Prince - HITnRUN Phase Two

℗ NPG Records, Inc. 2015

HITnRUN Phase Two Tracklist:

Trust and Us



I have been on a quest to grab all I missed over the years. Also he’ll bent into learning to play everything before leaving this life. So, been picking up the missing pieces to my Prince collection. What better way to expand your musical knowledge? For the casual fan this is better than 3/4 of anything out there from a solo artist. For the dedicated Prince fans, they might want more. Some may see it the other way around. After my third spin of this I started liking it more. Prince is Prince and this is good stuff. It’s a shame he passed away. The music word has a huge gap now.


Awesomeness at its finest

Indiana Goof

I used 2 be such a huge Prince fan; I was the type who had 2 have EVERY SINGLE LAST LITTLE TRACK he ever released - every B-side, every song he ever gave 2 some1 else - simply because he produced absolutely no filler whatsoever! His work was always so guaranteed 2 be fantastic that I would always rush out 2 buy his latest album upon release without hearing a single note simply because his releases were so trustworthy. It wasn’t until “Disc 1” of “Emancipation” that I 1st noticed filler on a Prince album. Quite a few of the tracks on that disc sounded surprisingly limp (“Acknowledge Me”), but then the whole of that disc ended with the excellent “In This Bed Eye Scream”, & the remainder of the entire set ROCKED. So I was still pleased. Then “Crystal Ball” came out (ordered via his online website & delivered directly 2 my home), & I was pleased with it as well, save 4 a couple of odd edits (the shorter version of “Good Love”, which simply didn’t make any sense). But then... all came crashing down. :( “newpowersoul” was the first Prince recording I had ever heard in my life which bored me 2 death. Totally, utterly bored 2 death. Not a single good melody anywhere. “What gives?” I had wondered. Then other disappointments followed, such as the hyped “Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic”, which had some good tracks surrounded by flat filler. “The Rainbow Children” was good, which was a relief, but proved 2 be no guarantee of future quality. All of a sudden, Prince was writing like some1 was looking over his shoulder monitoring him all the time; & the problem was, when he set out 2 deliberate create “commercial” songs 4 “ordinary people”, he ended up making less than ordinary music. He was always best when making music just 4 the sheer joy of making music - & it was also evident that he was utterly miserable, because there was no longer any honest joy in his work (as the tense “3121” showed, which had forced dance tracks & an underlying vibe of unhappiness which 4 1 second was exposed by the end when he suddenly without warning wildly shrieked, “IT JUST AIN’T FAIR!!!” Obviously everything had been getting 2 him. I was worried about him. & I had given up all hope when he released the most terrible idea 4 a song he had ever had (“Screwdriver”???). So I took my time choosing when 2 listen 2 this 1 simply because I wasn’t sure what 2 expect. What a delightful surprise, then, 2 discover that this album is a true jewel! Filled with wonderful, memorable melodies of the type I haven’t heard since “Crystal Ball”, this is the Prince album I have been waiting 2 decades 4 him 2 release. This is the Prince I had always grown up & loved. :) This one has the “Tower of Power” big city feel he used 2 toy with on occasion from time 2 time since “Sign @ The Times” (I’m going 2 make sure I have it in my ears when I take my 1st trip 2 New York City next month) & I love it dearly, plus the most sweetly lovely melodies I have heard from him in years, & the most delightfully funky material I haven’t heard the man write since “Emancipation”(“Xtraloveable” got me literally DANCING down the street on the way home from work with this in my ears the 1st time I heard it)! What a relief! Unfortunately, this somehow reinvigorated feel happened just before he died - which makes 1 wish 2 know what would have happened next after this 1. But... well, at least he went out with a bang...

Juicy prince

I love all the prince song and album cover so much


I really like HitnRun series, Two has some really awesome sounds and catchy toons. Politicaly charged lyrics: with songs like "Baltimore", remains relevant and true. Till we meet again, rest in peace your royal badness.

Mari Salomao

listen loudly! 💜


In love with this album.


This definitely sounds like tracks that didn't make it to released albums, but as a whole, there is some continuity here between tracks, even if they are missing the commercial hooks that permeate pop music these days, formulaic and soulless. Sure, "All about that Bass" is fun to sing along with, but then I hear "No" (also catchy) and find it hard to believe that the same person wrote them. They are just hooks, no real essence behind them. That's not art, that's money grubbing. Prince actually puts some thought into his songs, some fun (love the way he references "Kiss" in "Stare") and musicality, experimenting with different arrangements, fade outs, instrumentation. Writing for the masses anymore is a waste of time, considering the Kardashian's are a household name, and hip-hop rarely has anything close to a positive message. So if you're fans of this mentality, pass this up. If you love music, really love music, then you'll enjoy this album. No real barn-burners, but the arrangements keep you on your toes, and moving your feet or head.

Speak Knowledge

Prince's death had an affect on me that I was not expecting, not just because he was a great musician, but because we all learned how much of a philanthropist he was! And, of course, most people figured he would live to be 100. He did not do anything for praise from people; he remained true to himself and wanted to please only God. Hence, the bibilical undertones in his music overall. I do not cry when artists pass away but found myself trying to fight tears when Prince died. Goosebumps, even. As far as the album, you have to be in a relaxed mood to really appreciate this gem. It has a very jazzy and R&B feel. I listen to the Art Official Age album in the morning (Sidebar: It is a must have,too!!) and pop in HITNRUN Phase Two after a long day or while I am whipping up dinner in the kitchen. As someone nearing the age of 40, I spend more time listening to the lyrics of a song than I do the beat, even though the instrumental is great, which actually goes without saying. It's Prince for goodness sake! His play on words has always amazed me. Most of his music is timeless. Things that he spoke about on tthe Sign 'O the Times album rings true today. "Baltimore" (on this album) is a sweet and thoughtful tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement. I miss Prince deeply. A true icon and a class act!!!


Loved every song on this album. Updated R&B that was silky smooth & easy to put on shuffle & listen over & over.


I haven’t liked a Prince album since Diamond and Pearls and loved one since Sign ‘o The Times (still classic and inspirational—“Starfish and Coffee” is my fave Prince song ever as it reflects my view of live, always think the Impossible possible and strive to be yourself). HITNRUN Phase Two isn’t perfect but close to a masterpiece. The day of his passing I became reminded of the first time I heard one of the most real special Prince songs. I heard “How Come You Don’t Call Me” played the day he died on a RnB radio station in the mailroom of my apartment building. First the DJ announced she was playing a special request then the solo piano began—immediately I went back to the first time I heard it on the b-side of “1999”; I flipped the 45 over and bam I knew I became introduced to a genius. What a special memory I cherish. Hearing it that day I was quizzical over it being the first and only time I ever heard it on played on the radio. I just stood there for the whole song as if I knew the moment was special…really feeling it. I did not know of his death until I got back to my apartment and decided to review the day’s news on the A picture of Prince was all I saw at first; I scrolled one and was just shocked and silent. Hearing “How Come…” became a spiritual moment for me then—forever etched with my first (and many) memories with the song. Prince’s passing really caught me off guard… When I went back to create a playlist for riding the bus to that night, I realized how many songs off his early albums I truly loved. When I let the playlist begin my trip...I became hit with a joy of the Spirt. Yes, he’s gone but he left us are a divine expression in the body of an extreme brilliance of ART...the track “It’s Gonna Be a Beautiful Night” rose inside of me the glow of Heaven…I let it repeated it at least 5 times. I got to my destination and it turned into a beautiful night. Arising out from sadness and shock his music, my memories contained with them are gifts—I’m ever happy with them. This album over the days I’ve listened to it gives me that same feeling as I have with that early body of work…

Nichelle Williams

As always, another treasure. I miss him so much!

Reu the 3rd

Prince gave us the funk w/ a bass line u can't deny on "Stare". If u listen close enough 2 "Rock & Roll Lovr Affair", it's as if " Raspberry Beret" was re-visited. "2.Y.2.D" was written with Prince's witty pen that only he possesses, but stays in the groove. "Xtraloveable is a vault joint the still sounds as fresh as the original recording. "Look at me, Look at u" is sultry. "Groovy Potential" is everything u can expect from Prince with a "feel-good" tone. This albums sound-bed is definitely one u can tuck urself in with. Prince is a university. Anything u wanna know in the realm of music, u can check him out. 80's album from him... Great! He also evolved & got better. This album proves it.


He thought years ahead in music. That's why his music can be played for years to come!


Great album


I'm totally gutted that we lost our Prince, our musical genius (a word that is used too much, but absolutely applies to Prince), this April...... but you know... Sometimes It Snows In April... Now, every year it will snow in April for Prince's fans. So, HITNRUN Phase One & Two were in my wishlist, as I was catching up with all of Prince's new music... and now I will buy them both. Support him like he deserved and rightly demanded. They sound great. Two sides of an infinitely sided musical treasure, that I will forever miss and cherish. RIP PRN We All Have Love 4 U 4Ever.


Holy cow, this is a pleasant surprise! The last few years I’ve been dutifully picking up the last few Prince albums as they came out, and being a touch less than enthused for each. Gave this one a shot after learning of the great man’s passing, and wow! This is the most solid front to back Prince album in… well maybe ever. I’ve got all of them up through Gold Experience, and I kind of lost track there for a long time. Started picking up new stuff again a few years ago like I said. But man this is just great. All killer, no filler. Instant classic. It’s just bristling with fresh yet classic early-mid 70’s groove and r&b, with a touch of rock thrown in here and there. All filtered through the unique perspective of Prince. I know that sounds like a description of any Prince album really, but this is something you just gotta hear. It stands out in the catalog. Do yourself a favor. What a swan song - you’ll be missed Prince!


I don’t know why I was surprised to find any negative feedback about this album, but the common thread between them is made of lifelong Prince fans. As I am not one of them, I’ll offer a counterpoint. As a holder of a music performance degree, and usually having more eclectic tastes, I found this album very satisfying to listen to. The arrangements are near-flawless, the ideas are tasty, and the content, in some cases, relevant. This is the first new album in some time that has grabbed me on first listen, and it stands up to repeated listening. It makes me want to delve further into his catalog of music, which is a good thing.

Thank you forever. It’s too hard to say goodbye


I will miss this forever. A genius and an amazing voice. So sad

Mo twin

Really loving Black Muse and Revelation. Ya' still got it Prince Rogers Nelson!


Rest in peace to a legend. His last piece of legacy was surely one to remember


Your music & you will live on forever! There're heavy heavy hearts in Minnesota and around the world! It was an honor to have grown up with you & your music, sleep well and be free sweet angel. Until next time, one of your #1 fans!


A genius lost


Iz Be His Final Album.


Prince's last album is a bit odd being composed of many previously released singels with a few bits of new material. Still, it showcases his amazing musical talent and shows that even late in his career, Prince was still full of vitality. HITnRUN Phase 2 is only overlooked by fools.


Keeping hope alive that he will start to write well again. Been a fan since the early 80s and this recent stuff is simply awful

Mr. Lane Lewis

Although he had a weak streak he seems to be hitting his stride again. His latest 4 CDs are really good and particularly his two Hit n Run albums are stellar. True toe tappers! Keep it up!


While on a 2 hour drive I listened to Phase Two thourghly and thought wow, good stuff! This is a very good complation of music and vocals. Very well written. This Prince is making good music again and not trying comform to the pop scene. I this a great......seriously!!

Christianity First

I only bought two tracks. One of my favorites is Revelation; You can't go wrong with that track. Keep doing your thing Prince.


I want a hard copy,please. Prince is the one artist I will spend money on for a cd. I don't want Tidal. I have to keep my collection going. I love you Prince.


Not one song would I like to hear again. So sad.


I just Love it !


Just listen to the bass--it's all over this album of songs that die-hards like me have heard before and some new gems (Revelation, When She Comes). But put together in this sequence, I love it.


the guy just does not have it anymore.


I've loved Prince and his music since his Prince album. Honestly I wasn't crazy about Purple Rain, but I LOVED Around The World In A Day. I feel like HITNRUN Phase Two is MUCH better than HITNRUN Phase One by far. Phase One had too many other singers on the songs which turned me off because when I listen to Prince I want to hear Prince and not other singers. Also I feel like the music is also MUCH better on this album. It seems more thought out. I haven't been excited about his releases these past few years, but I am genuinely happy that I really like this album and I hope Prince Continues to excite me. I love him SO much...Raymond


Oh My Goodness! I don’t even know where to begin. This album is brilliant! In the context of complete albums, this album represents the template for what music should sound like currently. From start to finish, this album is fresh, hot, sexy, and unstoppable. Many have been using phrases like “organic” which is a very suitable term for this record. It has the kind of groove that takes you through the day and just makes you feel good while singing along, stomping your feet and doing your thing. It’s an awesome record. This is one of the best albums I have heard in the past 5 years by any artist. Thank you Prince for such brilliance. This man is near 60 and with this kind of output and creativity, you would think he is still in his 20s and 30s. Highlights for me…. 1. Baltimore..just because. 2. RockNRoll Loveaffair…it’s such a great song with a great melody and it moves and grooves. 3. 2.Y.2.D….This is a wonderfully fresh song that could stand toe to toe with current stuff, but better. 4. Xtralovable…This song is just dope and the horns are funky and arranged with perfection. 5. Stare….The bomb, truly 6. Screwdriver….This is a hell of a rocker. HOT! 7. Black Muse….Such a wonderfully uplifting song with a hell of an instrumental arrangement and inspiring lyrics. It’s a deep track. Take in the lyrics and feel it. 8. Revelation….This will get you some….light a candle and let the magic begin 9. Big City….This is my jam. I am so in love with this. The bridge of the song goes into the jam session with the bass driving the entire groove then jumps back into the melody with those horns glazing over the track. My goodness. This is as close to God as you can get. FIRE! Verdict- BUY THIS ENTIRE ALBUM.


Haters gotta hate, but this is one of the best in a long time!

Funk You

Blew his wad in the 90's and finally petered-out circa 2010. Time for the casino circuit...


I have listened to and loved Art Official Age and HITnRUN phase one since they've been out. Best playlist of 2015!! This new phase two has its own unique feel - positive, happy, upbeat. Very different from the previous two albums I mentioned. I've been jamming to it each morning, and loving it more and more.

Nicole 49

This album is straight up garbage. I love every single thing about a classic Prince album, but this junk just doesn't compare. Sounds washed up and desperate for money now in 2016. Should have tried 15 years ago.


I’m inclined to assume by reading all the 4 and 5 star reviews that it must be a generational gap between those reviews and those of us who “knew Prince when…” I cannot in good conscious rate this latest effort more than one star. It’s almost inexplicable to put words to how disappointing this album is compared to previous material. Just sad. To his credit, Prince has and always will walk, march and dance to the beat of a different drummer. But unfortunately at the expense of his lifelong fans that have had to suffer through subpar and substandard material going on ten, twenty plus years now.


This is a album for his older fan base.To letting them know he is still current and relevent. can't wait for his next album. Take him for who he is or start sining to yourself.

I Luv Real Bands

I have purchased just about every album Prince has released, but the last really good album in my opinion is Emancipation. Come on Prince seems like you are just putting albums out to keep a cashflow because you know you have an established fan base. Go back to your roots and give us some funky-soulful-sometimes weird music! You are better than this!


Yes there's some previously recorded songs here but that's because Prince has finally found a home for them. But I'm giving this album 5 stars because of 'Revelation.' My God, what a song and would love to know the story/inspiration behind it. Thank you Prince, after all these years you continue to deliver great songs and continue sharing your artistry with us.


It's nice that prince comes out with new music so often. If your a real prince fan you'll love it. It's a collection of nice and mellow music nice to chill to.👍


A day with new Prince sounds is a great day! This album doesn’t disappoint. My only regret is that 5 of the 12 tunes have been released as downloadable singles which I’ve already purchased. So, this means only 7 tunes are “new” to my ears. Twelve “new” tunes would have been a better deal for your fans!


Prince has released 6 out of these 12 tracks as independent singles over recent years. Those being: Rock N Roll Love Affair, Screwdriver, Groovy Potential, Baltimore, Extraloveable and Stare. He did the same thing with Hit N Run: Phase One, where FALLINLOVETONITE and HARDROCKLOVER were independently released as singles around the same time. A couple of points I’d like to make: 1) on Phase 1, there is a remix of This Could B Us - the original included on ART OFFICIAL AGE is MUCH better - check it out. 2) ART OFFICIAL AGE is a far superior album to either of the HIT N RUN releases and should be listened to immediately. 3) On Phase 2, essential tracks are: Groovy Potential and Rock N Roll Love Affair. 4) On Phase 1, THE essential track is: FALLINLOVETONITE. 5) Rock N Roll Love Affair was released as a single a few years back which includes some great remixes. 6) The release of Phase 2 marks Prince’s FOURTH album in the last year and a half - no one can deny the man’s a genius.


When Phase Two was announced, I expected more of the same. Instead, what we get is a much more organic, funky album that acts as a cool contrast to its predecessor. Sure, some of these songs have already been released in one form or another, but they’re actually good songs. And, sequenced together, they really do make a great album. I think Prince is in a bit of a “purple renaissance” the last 2 years. The last 4 albums (in 2 years!) have all been great—and different. That doesn’t even include the albums he did with Andy Allo, Judith Hill, Janelle Monea. Songs like “When She Comes”, “Revelation”, “Groovy Potential”, “Stare” and others show this artist still sounding like he has something to prove. It’s not better than Phase One—it’s completely different. The fact that he put them together, in phases, is both baffling and interesting. It’s really only something an artist like Prince can pull off and it’s really why his music is still vital, 30 years later.

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