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Sound is not as good as it could be assuming they recorded it from the soundboard. At times it sounds as if it was recorded From the crowd with a high quality mic. Listened to this earlier using flush on ear clips and sound wasn’t the best but not the worst. Currently listening with good quality headphones and it is actually really good. So I imagine most the bad reviews are from people using earbuds. Best I can say get some good quality headphones. Also apparently this was from Las Vegas 2017. Hey I was there too. It is unfortunate that they did crop the Let It Go down as it seemed the whole tour it was an extended version with kids from the crowd up on stage which we don’t hear on this.


These people saying the quality is bad must have a different album. This is fantastic. It’s just....wait for it....LIVE! It’s going to sound different, less pristine, as it’s LIVE. Her voice is superb, the song choices show her talent and personality. I love it.

jack_ anthony

I'm sorry I am a huge fan, but what is going on here? She sounds horrible. Seasons of love sounds like a High School performance. All of it, her voice is not up to par on the entire album .


Her voice is great but the audio quality is not. It sounds like they microphone was far away and they were struggling balancing her voice and the rest of the audio.


Idina has a beautiful voice but really made some bad song choices here. She needs to pick songs right for her voice. Don’t Rain On My Parade and Rock Steady...ouch. Awful.


This i really bad sound and mixing, how did this get released?


Her voice is so amazing!! My favorite song is Small World.




Honestly. That cover of Bridge Over Troubled Water made me cry so much, and her 2017 World Tour setlist was her best ever.


Why can’t this cd come out tomorrow


She is such a great singer and songwriter. Her voice is amazing! Gonna be a great album


I loved this tour. Original music, covers, broadway. Idina at her finest. I would love to see a DVD accompany it? Wishing!


Excellent version and very her . I can’t wait to see her again in November


Super excited ... Looking forward to this album.

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