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Works for me :) I would suggest buying the Idoser app, it's only a dollar and it has tons of full tracks and in app purchases. Also descriptions which tell you about the high...man I feel so good right now and everything looks weeeiirdd. Dude, you just ran over a small bus!!!

Frostee Panks

so i used nitrous and it definitely worked. i couldn't stop laughing for 30 minutes. the problem? i don't remember the past hour or 2. i really don't recommend it. i know it sounds awesome (i was so excited to try it) but it's so creepy afterwards. do not buy this, please.


Good! But I'm not as impressed with the second pack, I was only affected by 2 of 4 here's the affects that they gave me. Trip-Very Strong, maybe 30min high, dizzy, happy, and seeing things. Nitrous-Average, maybe 2-3 hour high, distracted, tired, and a little naucious. Rave-Strong, maybe 15min high, jumpy, psychadelic, distracted by colors, shiny, or spinny objects, illuminated colors Absinthe-Weak, I felt just about nothing for this one, sorry.


ummmm it kinda works, it made me relaxed and i liked it :)


guys u need to use headphones like earbuds because it does different sounds in each ear and makes it work better and rave is awesome

Ebin's changed

im not sure if it works or not i do feel starng but i haven't helusinated yet or anything but i like it its relaxing


Ok. I really did some research into this kind of technology. And it DOES work. Just not for everybody. This happens because it uses sound waves using different frequencies to get your mind to figure out the difference between them. Thats where the feeling comes from- when you brains thinking and working to figure it out. And thats why you must have the same ability to hear in each ear so your brain gives you the right feeling. That explains why it does work for everybody. Ive never tried it for the full time but my friend thought her legs melted off. I saw it happen right in front of me. It absolutely can blow for some but work for others.

Jason Am3s

been only when your stoned


It affects some people but not others because people have varying amounts of willpower and different nerve patterns (latter was just a little guess). If you don't want it to work and refuse to let it, or just have a really good mind, it won't work. NO OFFENSE meant for those it did work for... but people who have less mind-strength tend to get sucked under the hypnosis more than others. Me? NOPE. Doesn't work. My mind rejects all hypno junk.


dont waste your money. if u even think its working its all in your head. iv tried it and its a waste of money. it didnt work one bit


try it