Idina Menzel - I Stand

℗ 2007, 2008 Warner Records Inc.

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This is an amzing album....I can relate to some songs, and the music seems to reach inside and grab your heart. Idina Menzel, I know you'll never see this, but your one of my role models. I hope REALLY HOPE that you'll come out with another album. Thanks for being a huge inspiration


What a voice. These cuts are all wonderful lyrics, haunting melodies and stay in your head kind of songs. Highly recommended!


What an amazing singer! I first heard of Idina on Glee (I know...shame on me). Her voice is absolutely beautiful. This album is nothing short of AWESOME!

Dancer *3*

As always Idina Menzel hit it out with this album starting with "I Stand"


Idina Menzel is such an inpsiration to me and I'm sure to others. She has the most pure and perfect voice I have ever heard and she is so beautiful. She is really commited to her work, no matter what it is. She sings from the heart, and means what the lyrics say. She started her career in the Broadway play, RENT. She played Maureen. She was my personal favorite in the play. Then, Idina released Still I Can't Be Still, her first album. That had more of a rock side to it than her newer albums. Then she made us LOVE being wicked in any way by playing Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the West) in the Broadway play Wicked. She was equally amazing in that, and her performance in that made everyone love her. Then Chris Columbus made RENT into a movie, and brought back most of the Original Broadway Cast. Idina Menzel played the same character in the movie as she did in the play, and she shocked everyone as she belted Take Me Or Leave Me with Tracie Thomas singing with her. She was as amazing in RENT as she was in Wicked. She has participated in the two best Broadway plays in HISTORY! She is very smart by choosing those parts in those plays. Then she released her pop album, I Stand. This album is absolutely stunning and the lyrics are beautiful and she is simply amazing. I Stand is the most uplifting song I've ever heard. She is so amazing in everything she does. Brave is also an amazing powerhouse of a song. Then, to gain an even LARGER fan base, Idina took th anthem of Wicked (Defying Gravity) and made it into her own pop version, and that is the best song I've ever heard. EVER! So please, buy this entire album. You won't regret it. Every song is amazing and breathtaking and perfect. The best songs she has done are: Defying Gravity (Defying Gravity - Single) , I Stand (I Stand), Brave (Brave - Single), Gorgeous (Gorgeous - Single) Planet Z (Still I Can't Be Still), and A Hero Comes Home (Beowulf soundtrack)

Ruth <3

Well, this is a very good album, well written, and fer voice is fabulous. I absolutely love herr. Anyway, she should write some more. Very good. x3

I love NY!

I can describe this ENTIRE album in one word... AMAZING!!!! Idina Menzel is back and better than ever!


Defying Gravity was the first song I had ever heard from Wicked, and I remember after I purchased it, I was thinking, I wish I could sing like her! So one day I was on iTunes and I saw that she had released a CD. I bought it and was simply AMAZED. This may be catergorized under Pop, but it isn't all bubblegum and happiness. All the songs are different and have different meanings, but they all fit. My favorites are I Stand, Brave, Gorgeous, Don't Let me Down, and I Feel Everything (but there isn't any "bad" tracks.) Take a chance and buy this album! You won't be dissapointed!


Absolutely WONDERFUL Album!! Idina has such a strong and beautiful that shines through in all of her work.


haha the great part of being a fan....:P this is great and i've been dying for it to come out! my all time fav is Perfume and Promises. it has an amazing bridge!

Lemon Bars

As much as I adore Idina, she shouldn't have changed Defying Gravity. For anyone who hasn't seen and heard Wicked, it is the best musical soundtrack in the world and by changing Defying Gravity it makes me sad to think our Glinda and Elphaba's relationship is gone and the song just ISN'T the same. Good album though.

leone rocks

this girl is amazing!!! i cant believe she can do ANYTHING! She could be a huge star! i stand is a Great GREAT GREAT song!! omg she rocks!


This is the most amazing recording Idina has ever done! These songs moved my heart! I love them all! I have always been inspired by Idina and I always looked up to her and now I respect her even more! I Stand has amazing songs and I love these songs!


i have always loved her. ever since wicked she has an amanzing voice and her songs are always just really cool to listen to :)

Idina Menzel fan

This album is exactly what I thought it was going to be and it is awesome. Awesome job Idina Menzel this album is awesome and especially love "I Stand" the song and the album so awesome job and I hope you make another album.


I would have given this 5000000000000000000000000000000000000000 stars if I could! You are such an amazing person, singer, and actress! The world should be very grateful to have you in it. This album rocks! By the way, could you come to see Wicked on March 12th? Or maybe Stephanie J. Block will let you take her place for the day? Please? Can't wait to see what you'll do next! Your loyal fan, Me:)


WOW... This is awesome! Idina has shown me than she can be more than just the green girl. This is an amazing album- definitely worth buying!


Idina, if you're out there, will you marry me? Like seriously? Forget that crap bag T Diggs. (JK I LOVE YOU TAYE!)


she's done it again!! i think that she's amazing!!


Idina has come along way since her wicked days... I LOVE this CD!! especially the songs Gorgeous & Brave!


This is a truly lovely album I’m sure all Idina fans will love and others will find new, fresh and satisfying.

Elli <3

Well, Idina's done it again! Each of her songs has an amazing message or is extremely inspiring. But my favorite thing about these songs is that she didn't mess around with her voice to make it sound like the generic pop singer of 2008. Her voice is naturally beautiful, and props to her for not wanting or needing to sound mainstream. Gorgeous is definitely my favortie, but I Stand, Brave, and Where Do I Begin? are also fantastic songs. I can't wait to listen to the rest and hopefully hear more from her soon!

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