Avenged Sevenfold - Hail to the King (Deluxe Edition)

℗ 2013 Warner Records Inc.

Hail to the King (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist:


R.I.P A7X miss ya.


They pretty good hard rock. Clear vocals Everything’s good with them

Jayy vines

Love this


Amazing album definitely can’t get enough of it


I came to this album for Shepherd of Fire because I heard it in Black Ops 2’s Origins cinematic, then I heard Hail to the King and I was hit with a massive nostalgia bomb because my parents used to listen to it during road trips, I love this band now.

A7x fan 3751

A7x never disappoints

Destroyer 21👾

Nearly every track on this album is amazing!


At least it’s not as laughable as the self-titled album.

A+ 4 Me

This album is ridiculously good, but I couldn’t help but notice how many of the songs sound exactly like Metallica. Overall great songs. I absolutely love them!

Omega O9

Nice job with making it to cod 2 with shepherds of fire


Love this album!


This is one of those albums that is a masterpiece.


HAIL TO THE ONE! KNEEL TO THE CROWN! STAND IN THE SUN! HAIL TO THE KING! Hail! Hail! Hail! THE KING! Blood is spilled while holdin keys to the throne! Born again, but it’s to late to atone! Sorry. I had to. And DUH it’s mastered for iTunes. foREVer A7X fans!

113456789 qwyt

Omg so gooooooooddd


The decrease in creativity from the self-titled album is tremendous, and feels like a copy of Metallica. Metallica is not very good at all (at least after Master of Puppets) and for a band as talented as A7X to release this is supremely disappointing. The slower, less intense tempo along with unipressive lyrics and instruments were clearly inspired by the Black Album, one of the other most disappointing albums of all time, behind maybe Injustice for All. At least The Stage, they're best album yet, made up for this train wreck and set them back on their path.


It's good but it's a little slow paced along with Arin's simple drum beats


The song Planets speaks well to the narrative of the band. However, the bonus track St. James plays like an Avenged Sevenfold classic circa City of Evil. Those to songs really carry the album in terms of interest and drive.

Quack McDuck


Kristen Kunz

This is another great Avenged album! Great stuff like all the rest! Planets and Acid Rain are my particular favorites! Worth a listen and purchase!!

original recman

The kept the dopey prog-rock elements to a minimum and finally put out something worth buying. In the past their sense of humor wasn't enough to overcome the proggy pretentions even if it did make the records worthy of a few listens; the humor is mostly gone here but it isn't needed this time around.


My favorite song on this album is Sad But True...

BigKid xD

I've been listening to these extremely talented guys since Waking the Fallen. And I have to say, the way they blend their musical influences into their songs on this album is mind blowing. I'm not taking away from the amazing job they did on previous albums, or the hard work that was placed there, but this album is a masterpiece! For those who think it's not "heavy" enough for them, they've always had songs that weren't thrashing hard, heavy rhythm songs. Maybe I'm biased, who knows. I'm the same age as these guys and when I hear them play this album, it's amazing by multiple generations and takes me back to my youth. F**k the negativity of those that don't like it simply because "it's not like this album" or "or too soft"… Just keep true to yourselves and being amazing A7X.

Metal shredder

What a let down. I want a refund.


WWE 2k14 and the Triple H Vs Roman Reigns WrestleMania promo anyone...........


I love A7X, but this album feels like it's just a whole bunch of Metallica cover songs.


R.i.p. Jimmy


Love hail to the king awesome guitar solo at beginning

Monster bulldog

A7X at its best


One of their better albums, definitely top 3 after waking the fallen and city of evil.


I give them props for moving on after losing The Rev, he was the main writer for the band's music, so it's great they made an enjoyable album. But it's not that original from the old music they wrote. And yeah This Means War is a Sad But True rip off, but I listen to it anyway because it's still good. Hail to the King, Shepherd, Requiem and Crimson are my favs.


Best album of AS!!


This album is pretty solid. The only complaints I have is the barebones drumming and Acid Rain, which is a pretty forgettable song.


Okay, I'm not a big Avenged Sevenfold fan, but I'm a HUGE Metallica fan and Avenged Sevenfold clearly ripped of Metallica's "Sad But True" song from The Black Album. I'm glad if they were influenced by the song, but sounding just like it, I mean come on. There's other ways to make the song sound like it, but not exactly like it.


This is an amazing studio album. Easily their best work yet. Since this band keeps getting better and better, I can't wait until they release their 7th album.


A totally new approach to metal from A7X. Clearly inspired by Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Slayer, and GNR. Sounds awesome. Super clean guitar work too.


I was pretty disappointed when I first heard this album because it wasn't Avenged Sevenfold's style. But even if they do stick with their new form of music, I'll be with them every step of the way. Deathbat foREVer \m/ St. James is fire 🔥🔥


A7X is the best! This album is a really raw sevenfold sounding album. I love heretic and coming home

Z3sTy N8TiVe

This album is great, but it's just not the same without Jimmy (the Rev).


Avenged Sevenfold continues to amaze me with every album. Unlike most bands they just keep going. This band has been making music for years and will continue to for years. Love it. Great album!!!!!!

Music Freak 1994

This album is clearly them stealing stuff from Metallica.

Untaken Nickname!

I have NEVER liked AX7 before. At all. I couldn’t understand why there were so popular. I’m a lifelong metal head, and just couldn’t get into this band, even though I wanted to. This album may have won me over. I kept hearing War and King on Octane and just had to check this album out. I like it!


Even though I grew up with Metallicas "Kill 'Em All", as I got older I sort of toned down. Still listen to the old hard stuff occasionally. That vein said "Hail" is one BA song. I totally Love it!!!!

Penismouth vaginaface

This song is essentially avenged sevenfold playing Metallica songs that they changed the words, listen to Shepard of fire and for whom the bell toles, nothing else matters and crimson day, just for an example. If you don't believe me check it out


I've had this album sense it came out and I've been a fan of the band for a long time but this album is not avenged sevenfold its just a lot of songs that sound like they just copied old bands

Ethan Oshiro

I was like many others who listened to this album and were kind of disappointed and weirded out that the sound of this album was so simple. From City of Evil through Nightmare, there were lots of fast songs with blistering drum tracks and guitar solos. I had blamed Arin (the new drummer) for not being able to keep up with the band, but I watched a few interviews and live performances and he can play the Rev’s and Portnoy’s work just fine. Turns out simplicity and restraint was what they were going for. Keeping that in mind, I’ve grown to love the entire album. The more moderate tempo and less notes give a punch and groove that is a new aspect to Avenged. It does sound like older metal and it’s not for everyone that was used to their previous sounds. I encourage you to watch their track by track on their YouTube channel, you will understand and appreciate this album better. I’m excited to hear a new album where everyone is flexing their chops again, however.

a7x queen

I've loved this band since their album 'avenged sevenfold' yeah I miss their old sound but if you're a true fan you love them no matter what. of course it's not the same without the rev but people have to move on. I fully support them and I'll love them foREVer!

Mike D #3

I’ve been a fan since Waking the Fallen, so it hurts me to say this album is weak. I don’t feel the passion A7X is known for on any of these tracks. Honestly, it’s boring. Most of the songs are slow tempo, as if the band is just going through the motions. Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan was the spark of the band. Without him, they’re flat.


Pretty good, although I got tired of the songs pretty fast


"Hail to the King" should be the new song intro for Game of Thrones.