Idina Menzel - Hope

â„— 2008 Reprise Records

Hope - Single Tracklist:


Having lost my mom to cancer last January (aged 65), this song hits home đŸ˜¢ She never gave up and always fought the good fight. Gosh, I miss her đŸ’•đŸ’•


I love this song, its amazing!


Love Idina and I love how you can hear the soul in her voice. But this song isn't really my style. Still love it though.


What an annoying voice...


chills...Idina. Is. Amazing. End of story.

longnight tribe

Someone or something is clearly speaking through Idina on this song! What a haunting masterpiece. Thank you Idina, for Hope.


Idina not only has a great voice, but also has some of the most beautiful songs, with really cool lyrics. I just can't stop listening to her music


This is a great song. I love Idina's work. I will admit that I don't think this is her best work, but it is still wonderful!


What else is there to say? Idina Menzel is AWESOME !!!! :o)

I Don't Know What Im Talking About.

Finally a song, that She wrote, that does her voice a little bit of justice!! Her other album was okay, but anyone could have sung it like she did. Go and see Her live if you ever get the chance. I don't think that I have heard someone whose voice is done as little justice, as AMAZING as it is on wicked, as hers is on any album. She sounds WAY better live.


this is really beautiful and it is really really good. I am utterly speechless...

Rainy Days

How can one describe a song when it's making you speechless? Please listen, I hope you will appreciate it as much as I did...


An amazing contribution, to an amazing cause, by an amazing artist! Idina's voice shines while all proceeds go to SU2C! Totally recomended!

Hope is the most beautiful bird<3

Idina is absolutely brilliant. This song is hauntingly beautiful, and its for such a great cause. Idina Menzel constantly floors her audiences, and "Hope" is a fine example of Idina's brilliant voice.


Beautiful....simply beautiful. Idina I so talented. She rocked in the world of broadway and is now spreading her wings in other areas. This is an awesome song. Everything this women does she does an fantastic job.


Gorgeous song, gorgeous voice, gorgeous woman.


This song is so inspirational and it's going to a great cause! Idina's voice just makes the song a million times better. I definitely reccommend this song!


Idina Menzel's new single is purely majestic. "Hope" is one of the most breathtaking songs to ever grace iTunes. Enough of all this pop-rap crap. "Hope" is a shining example that you don't need a rap in the middle of your song to make it a great song.


I Can't Describe How Touching Idina's Music Is. It Is Insipiring And I Always Long To Hear More. She Always Keeps Us On Our Feet, And Allows Us To Have High Expectations Because We Are Never Let Down. This Song Is Absolutely Not An Exception. I Enjoy Looking Forward To What This Amazing Artist Who Hand Us Next.

Dee fan for life!

the theme to my life has always been hope. Having Idina sing such an amazingly beautiful almost lullaby balled makes me feel there is hope.


I love all of Idina Menzel's work. She is a marvelous singer and actress. Her new single "Hope" has some of the best lyrics I've heard in a very long time, and her voice just makes it even better. I recommend this song to anyone and everyone. I love you Idina! Come to NC!

Someday, Broadway!

I listened to this song and absolutely loved it. The lyrics flow easily, and so does Idina's voice. The melody fits her voice and gives the song a slightly calming effect, while still filling you with wonder..and Hope. XD This is definitely one of the best songs she has done...and the money goes to charity, too! I strongly urge you to buy this song. :)


taye better watch his back... im coming to take Idina away from him!!


This single, which all profits go to Stand Up To Cancer organization, is amazingly beautiful. her voice fits the lyrics so..gorgeously. This is her best work, and most meaningful lyrics. This song is amazing in every way possible. Please, buy it, so the money can be donated


this is the most beautiful song ever! i love how it makes her voice so much more beautiful (if that were possible)


I absolutely love and Idina Menzel, and she is such a wonderful singer and actress!!!I think it is so wonderful that she is participating in a cause that deal with a disease affecting so many people. She continues to be as inspirational as ever, and this song just makes you love her more :D Oo and as for the actual song is so amazing!!! Her voice sounds really good and the lyrics are beautiful :). You won't regret buying it!!!!


This song is so lovely and showcases Idina's voice wonderfully!! A must have for any Idina fan!


I bought this the moment it was released and I love it. I've listened to it so many times. One of the best songs she's ever done.


i'm so glad to be a fan member! to be able to hear this song is just amazing!!! and then once Idina put it on her myspace i've been listening to it nonstop!!!! i can't wait to get a new itunes card so that i can add this beautiful song to my collection! Idina's voice really is angelic on this song and the lyrics are so very touching! my fave part of this song is the chorus and how she utilized all of her vocal range and how she has her own vocals as back up is just mystifying! i urge you to add this to your library!!!


This song is so beautiful. The lyrics are so inspiring and touching. I love it. Idina's voice is starting to sound like it used to - amazing.


i love the introduction and her voice is amazing. the whole message of the song is awesome. i wasnt sure how i would feel about this song at first but i quickly fell in love with it and i listened to it about 20 times on her myspace today. im addicted!!

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