't have a list of the 25 best albums of all time. However, if I did...this album will always be in that list. Why? There's no BS on this album, it's solid, original and rocking! Plenty of heartfelt songs...Let's face it, this album still chokes me up after 30 years. That's simply musical depth!! It's also a coming of age for Neil Schon and Greg Rolie of Santana fame (Black Magic Woman, etc.). We also see for the first time Gregg Rolie and Steve Perry sharing vocals. On this album, it's a true marriage for two great singers performing simply for the sake of the music. Did I mention this album can still make me cry? That's the 'Infinity' this album will always have, making it one of the best of all time. Enjoy!

Forever 70's

One of the first rock groups I heard back in the 70's and I was hooked. Steve's voice is matched to no other. A must have in a collection of music to listen to all the time.


Classic Journey album. These guys are great!


I had forgotten how good these two songs sound. I had written off classic rock a long time ago, since that's almost all the Chicago stations play and they've burned me out on it. Maybe I just never played it loud enough. But Steve Perry's voice is so huge and powerful here- I suppose that gigantic nose works as a resonating chamber. It's not even really just a nose- his whole face comes to a point there. Yes, it's a face meant for stadium rock. I was glad to see that when I downloaded the two songs separately, they play the way they always play on the radio- with something like only a half second break between the "feeling that way" line at the end of the first song, and "oooh, any way that you want" line of the next- instead of the three or four seconds they usually have between songs. Has anybody ever heard these songs on the radio played separately? I haven't. One thing that surprised me was the background vocals at 1:26 of Feeling That Way ("Lovely one"?). They jumped out at me the first time I cranked it on decent speakers recently. Has that always been there? I never noticed it before, and now it sticks out like a sore thumb- I thought someone snuck up behind me and said it, it stood out from the music so much...

I love music 77

Great vocals and song writing.Aynsley Dunbar truly the perfect drummer for this album it changed the sound and direction for the band. Steve Perry was a great choice for vocals and song writing. Wheel in the sky is the best song on the album.


I was seven when Infinity came out and had an older sister who couldn't get enough Journey, Queen and other arena rock legends dominating radio and record stores at the time. Sure, it's arena rock. Sure, it was the 70s, a decade that produced a lot of junk, but what decade doesn't? Now, 30 years later, people have forgiven the feathered hair, the tight jeans, the goofy grimacing of arena rock, but they remember (or are discovering) one small but pivotal fact: holy crap, these guys can ROCK! The music, now heard on its own merits, still packs an incredible punch. Sadly, sometimes it takes a few decades to remember WHY these tunes were mega-hits and played endlessly, rather than dismiss them as dated pop fluff merely because they WERE played endlessly. Certain bands transcend generations and the temporary tides of popular music. And Journey is one of them.


First off, if anyone can find 10 consecutive songs in the classic rock/radio rock genre with 10 more PERFECT guitar solos, I would be shocked. Schon was perfection on this album. Then add in the last work with the group by widely-regarded drummer Dunbar, and you now have two amazing instrumental performances. Next, to me, the most goose-bumping vocal harmonies ever on a rock record, courtesy Roy Thomas Baker's production. And while more a fan of pre-Perry Journey, I am front and center in saying he is absolute magic on this album. And don't leave out Rolie, gracefully stepping aside as lead vocalist but still offering up some great lead vocals and keyboard textures. No one notices Valory, because he does exactly the perfect job as bass player, complimenting and driving the music forward at the same time, but never getting in the way. And the real difference between this and the later Journey albums? The songs. Simple. These are real songs you can feel, lyrics with a far lower cliché factor than all their later work; more adult and introspective subject matter and delivery (no 'blue jean girl' BS yet). Pretty much the perfect rock album.

legend master

One of the best and most under-rated singing duos in rock history, Steve Perry/ Greg Rolie


I was probably 14 when I bought this on vinyl, and still have it 30 years later, along with most of their other albums. I saw them in concert many times, and yes, I still have a very coveted "Escape" concert T-shirt. Infinity is a beautiful, soulful album, and many of my favorites are the non-commercial tracks. It's funny to see the re-emergence of hits like "Don't Stop Believin'" because of an eisode of 'The Spranos', and other tunes like "Anyway You Want It" from commerials. But I can say I was there in the late 70's early 80's when this stuff was new and amazing, record stores and vinyl were all the rage, and Steve Perry had that long, dark, shiny hair.

Real Old Rocker

This is still one of my favorite albums of all time. It had not turned totaly into the somewhat over polished albums of a few years later. They still had some of the original sound in them even with Steve Perry singing. Mr. Dunbars drums still had alot of strength. The ballads were beautiful and the Gregg Rolie duets shined. I wish they could have stayed together for a few more years with this lineup. Lastley, you have to love Neals big hair!!!


this is the band at it's best almost all of this is gold it's in my top 5 of 70s stuff i love it


This is the all time best Journey album as a whole. Other albums have great songs, but this album flows, and feels alive. Schon is possibly the best guitar player to ever record, in that he somehow comes across with live energy in studio recordings, and it shows on Infinity.


This is one of the best albums ever put on the market. There is nothing quite like the last moments of "Lights" as the song slides into "Feeling That Way." This is the kind of music that makes me love Rock and Roll. It doesn't get any better than this!

Mr Brian B

The greatest mood setting album of all time! This was the music that we listened to when my wife and I were first dating. 27yrs later we still consider "Infinity" to be ours. If you have never listened to this music before you are missing out. By far, this is Journey's best work! In a word, "Infinity" is haunting.


This may possibly be the greatest Journey album, throughout. Steve's voice is absolutely magnificent, Neal's guitar is entrancing, Greggs riffs are incredible, Ross' bass is constant, and Aynsley's drumming is unmatchable. I strongly suggest you check this work of art out. Face it, Journey's better than the Beatles, and any other band that ever existed, and this album proves it.

Hard Core To The Bone

This is a great album, actually it was the first concert I went to at the tender age of 14. A timeless album, one that every song was good. I would recommend this album to any music lover.


I love Steve Perry Journey would not be the same with out his voice one of the best bands of all time!!!! great


Never before has Journey made an album this good. No Journey album since "INFINITY" can come close to this gem. This is one of the top 5 rock albums of all times. Bar none.

steve dougherty

this is their best


Few bands can claim to have made such a powerful album. All the debates between Perryists, Pre-Perryists and Post-Perryists aside, this is an extremely fine showing of talent. While the awesome bass lines and edgy chord progressions suggest the earlier, often instrumental phase, Perry's vocals are amazingly smooth, his range incredible (a friend of mine thought that the falsetto in Wheel in the Sky was a synthesizer), and his tones perfectly rounded and powerful. Rolie (b-3, additional vocals) is also at the top of his game. All of the songs are top-notch, especially Winds of March.


Journey is one of the greatest rock groups of all time! Those that did not get to see them in their prime, will never know. Not a girl in the house that wouldn't have died to touch Steve Perry. Sad to see he is no longer with Journey. It will never be the same.


The music on this album is outstanding. I was in Germany in 1978 when I first heard it. I was head over heels in love with a German local. We were both young and I was an overbearing fool. These songs spoke volumns to me about how I felt about this girl. Feeling that Way, Patiently, Somthing to Hide and Opened the Door all applied. Lights, Wheel in the Sky and Winds of March are kick-XXX songs. I saw Journey twice live while in Germany and then once in the states. The venues in Germany were smaller and incredible. They are the best live band I have ever seen. Perry and Schon should go down history as one of the best duos up there with Daltry- Townsand, Jagar - Richards, Bon-Jovi-Sambora, Steve Perry-Joe Perry (Aerosmith). They should have been an automatic bid into the rock and roll hall of fame.

merry kehrens

I have been a big journey fan and at one point I had all their albums and I all ways found my self listening to Infinity with steve perry belting out the lyric on this album it took JOURNEY in ahole new direction. I just hope some day soon steve and the band can put aside any and all differances and get back to produceing music good music , Escape was their last realy good album . back to your roots boys this album rocks my house weekly merry kehrens


For all intents and purposes, Infinity is an album that will live on, for infinity. It makes Frontiers look like crap. The band stays true to their jazz infused roots on the opener, "Lights," whereas ballads like "La Do Da" and "Feeling That Way" are faster, and Feeling That Way actually has a pop-rock feel to it. The slow ballads, "Somethin' To Hide" and "Wheel In The Sky" are ones where I felt like Perry stood out more. Without a doubt, "Winds of March" is the best track on the album. Hands down. For any TRUE Journey fan, this album is a must!


Personally I feel this is one of the GREATEST albums of all times, right there with Dark Side Of the Moon. This album launched Journey into being one of the greatest bands of the late 70's. My absolute favorite, Winds of March is awesome. Steve Perry made this band Launch. I owned all of Journeys works over the years, this was the BEST one hands down, without question.


From the opening notes of "Lights" to the haunting final cut "Opened the Door" this is truly one of Journey's finest records. It was the summer of 1978 in Chicago and great music was everywhere! "Lights", "Wheel In the Sky" and the one two punch of "Feeling That Way" and "Anytime" made this a summer never to forget. It was the first time the amazing voice of Steve Perry hit the airwaves. The talents of Gregg Rolie, Ross Valory, Aynsley Dunbar and Neil Schon were brought to new heights with the incredible producing talents of Roy Thomas Baker (Queen). This record is a must for any rock n' roll fan.