Imagine Dragons - Smoke + Mirrors

℗ 2014 KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records

Smoke + Mirrors Tracklist:

Remington Campbell

The guys need to switch “I Bet My Life” to Track 1 and “Shots” to Track 5




This album is my favorite album out of all of them I have so many favorite songs in this album

Unicorn!!! 🦄

This is my FAVORITE album of theirs!!! I especially love Smoke and Mirrors, Polaroid, Theif, Dream, Warriors, and The Fall!!! This isn't what you think of when you first think "Rock", but it's Alt. Rock, so it is a little lighter and it has a closer relationship to pop, however it is not pop! This mixture is what I love. The song that got me into Imagine Dragons was Radioactive. I'd heard it on the radio a few times and in a few school presentations, so I went home to listen to Imagine Dragons to try it out and I LOVED IT!!! I especially like how this pulled me out of hearing a song I liked and adding it to my playlist, however I didn't begin listening to the album Smoke + Mirrors until recently. I also enjoy how the albums tell a story; 1. Night Visions The beggining of everything, it describes how things start out. Like when you have "night visions" (nightmares and dreams) about the way things are. 2. Evolve This "evolves" to show where things are now. It shows that they're in a different place, that things are better or worse. 3. Smoke + Mirrors Nothing is real. Everything is fake. It's all "smoke and mirrors." This is describing the faults in a person. 4. Origins "Origin" (noun): point where something begins. I think that pretty much sums it up. They need to restart, go back to the beggining. That's where they were better off anyway, right? I mean, if everything is all messed up, shouldn't you start at the beginning? If you listen to this on Spotify, you may have noticed the Genius lyrics for Bad Liar. They lightly note the hidden messages. They'd quoted Dan Reynolds' Twitter. It was about how he was a "bad liar", he couldn't lie about his relationship to himself, or to Aja. It wasn't until I started listening to Smoke + Mirrors that it clicked between every single song and the Bad Liar Genius lyrics. I realized that, strung together, the albums told a story. Something I didn't realize because I payed attention to the song titles, not the album titles. I realized this listening to the album Smoke + Mirrors because it was the only one that had a song in it the same name as the album. The song was all about how everything was fake. Nothing was real, nothing was reliable. Which was when I realized what the album title meant, making me realize what the other album titles mean.

Oh! Boy Syrup!

Thank you for being my favorite band ever!!!!!!

Volleyball Rocks!

I love there albums and listen to them everyday! Great pump up songs!

xnchsjhg n

every every thing you touch truns to gold that my fav part of this god dang song ooo gold oo gold!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩 🐉🐲💖💝💕💞💓💗


And that’s great. Just at the edge of the last of the Golden Days of music. Right before everything just crumbled into the madness of overly used electronic keyboards to make sounds, taking you with them.

goatz rock

You haven’t made one bad song in your life they all rock!!!!... I love ❤️ and will love ❤️ any song y’all play


How do you guys do this you are the best and you have nice music my favorite song is I bet my life


This album makes me happy with all of my soul.

Princess Meem 💖👑

I Bet My Life, Dream, Gold, Smoke and Mirrors, Polaroid, and Shots are my favorites. I wish they could go back to their roots.

Flaning monkey

Literally the greatest thing I’ve ever heard.




Only reason why I bought it lol.

Matpat's son

I wish they would come to Denver some time


All those song are good I know some people listen to those song but lot people need to listen to imagine dragons so and they’re so freak good ok and peace ✌️


Good Job On Friction 👍🏻

Mr Mushrum

I miss the days of pure gold


{\_{\ (• - •) |>💵> |/ |/ /}_/} (* v *) <🎧<| \| \|

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