Harry Belafonte - Very Best of Harry Belafonte

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Very Best of Harry Belafonte Tracklist:


Legendary,plus actually saved my life as his music brought me out of a coma--truly-- my hero since I was 9 and now I'm 69 , still imitating him best I can wherever I sing! My 6th graders in Laurel Mt loved his sound so much they still talk about your kind fun visit to us in Mt 26 or7 27 yrs ago Luv and thanks is too small aword Elsa OConnor Koczan Phone 609 466 3294 or609 466 1627.


good song

Beau Lorentzen

I challenge you to listen to this song and not smile.


He was FINE! Nuff said.


Luv jump in the line, and banana boat I LUV THE MOVIE 2222 MUCH :1


I saw Harry live at the palace theatre in NYC many moons ago,at the height of his career. his show was fabulous and this collection of songs brings it all back. he is a showman,singer,balladeer, calypso and folk song master. he does it all and nobody does it better.He had such electricity on stage,talked to the audience,had more charm than a human being is supposed to have - harry belafonte is superb and this collection shows his talents off very well.


No one does it better. And that includes Nat King Cole, Crosby, Perry Como and even Andy Williams [who runs a close 2nd for smooth] Mr. Belafonte has been gifted with a voice as smooth as ice cream.


I love Belafonte


A wonderful song. Definitely brightens my day.


I loved his songs in..... Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice ;-)