Idina Menzel - Idina Menzel - EP

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Idina Menzel - EP Tracklist:


When she sings she touches your soul!! I could listen to her all day/everyday!! She is so Amazing!!!!!!!❤️💙💜


she has such a great voice !!!!!!!!!!!! i love her voice when i 1st heard it !!!!

Jimmy pizza 124356

She can make any song sound great with her beautiful voice!


This is an absolutely beautiful rendition of this song….just heard it on So You Think You Can Dance and had to purchase it…love Idina.


And her music.


Why is it that whenever I need a good torch song does Idina just pop up on my itunes..... This is such a beautiful piece of art!


Defying gravity sounds so much better in the original wicked........


The most amazing show ever! I didn't think it was possible to love Idina any more than I already did but she blew me away last night with the Nashville Symphony. She is so personable and real, and who knew she was so freaking funny! I could listen to her sing the dang phone book and be just as in awe as I was during "Defying Gravity." Her acapella version of "For Good" left me breathless with a tear in my eye. BRAVO IDINA!

Haydey's Corneater

But Broadway is about as far as she goes.


I first heard Idina when i saw Wicked in Chicago and i was hooked! Her voice is simply beautiful and i love all her songs. I have to say my top 2 are Brave and Defying Gravity, because they really show how talented she is.

Gayle King

I love that Idina included 3 live from soundstage recordings on her EP. They're absolutly wonderful and I'm looking forward to her next full length cd.

cass 1031

Saw Idina on Broadway in Wicked and have been a big fan ever since. She has a beautiful voice.


broadway... glee... solo artist... it never ends!!! shes soooo talented and needs to keep recording music and persuing her acting career! my favorite songs are defying gravity (her on broadway was amazing), brave, and i stand! FIVE STARS!


I love that Idina chose to do some live recordings because that's when her voice is at its best - effortlessly pure and filled with emotion. I love all of these tracks, but "No Day But" today is in a world of it's own. I could listen to it on repeat over and over again. I can not wait to hear her sing live one day!


I have loved her ever since rent and now in Glee all I can say is Taye Diggs is one lucky man to have such a talented wife she is the ultimate triple threat if there ever was one. He isn't half bad himself.


Indina Menzel has been one of my idols ever since I ever heard Wicked and just like on stage, she blows you away! She sounds amazing in recording, but those live ballads really reach your soul. I reccomend this album to anyone who has a true passion for singing.


ever since ive seen her numerous times in wicked i have loved her voice. :)


...even if it is a rehash of old songs. They're all great, and I'm glad to have the new (live) recordings!!


Love Embraceable you, and No day but today so happy that they are on the album!!! I would recomend this cd to every one, cant wait to see her again in Dallas!!!


Idina is such a talented and wonderful vocalist. She never ceases to amaze me. Ever. Great job :)


This EP is wonderful both for newbies to the world of Idina and for members of her devoted fanbase. newcomers are treated to three of her tracks from I Stand and both old and new fans will enjoy the live tracks. Idina's verison of No Day But Today stood out the most for me in this EP. I hope this trend of releasing live tracks continues and we see more of the same in upcoming Cds. A reccording of Idina's concerts would not be a bad thing especially if it included Idina's stories and audience banter. Can't wait to see what else we get from Idina, the reigning queen of Broadway who is slowly taking over the music world as well. you go Idina!


She's terrific! But what really only 3 songs that you may not have heard; unless you were at a live performance. Why so few for her fans? I have other CD of here's. They are lesser known, Here and Live At the Zipper, I believe. I have most songs on the EP


Idina's first album was truly great. It was stylistically varied, lyrically interesting, funky, youthful and had some soul. Even with her 'Here' EP, she had mellowed out a bit vocally but the songs were still really interesting and the lyrics fresh and unique. Now it seems she's all cheesy power ballads and her style of singing has really changed. No more soulful vocals, just very nasal and boring - and I don't mean vocal pyrotechnics when I say soul, I mean singing from the heart. I still listen to the title track of "Still I Can't Be Still" and get chills; I hear "I Stand" in the grocery store and cringe. I know she found an audience post-Wicked that guaranteed her album sales, and I hope she is making a career for herself but it's sad to see such a unique and individual talent become a canned and boring American Idol soundalike. I hope she can eventually return to the introspection and funkiness that made her first album so interesting.


love it, Idina is great, she has the most amazing voice


Ever since seeing idina in concert I loved her live versions of NO DAY BUT TODAY and DEFYING GRAVITY! ;) She is a phenominal artist and you can see that from her EP!! The mix of her big I Stand hits with the soundstage was an awsome idea! Finally a new album from Idina! Hope for many more!!!


The version of No Day But Today is awful. Totally butchered it!


the Soundstage recordings are wonderful. NO DAY BUT TODAY.


Totally worth the buy! If you LOVE Idina like I do you will not be disappointed! I own the songs from her last cd already so I bought the PBS concert songs, they are beautiful. :-)


LOVE Idina Menzel! She brings so much emotion to her songs. Fav here is No Day But Today!

Hunk Of Burnin' Love

Idina Menzel's voice is magical. I was very excited for this EP to come out and it definitely didn't disappoint. Her version of No Day But Today is absolutely beautiful and give me goosebumps everytime I hear it. I hope we get more new music from this incredible woman soon!

collegecaliguy & I love Bryan

They are all very good but i think the best on this ep is Brave, Embraceable You, and No Day But Today. Idina Menzel is amazing, and i can't wait until she's on glee too. :)


I am so excited she decided to record the song No Day But Today!!! I saw her in concert and she was absolutely fantastic. I can't wait until she comes out with a new album.


I love her version of no day but today!

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