Hollywood Undead - New Empire, Vol. 1

℗ 2019 The Hollywood Undead California Limited Partnership under exclusive license to BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

New Empire, Vol. 1 Tracklist:

Dissapointed was already taken

They get better with each album


Need I say more? Love all but one song


I loved their previous album 5, and this album didn’t disappoint, even better then I expected! ,Second Chances’ is my favorite song on the album so far.

Below me :P

What happened 🤷🏼‍♂️

Much veryness

I love this band and even 2 of their new songs but this album just isn’t for me which is sad because I always wait for new music by them, no hate just not for me not speaking for anyone else either


I was worried about this one as I didn’t like V at all. I’m so glad it’s so much better and more in tune with their III album. Looking forward to Volume 2!


I mean we know that HU hasn’t released albums that have been the same. Every album is different and that’s what makes them great! On this album I’d say that 6/9 of the songs are amazing but the other 3 are good but not bad. Overall great album and can’t wait for part 2


I think I like every song these guys ever made.


This more guitar heavy approach is definitely a step in the right direction. If Killin’ It wasn’t on this album I honestly would’ve gave this a 5, but that song is just so forgettable and is the only song on this record I can’t stand. The highlights are Upside Down, Already Dead, Heart of a Champion, and Second Chances.


the singer should be in a pop band


Hollywood undead never seem to disappoint their fans. Great work and great music


For the most part I liked the 2 singles they put out, but after listening to the whole album, I just don't care for it. I know they wanted to try something new, but it just doesn't work for me. Unforunately, part 2 will probably be the same type of sound. Hopefully they get back to their roots after this. This is their first album I just don't like.


I love this band so much and they always do a good job of evolving their sound without loosing their roots


Amazing album


This band has the power to make you feel a different way every song. You finish the first song, Time Bomb, feeling pumped, and by the end, you have experienced a bit of every emotion. As for the sound, this album has a variety of sounds on the sound track, including the build up of Already Dead and the djent of Second Chances. I can’t think of a bad song from this album, and highly recommend to anybody, whether part of the Undead Army or not. It’s different from usual pop rock or metal, and that is to be expected since they are making music not for the radio, but for how they see fit



Danny Ramirez Calzada

I Love This Album Because I Look More Forward Into There Metal Then Rap,My Top 3 Songs For This Album are 1.Upside Down 2.Heart Of A Champion 3.Already Dead :)))))))


Awesome guys!!!!!!! Heavy fast in your face and true HU!!!!!!

Danny bro man

If you love rock and rap this is the album for you the beats are outstanding as well love to listen over over

The batman is best bro

Hm. Not really a fan of this direction. Like empire though so that’s kind of a silver lining.


Their sound has matured but you can still feel the youth. Been a fan since 09 and this might just be my new favorite from them.


Feel like this is some of their best song writing but still the raw, visceral feel of classic Undead.


Hollywood Undead still blows me away with their incredible music and skill in music,you guys are a blessing to my soul,I love you all🖤🖤🖤


Taking the metal vibe to a new level with this album and wicked excited for the rest of it along with Vol.2


Same good ol’ Hollywood undead but it feels the same as some of their older songs. Like a little too similar. Still love the band tho!


Caught wind of this album and just couldn’t help myself after what I heard. It was about time for some new HU! Looking forward to pre-ordering Vol. 2 as well...

hollywood undead-Charlie Scene

i love you guys so much! this album is so good !! i can’t wait until feb. 14 for the others and for vol. 2!!! you guys are my favorite band! :))


My only concern is how long before Volume 2 because we know Hollywood Undead takes their time in between albums


Their singer sounds pretty boy band like, he sounded good on one song in a older record “Hear Me Now” because they made him sound like the singer from Linkin Park. They were a lot better with the first singer they had, but I guess he’s a drama queen so they kicked him out of the band.


I really do, but less Danny please?? He sings way too much and his voice is a little whiny for my taste. You guys have some years under your belt and it’s time to be grown ups. I like the grittiness in the other singers voices.

Wolf of The Timber

Hollywood Undead does write really good songs and when I found out about this album and read the names of the songs listed I went ahead and preordered this album and I would love to see more songs of theirs in the future.

Maddi 660 XD

Can’t wait!


Love “already dead”


Listens to this trash still. Wow my ears are bleeding! I am shocked that they are still making music. 🤮

One Moist Boy

Can’t wait for the album to drop!


People pop on and say they haven’t made a good album since swan song yet here they are taking in the cash. Simply put you have a valid opinion but it doesn’t mean your anymore right then me. I love HU. You don’t. So move on.


I can’t wait let’s goooo


Looking forward to this one!


These guys haven’t made a good album since swan songs. Let it go man.


Great songs with Already Dead and Time Bomb. What a way to evolve your sound without losing your identity. 5 stars from me Hollywood Undead 😃


So are we not going to talk about how “Already Dead” you can’t even hear what they say in the first verses? The end of the song is so staticky it’s insane. I thought there was something wrong with my speaker. After following Hollywood Undead for 8 years and now they think this is acceptable for fans? Put out better quality audio. Time Bomb is amazing though.


Gonna love this album and can’t wait for vol 2

.*+The Singing Sylveon+*.

My little brother is so lucky ;-; This album comes out on his Birthday ;/ Time Bomb and Already Dead is amazing, high hopes for this album


Have to wait til February for the entire album.. Cmon man!! That’s the only thing that’s deserves a negative star!


First two songs are awesome! Can’t wait for the rest!


Love this album love you guys


but the singles are amazing so that’s all that matters!


American Tragedy sound w/ Swan Songs heaviness! Love it!


I love it!!