Led Zeppelin - How the West Was Won (Live) [Remastered]

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How the West Was Won (Live) [Remastered] Tracklist:

MR. deep thinker

Page is ripping



Guitar Doc

ITunes should continue to offer the original 03 version. It is better and more complete than this "remaster" which dropped content?


They cut the Whole Lotta Love medley and ruined the album. You took away the best part of the album and didn’t think people would notice DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS.


I will not buy this. The Hello Mary Lou portion of the WLL medley was my favorite part, and he axed it...why?? It shows Page's versatility from being a high demand studio player in the 60s before he joined the Yardbirds. He should be PROUD of it! And I don't think any improvement in sound quality is going to be that significant compared to 2003, so yeah, I'm going to keep my money. Is Page taking lessons from Janie Hendrix on how to scam their fans into buying the same thing multiple times? Find something new!!


I can't tell any differnce other than the removed Hello Marylou section of the Medley. Keep your old version/2003 discs. IMHO just missing that part makes this version useless and inferior. Get the blu ray audio if you are interested in this remaster, at least it's in DTS HD Master Audio 5.1 and sometihng new that was not available previously. It does sound pretty cool. It is still missing the Hello Marylou segment as well so be warned. I didn't realiza this when I bought it. The rest of the songs are identical length.

Stan the man!!!

πŸ‘ great live album yeah


Stay with original remasters.


If you rate this album by the set list it is ok. If you look on the web you will find the best Led Zeppelin live shows are unreleased. My favorite is Four Blocks In The Snow and I also like The Dragon Snake and Ramping Canjun. So why doesn't Jimmy remaster the 3 unreleased albums I have mentioned which the setlist is superior to the setlist on How The West Was Won. Or better yet combine all three and release a live album that Led Zeppelin fans will never stop listening to.


Jimmy, If you read this, please spend sometime on a live show from the 1975 Earls Court Shows. They can be cleaned up I'm sure, and true fans like myself would buy them in droves


I bought this when it first came out as well. There's not that much difference between the first release & this new one. Maybe making the crowd louder? It disappoints me that this is still not the full concert, they shortened Whole Lotta Love by 2 & a half minutes & didn't include the other songs that were in the show but were left out of the first & now this release as well. Sorry Jimmy, i'm not wasting my time or money on this chopped rehash for your bank account.


Speaking for myself, I’m grateful when Jimmy cleans up and improves the sound of my favorites. Don’t care if he makes a few bucks in the process.


The originals are still better, while a great live show, the originals are better music... but the remastered original albums, you will be more satisfied....


I will love the music this band created until I my number is up. That being said Jimmy is my favorite musician in the planet, but I must agree with the first reviewer. I’ve owned this disk since it was released . Zep fans wait sometimes for years for something new or special. To wait that long over and over, yes it is disappointin. We would also pay but not for microscopic level changes. All I listen to is live Zeppelin so those changes do nothing for me.okp So a 5 Star band that rreleases


Terrific sound quality


The β€œHello MaryLou” part of the Whole Lotta medley was axed from the track for some reason, so that’s really stupid. Also, given this is a re-issue, where are the 4 other tracks (Communication Breakdown, Louie Louie, etc.) that we’re left off the first time? Why aren’t they here now? Tired of Page holding things back, now he’s taking things out, while dressing it up as a brand new β€œremaster special edition”... bs, cmon man..