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Trust and Us





I love her and Idina Menzel is amazing singer!


I've been a fan of her since I was little and I've never heard songs like hers. I love them so much and I love how she's putting actual emotions into her works.

Random reviewer… 😉

I think it's safe to say there's no artist like Idina. This album has a wide range of sound, with poppy, carefree tunes like Cake, meaningful ballads like Perfect Story, and songs you can belt out and have fun with like Queen of Swords. The lyrics are so meaningful, and Idina's voice is beautiful. This is definitely high-quality work.




As a singer/songwriter myself I love when a singer can move me! Idina moves me with every note of Last Time! Huge Fan🎼


Idina has really done well this album!! Love it! The queen slays!! Love all the songs! Well done Idina!


this woman has the most wonderful voice. i will listen to anything she sings!!


Great voice. Basic though. This album needs to be sent back to 2009.


Idina has a beautiful voice and better yet she released a good album. I like every single song and I am super impressed with this. "A" list artists aren't releasing music as good as this. I love this more and more every time I listen and it's now one of my all time favorites. Wow what a surprise. This needs good promo it is a great album. She better get promotion like Celine Dion in the 90s. That's the kind of artist Idina has the potential to be -she has a good team behind her music on this and the album cover is A+! ❤️


Bought this album a month ago. It's on repeat in my car. Great lyrics and music. She never fails to impress. It's a must purchase. The Perfect Story song will especially touch you if you've ever been dirvoced or grew up with parents that seperated. Small World and Extraordinary are my other favorites.


Her voice is perfection and definitly deserves five stars and beyond!


Indiana Menzel can sing anything and her voice shows great range with this album. Songs are mix of upbeat pop and slow dramatic ballads. Can't stop listening to this album

papa "d" X3

Usually on 9/23 . I celabrate The Boss's birthday, especiallyy with his auto biography release .However this 9/23 I celabrate Adele Dazeem.


truly her best album yet.


What can I say. There is only One Idina Menzel. This album is not perfect, but it comes close. Personally, I preferred the lower ranked, slower songs; they seemed more personal, more intimate. I am referring especially to "I see you,' and 'Extraordinary.' Well worth it.

WDB Idina Fan

Love Love Love her and her music!!! THE VOICE OF ALL VOICES!!! xoxo


My favorite is Small World! Her voice is a balm unto my soul! Have loved her since Wicked!


I think Idina Menzel is on of the most talented vocalist of our time, so when I heard she was releasing a new project, I was very excited. She did not disappoint! Who said she can't transition to "Pop"? Ridiculous! This project reflects loss, new found love, self has something for everyone. And I love that I can even run to a few of her new songs on my morning run! She will forever be a favorite, and this album will be played again and again. You will not regret your purchase. Idina could in fact sing anything in my opinion....and in this case, she hit a home run!


Her voice is transcending!!!😍


Her name caught my eye and so I clicked on Small World. The little bit we get to hear......and I can't believe it but I just stopped and listened and then started to cry.


OMG Just so good!!!!! LOVE EVERYTHING ! my favorite is extraordinary. :) Highly recommend!


Lovely songs, with excellent stories to tell. Perfect Story had my in tears. Very well done.

Nice job on the app!

This is absolutely amazing. I love Idina!!!!!


But with a voice like an angel - 5 stars


The queen is here!


Idina's best music so far! She just keeps getting better. Love all of the songs, favorites so far Everybody knows, small world, queen of swords, show me... All of them are great!


I'm mostly a fan of Idina's broadway work but this album sold me on her pop venture. I have a hard time picking which song is my favorite, it's all above average to me and of course couple with her vocals is a winning combination.


This is the greatest album Idina has come out with so far. Every single song is worth listening to and the range of sounds and themes present make it a great journey from beginning to end. I've had the album on repeat and don't plan on stopping anytime soon!


😁 😁


Beautiful singer and beautiful voice! love it.

Doctor airsoft

Trash rubbish waste


Catchy, inspirational, perfect for every age ....


Some people hate this, but I don't understand why!!! She's Amazing, with suuppper awesome vocals, she needs a little bit more of attention that's all! Everybody likes Adele and her bundle of borrrrriiing voices, but Idina is something else, she's from another world! I love this Album! Idina don't you dare to feel small, old or ugly, because you are AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED!!! ❤️ people will never understand the concept of "DIFFERENT".


Idina never ceases to amaze! She's the only artist I know of who just keeps gets better! She's one of the VERY select few artists that can write their own music with beautiful, meaningful lyrics, actually have an amazing voice and range without any autotune, and is still an inspiring, humble, honest role model! This album is nothing short of magnificent! Way to go Idina, you are pure gold, just like this album!!!

Jenkins girl

So bad!! Nothing memorable. Sounds like everything I hate about musicals!! Wow. Would she have gotten a record deal if her name didn't get butchered? Just wondering.


I love this album. This is some of Idina's best work. Her sounds fantastic.


She is amazing and she is so sweet in person!!!!!


As a mom and former rent head her album was made for me -- believe it or not. I can relate to so many of these songs, but queen of swords and small world are standouts. This is intensely personal and as with every Idina album there are a few throwaway songs (I mean it has been the case from day one- see straw into gold) . But above all it is intensely personal and showcases her talent so, so well. I love songs where Idina belts and she delivers so many opportunities for that. I see you is a song I thought would be trite, but I truly love it and can't wait for my daughter to hear it. Also Can't wait to see what song is from beaches. Love her and love that she remains true to herself. Everybody knows.. is a secret weapon and I hated perfect story the first time I heard it..but now I love it. Sometimes things need to be documented. Her son is lucky for that and we are all lucky for such a voice.


This sounds like Brittany Spears and a bad broadway singer in a blender. Idina Menzel is, if not, the worst singer I have ever heard and I can't understand how she became famous. She screams too much and the songs on this album are not written well at all. Maybe she should try modeling because she is a beautiful girl, just not a singer.


She's amazing and her voice is amazing!


Idina has really outdone herself this time. I don't know how he does it, but she seems to inspire me with her music every time. From a heartfelt Extraordinary, to an inspiring Show Me, Idina's voice is going places that make for an exciting, beautiful new album. Personally, I love it. Some of my most recommended from the album: Queen of Swords Show Me Extraordinary Like Lightning


The album is fabulous! What makes Idina great is the beautiful blend of vulnerability and her phenomenal voice! This album has a lot of both❤️


I'm a metal head by nature, and gravitate towards hard rock and pounding beats, so there should be no reason I like this CD and yet I cannot get enough of Idina's voice, it could be the worst written song on the planet and her voice could turn it into gold.


I waas anxiosly waiting for Sept 23, now here it is, awesome disc.


She was telling the truth when she said this album was the most personal thing shes ever written. Each and every song tells you a little bit more about her and you can even find yourself in some of these songs. They're all amazing and bring something to this amazing album!


Idina has such a beautiful voice. The songs are beautiful and up lifting. The first full album I've looked for to buying.

Scotti B69

I like Lea Michele and this sounds like her album, I guess it's because of the vocal styles, but I really don't like Showtunes turned into pop songs. I say those who like this enjoy, but I'll have to pass.


What a voice - the album is slow w/ her voice that's up front and the main attraction on most songs. Queen of Swords will be the pop hit, but it's not the norm. Kane

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