Post Malone - Hollywood's Bleeding

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Hollywood's Bleeding Tracklist:


Can’t write. Can’t “sing” Auto tuned everything.

beloved sandwhich

Best song with Swae Lee And circles


This guy has some talent, good album.


Love it keep up the good work my favs are circles And Hollywood’s Bleeding I would like more stony vibe but I love this album and I love staring at the sun


His music is my air!!!


Amazing, a new way to make good music 🏆


Sounds too pop like to me


Awesomeeeee! :DD




not his best project but has some bangers


You are absolutely right, Hollywood’s bleeding from such horrible music


Make Hip-Hop today, punk rock tomorrow. Another white artist using a black platform to get noticed.


I wouldn’t bother listening or wasting your time with this piece of garbage “musician”. Dude’s a joke and a huge cancer. Pathetic

Vicky :))

I love this album and I love Posty! I listen to this album everyday. Keep up the good work! I love you💜🙌🏻


Trash, payola, fad



Trust and Us



This whole album is gold. I love him bringing Ozzy in and doing a song. Also on Ozzy’s new album he does a song as well. Such a great album. Begging my bf to buy the vinyl for me and a couple shirts 🤣

Noel Shadic

Loved it from Spider-Man. I will be buying the song in July can’t wait

grinch villiage

He shined on his ballads. I love the album. I really like to hear him do more ballads.

[email protected]

And I have a right to hate this. Grow up annoying fans.

manny the red

Am 52, been Privileged to listen to some great artists from the 80’s onwards. Post Malone is way up there with this album. Thank you for ‘circles’. Last song before I go.

jeni j r

posty doesnt have ONE bad song.


🔥 🔥🔥

bryce hana

I think this album is awesome and he worked really hard on it and y’all shouldn’t put hate on him so If your a hater, don’t put negative on it. I want to see positive vibes here Also my favorite songs on the album is circles, on the road, enemies, die for me, take what you want and Hollywood’s bleeding


Great and amazing, for those who are making bad reviews here I just wish you to learn how to make music and do something superior to what he does there so we talk bye kisses 🤫😊🤷🏻‍♂️


I want to buy it because I love POSTY. I rated this a 4 star because of how it sounds. But if it was free for the whole album, then it would have been rated 5 stars. But I love posty. He is so inspiring and amazing. He spends his money to help everyone else. So KIND-HEARTED.

Bitw x boss

Its a masterpiece.


Wow x100. Hollywood’s bleeding is an amazing song.


Pleasantly surprised by how much I ❤️this album!

mike slayx 134

Love the songs !!!




it makes me :))))))))


Honestly these songs are the best, I like his other albums but this one is fire


I really like this song, and I think it’s very catchy. One thing that I would change about it is the cuss words!! I’m only 11 and I don’t necessarily need MORE f bombs in my life. I already go to middle school where people’s sentences are basically cuss words. Other than that, great song!!


dude he’s becoming a pop artist but other than that he’s good he never disappoints


I love this album, he was even better live!! I’m surprised Hollywood’s Bleeding is rated lower. Great album can’t wait for the next one!


much love💛


DON’T BUY!! I did and it never downloaded. There may be another versions but this one does not work. I have the receipt and order number but got screwed!

The Nate Factor

I'll be honest. I'm mostly into rock and metal. Particularly progressive rock and metal. My favorite band of all time is Dream Theater. But I grew up listening to 90's rap, like MC Hammer, who's my favorite rap artist (no laughing, people). And I recently saw him and Freedom Williams live in concert back in October, '19. And it was awesome and allowed me to relive my childhood! It also brought out my love of good rap/hiphop again (not that gangbanger crap). And then one day, I'm checking out Ozzy's new album and I'm thinking, "Who is this Post Malone kid?" And surprisingly, my favorite song was Take What You Want! And then I did my research and the rest is history! I even discovered that Post Malone is actually a really humble, respectful guy. He may be almost young enough to be my son. But he's got my respect. Awesome dude. I'm not a fan of his support for Bernie Sanders. But other than that, he's cool in my book! I thought that I would never buy another hip hop/rap album ever again. But Post Malone made me a fan of the genre again! Awesome album! Keep up the awesome music, bro!

espn watts

Impeccable album with hard beats, Better polished songs, good lyrics, and awesome features! Album of the year 100%


Best album ever created it has multiple kinds of genres in it and I love it!!!!

Emma Hempstead


I'm Not Sarcastic

Let me just say, I am not the biggest posty fan. When I heard Stoney, I Never Really Liked It. Beerbongs And Bentleys, I though it was alright. But when i heard Hollywood’s Bleeding. I was surprised! Take what you want! They featured Ozzy! I never thought that will happen. The collaborations were amazing! DaBaby, Travis, Halsey, and many more! I give Hollywood’s Bleeding A Light 9!


i luv u


If you gave him a one star you have no taste of music. His song Circles was the number 1 song on basically all music Stations. You people are 🤬dumb


Amazing talented show stopping


Great job Post, love that you are so diverse & can see you enjoy all forms of music, it shows in your writing & melodies. At 50+ I enjoy all music, from Rap to death metal... if that’s still a thing lol Best wishes on your career


I love how passionate he is. Now he’s been like that through his whole music career and this album is bound to be a grammy. He has so much good stuff. And if u r like me and u are a true fan. So don’t be hating, if u don’t like it then listen to somebody else. But this is close to his best album yet. I can’t wait to see what is next! #LoveUPost

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