Idina Menzel - Holiday Wishes

℗ 2014 Warner Records Inc.

Holiday Wishes Tracklist:

Jude roi

buon qua


I mean I love Elsa and her truly beautiful voice but...none of these sound the greatest 😐😔


Pokmon brzz

Abi life

It’s like Elsa is singing to me

Found freedom

Strong vocals and dreamy ways with these faves...I’ll never forget listening to it as we drove south on PCH ... ocean on our right, sparkling hills of Laguna Niguel on our left, Dana Point’s Christmas harbor awaiting us. Magical.


Idina Menzel does a beautiful job with her Christmas music. Her voice as Elsa from Frozen definitely carries over into this album

!MT 23!

It’s like listening to Elsa singing Christmas carols! 😄

encouragement review

Broadway and the kids have had their treats for years, but now it's time for a new adult audience. Enjoy the holiday songs of yesteryear for what they are, wonderful classics, but for quality of voice, performance and recording, Idina (and Michael) blow them away. These recordings are stunning, and I believe that they will stand the test of time in consideration of "classic" status. Do yourself a favor and put this album in your library.

She G

It's interesting... I consider Idina Menzel to be one of the great voices of our time and was expecting perhaps too much from her Christmas CD. Purchased this CD last year and found it to be lacking. Can't quite put my finger on it, but there is something just 'off' with this one. And I'm a Christmas music junkie. Start listening at Thanksgiving and don't quit till Christmas. Almost every time one of her tracks pops up in my Itunes shuffle and end up advancing to the next song.

Meme city

I can't believe Elsa released an album!


Fresh, charismatic


She brings so much life into thus album and it also sounds like Elsa singing from Frozen


Nothing else to say expect it awesome 👍

ADHD patient

After a whole year, I'm listening to Idina's beautiful voice on repeat! This album fills my house with beautiful melodies all year round and truly plays an important part of making it a home.

Idina Menzel #1 Fanzel

This is perfect! Can't get better! Idina and I are both Jewish but who cares it means I can play this all year and not feel weird! 😜 December Prayer is awesome and Baby It's Cold Outside is just perfection. It's October so only 1 ish month till this becomes my all time jam again!!! #🙌🏻Idina


not usually a fan of Christmas music, but this is an exception. Great selection, and BEAUTIFULLY sung!!! absolutely LOVE the song RIVER, by Joni Mitchell.


I fell in love with the Baby It's Cold Outside music video with Michael Buble. I loved everything about it, including the lyric changes. So I bought it. While listening in the car, I quickly realized that they had done two versions of the song and that the cute, innocent lyrics were only for the music video. That was the only reason I had bought it. There are enough covers of the song, so it was nice to hear something different. Needless to say, I'm very disappointed.


Love her vocals and she seems down to earth.


IDINA MENZEL IS QUEEN, NO DOUBT. Also, Idina Menzel and Michael Bublé are my FAV duo!!!!! xxooxoxoxo




The Adele Dazeem thing has been done before people. It's old. Was funny the first 50 times. Move on please.


Why did you apologise for having let it go everywhere?!!!!!! 😠 DONT LISTEN TO THE FREAKING HATERS!!!!!!!😡 THEY HAVE NO LIFE ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!! 😠PLAY LET IT GO AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!!!!!!😡 FOR THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE LET IT GO!!!!!!! 😠I means what are the haters gonna go when frozen 2 comes out?!!!!! MORONS!!!!!!!!! 😡


i dont like covers of songs tht much but i lovee!!! this album she slays again !! 😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏


Its pretty good, but she sounds just like Adele Dazeem!!


So basically Elsa singing Christmas songs.... ❄️


Shrill. Over sung.


She over singing the songs in this album. Love her tho.


Awesome Album to listen to enjoyed the collection all the way through

Jaime S.

I like her music. I'm just giving this one star because my sister is obsessed with her and I think it's gonna be funny to show her this. #SorryBri lol


Everything about this is perfect. Could not love her more.


Hi. Haven't purchased the whole album, only Silent Night. I agree with another reviewer that the humility is missing from this song. Idina is LOUD and grating on this song, and her arrangement moves this song from short and sweet to overlong and repetitious. It just seemed to me that her song glorifies HER not the Savior.


Am I the only one disappointed that let it snow isn't one of the songs?! Come on! Love her voice though!


I love Idina Menzel in anything she does from Broadway to Film and now Christmas; I can't hold back how much I love this!!!


I'm sorry to say this but she isn't really that good of a singer, and also she isn't really singing and kind of yelling.


I can’t listen to this album without thinking of frozen .-.

Big Boy 1967

Why isn't it called Christmas Wishes? Afraid of offending someone?


Idina is great!


The duet with Michael Buble of baby it's cold outside is so cute! I couldn't help but buy it.


Idina Menzel= PERFECTION. Her voice can do wonders, and I highly recommend this!! 5 stars for Adele Dazeem ;) (if you get that reference)


Watching Idina's online virtual Yule Log and listening to her sing her heart out. I love the twists and how she personalizes each song. Saw her at the NYTW in Rent. I remember her walking down the street-noone knew who she was; she would start singing and heads would turn in NYC. Been hooked on her voice and singing ever since. Wonderful holiday tunes!


Her voice is amazing! Love this cd! Must have for the holidays!!!!


Phenomenal voice!! Amazing album!!!!


I am a big fan of Idina Menzel. However, this album is over the top, and not in a good way. It sounds like she is over-singing. I had hoped for some nice background Christmas music. This is too brassy and grating. I would have liked for her to hold back a bit, show more control. I also found the laughing and side talking during a few of the songs to be annoying.


The first time I watched Frozen I thought it was a child singing the song! I had no idea what movie I was going to see as I was at a friends house last Christmas and hadn't even heard of this movie. Then I can't remember what awards show it was I realized she was an adult, and that no matter what she sings she sounds like a child! There is no natural ease to her voice! She stifles her own sound and it grates on my last nerve. If she would just learn the mechanics of performing maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Open your mouth woman and quite stretching your e's sideways! You one look awful and two it sounds horrific! Granted this is simply my personal opinion. Music is wonderful in the fact that to each ear the beauty in the songs are different.


I am so excited that Idina put out this album. You will not be disappointed. This album get you in the holiday spirit in a phenomenal way by one one of the most talented ladies on the planet. Highly recommend!


Do you hear what I hear??? ELSAAAAAAA


She's perfect in every way


All I hear is Elphaba singing Christmas music, don't get me wrong I love Idina but I have to be in a certain mood to listen to her music and I don't think I could listen to this for an entire month.


I'm not buying the whole album just because when I listened to it, the songs were not appealing. But I am going to buy "Do you Hear what I hear" because it gives me chills every time I listen to the demo. Love you Idina!

Mr Lovewell

This is my new favorite Christmas album! I am such a fan of Idina and her voice, and she nails this album!

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