Hayley Williams - Petals For Armor I - EP

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Petals For Armor I - EP Tracklist:


this truly shows off her talent and I love it!


Thank you Hayley.


Hayley comes out with album that’s is so personal to her but so close to your own struggles and personal experiences. It’s such an honor to grown and age with a artist that feels what you feel.


I like Paramore, but it was really never my style. It’s refreshing to hear Haley completely on her own and it’s powerful. The songs are perfectly nostalgic without trying too hard and Hayley’s voice is amazing as always. I look forward to hearing the next two parts of this whole project!


A nice change of pace for Hayley. It’s a completely different sound from Paramore.


It’s been so amazing to watch Hayley transform as an artist over time. I feel like I’ve grown up with her, and this album is exactly what I needed at this time in my life, and it also speaks a lot about her life. I connect a lot with not only her music but her as a person. Love this album.


Paramore is Paramore for a reason. They belong together and make great music together. If its just Hayley...or any of the other members...well, the reviews are rough but they are telling the truth


I have been a fan of Paramore since I was 10 years old! I’m 23 now and the nostalgia is real! I feel that every direction she’s takes musically is bold and is always new and I appreciate that from my favorite artist! I believe that this soundtrack is different but it’s more personal to her and I can appreciate that. I love Hayley and I love these songs! They lyricism and melodies are beautiful! This album, I believe, is different yet tasteful. I support Paramore members through all platforms!


absolute perfection


I’ve been a Paramore fan since 2008, hearing how Hayley’s sound, vocal presence, and technique as a singer & musician has developed, as well as seeing her growth as an individual over that time has been so awe-inspiring. She’s so self reflective and honest in Petals for Armor I, really revealing how much she’s been through, and how willing she’s been to surrender to her learnings. As she states herself, this EP is about vulnerability, the entire project is. It’s wonderful. Also Taylor & Joey’s contributions to this body of work is freaking incredible. They’re such great musicians. I love listening to and feeling how Taylor has grown, his craft has a lot of depth and he’s so young. I recently became a fan of Joey and I’m so glad my love of Paramore has brought me to such great musicians. Anyway, Petals for Armor I, 5/5, great project. Wonderfully promoted. Can’t wait for the Album!

RT review

At least someone in pop is pushing their limits musically, great production too.


I will always love Haley, but she doesn’t poop gold, man. I believe that she is capable of much higher forms of art. As a solo-artist, I expect more from someone who is actually better than her sugary pop counterparts. I love to be surprised, but while she did surprise me, she failed to impress me... and I will never forgive her for this. (Just kidding.)

Peanut op

She was better in paramore. She’s gonna go downhill.


I stopped listening to Paramore after Brand New Eyes. The sound was awful and Hayley kinda rubbed me the wrong way. But when I heard she was doing a solo thing I thought why not. This EP is a mess. And I am not saying that an ex Paramore fan I am saying that as a fan of actual music. Parts of her songs don’t flow together very well. Sudden Desire sounds like two different songs. There’s nothing wrong with trying something weird like that but she does it in Simmer as well during the bridge I guess. It ruins the whole song. Lyric wise it’s kind of a hit or miss and she’s doing a weird thing pronouncing some words. It sounds like all the other crap out there people call music.


For years every song you’ve touched has mirrored my personal struggles and experiences. When the sounds change, my connection to them feels the same.


Time to get the old band members back together and see if you can salvage this career.

kira luv

she did that


But this is kind of boring.....especially vocally...the music videos are creative, but quite dark...idk I still love her, but this didn’t do it for me sadly... the only song that’s not somewhat boring is ‘Sudden Desire’.


This is sooooo good !!! I can’t stop listening to Simmer and Cinnamon 🧡


I have loved Hayley Williams and Paramore since 2008 but this solo project feels like it was rushed or something, it just isn’t polished like all of her work with Paramore was. None of it is particularly bad so much as painfully average, but that’s sub-par coming from an artist that we all know is capable of so much more. That is why I bumped it to two stars instead of three. She can do better and we deserve to hear better from her.




A lot more personal than what she would’ve done for Paramore. People should watch her music videos to get a better understanding of this album. It’s great!

Jacobs cool iPod

My baby has come so far and her first solo project is number one on iTunes which is amazing in my book.

Christian Ivan

and from the first track I was actually really pleasantly surprised. Not because I wasn't expecting to like it but because the sound is exactly what she promised it would be. It's toally different from anything Paramore ever did but it also takes me back to when I was in Jr. High and heavily into indedpendent films like The United States of Leland, Latter Days, Mysterious Skin, Shelter, etc. These films came with the most perfect soundtracks that were raw and moody and inspired by the Pixies, for example. Hayley's sound takes me back to classic Madonna songs like "Frozen" and Radiohead's "Paranoid Android" just to name a few. I gave the preview of the EP 5 stars because there's nothing out there to compare it to and judge whether it's "as good or better than." It's in it's own lane and for what it is, it's really well done.


An album made by a goddess


These are all incredibly unique and experimental, like alternative music if you give it a further twist. Hayley Williams has always been a supreme lyricist and vocalist... Petals for Armor shows them both but in a fresher style

artist person

miss williams has done it again.... she never disappoints and that’s on frail! everybody should stream!


Not only some of her best work, but now I can skip therapy and just listen to this.




But it sounds like a bunch of experimental gibberish..you have so much talent and your voice is such a powerhouse, why did you not showcase that? I think I prefer you in Paramore rather than as a solo artist.


I expected better for an artist I really enjoy


Powerful, brave and vulnerable writing! Honest and raw mixed in with the strong bass and harmonies all tie up beautifully.




The depth and the meaning behind these lyrics is saw raw and personal. These words are deeply felt and a work of art. The music videos are also masterpieces of their own! We love you, Hayley! ❤️

I heartyoububblebut2

okay maybe one... groundbreaking

Izabel Jane

this expresses so many things i didn’t even know I needed expressed. inspires me to start writing again. thank you for the inspiration and all the weird weird art hayley.

I just need action points

I love the beat, vocals, and meanings of the songs!

Kapalua Man

Love Hayley Williams and her reach to be creative but this EP is just too bizarre.


These songs are SO different from Paramore that it takes a few listens to truly understand and appreciate them. Such a fresh change of pace in the music landscape and excited for the full album


What a masterpiece


Awesome talent

issa phae.

while i don’t believe any of the songs are as phenomenal as what we’ve come to expect from paramore, hayley williams’ first explorations into her own subversive and beautifully unsettling sound are certainly impressive and show a lot of potential. there’s a bit of a paradox going on here, where i believe that paramore fans would probably have a harder time embracing it due to its vast departure from what we know, yet the lyrics are most appreciated and riveting to paramore’s shamelessly invested fan base. this one will definitely be decisive, though due to this album being full of “growers” i think most of us will align towards “good” in the end. for me, the standouts are “creepin’” and “sudden desire” - i absolutely love both of those. super excited for what hayley puts out next :)


I’ve been hoping for a solo Hayley project for years and I am so excited to see it finally come to fruition. If the album is anything like this EP it will be great no doubt.




such a great way to begin 2020 🌿

Tassy Star



coming for aoty


amazing!! the lyrics are beautiful and the artist that is Hayley Williams keeps me in awe of her. Can’t wait until the album!


Insightful, tasteful, exciting! Can’t wait for May 8’th! So much love! 🌸❤️🔥


Started listening to Paramore back in 2005 when I was a senior in high school! Have been fortunate to be able to see them live a handful of times! Was worried when I heard she was making solo music because I automatically assumed that meant paramore was done! Hoping paramore continues but I am looking forward to Hayley album coming out in May! So far what I have heard I have really enjoyed and I am looking forward to getting more! Keep it up!

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