Jason Aldean - I Won't Back Down (Live from Saturday Night Live)

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I Won't Back Down (Live from Saturday Night Live) - Single Tracklist:


I once wrote that I hoped that this artist didn’t feel personally responsible for what happened at his show. I think I, no I know that when I met him (a long time ago.) and not @a concert, just at a little bar in a little town. He seemed nice. We didn’t drink and he talked about his wife and I believe his daughter.


We need this in America now more than ever re-recorded nd remastered! 👍


Bad enough he ran like a scared little girl but to ruin a true classic in an attempt to show he’s tough ... please go away


Awesome music great voice I appreciate it all thank you very much


this is one of my favorite songs. i love pretty much every cover of it. jason aldean is one of my favorite singers too! but he isn't a loud singer and his voice gets drowned out by the live instruments. i wish this was a studio verison.


I love it. He can make anything sound great ❤️


Love all of Jason Aldean's music!! Great Tribute to Tom Petty - RIP.

Executioner Five

An incredible performance, and a great tribute both to the 58 who died in Las Vegas and to the memory of Tom Petty.


I am sooo happy I bought this after I’ve seen Jason Aldean perform this song on Saturday night live # Vegasstrong


A truly amazing tribute to Vegas and an amazing artist Tom Petty ❤️


Seen this live on SNL wanted it immediately


A tribute to Las Vegas and Tom Petty. Thank you Jason!

Velvet BearTrap

Disrespectful to do such a horrible cover of an amazing song.


I live Jason Aldean & that he is always there for his fans! I bought this one for all the victims of the horrible tragedy! #VegasStrong

F Dawger

The perfect artist, the perfect song, a prefect way to honor the families impacted by this horrible tragey and the death of a music legend.

Jessica 6

Thank you so much for singing this song. I live in Las Vegas and drive by the site of this tragedy every day on the way to work. To be truthful I had never heard of Jason Aldean before 10-1-2017 but I love this song and his voice. I plan on buying much more of his work. Again, thank you Jason


Wanted this download the minute you preformed it. Love it, and the message behind it. Thank you Jason.