Avenged Sevenfold - Hail to the King

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Hail to the King Tracklist:

Capitalism and Freedom

This is one of my personal favorite Avenged Sevenfold albums. This album has a great flow, track after track. Also, this album has great vocals, great drum solos, great piano solos, and great guitar solos as well. Finally, the instruments wrap around the vocals like no other, and intertwine perfectly. Definitely looking forward to the next limited play album, and extended play album.


Love this album!


Fire 🔥


A good side step. The album is good, but it sounds like a wannabe Metallica. Not saying that's bad, but they shouldn't recreate this sound in the future. They should stick to their original sound.


Still my favorite album

Monster bulldog

At their Best


Best album ever made


Avenged Sevenfold!!😍

Apple Snob

One of their best albums, in my opinion.


I had never even heard of Avenged Sevenfold until my son started playing some of their stuff on drums. At first as I listened to their older stuff I was not overly impressed with their songs but was very impressed with The Rev's drumming abilities and vocals. As my son got me to listen to some stuff off their last couple of albums I became very pleased at what I was hearing. They went from playing as fast as they could and screaming to making some more Hard Rock/Traditional Metal tunes. As I have seen every huge band from the 80's in concert, some many times I can tell you it was the greatest decade in the history for us Hard Rock/Metal fanatics. This band is one of the very few in recent history that comes even close to the talent back then. I know they have some old die hard fans who may not like their changes but just look at what it has done for their album sales. I have since taken my son to see them twice in the last year lastly at Rock On The Range where they were the Headliner one night. We sat along with more than 40,000 people in the freezing rain listening to bands all day and when A7X closed out the day it was worth waiting all day in the miserable weather. Much better than their previous style.

JD Sellers

I gotta be honest. I'm not impressed at all by Arin's drumming, but if St. James shows what he's capable of, he should be impressive in the future.


i thint they should stay with Avenged Sevenfold (white album cover) album. that is by-far my favorite


An inspiring band with an inspiring story. Doing Time, Heretic, Hail To the King, and Shepherd of Fire our my favorites. Good music, I would also reccomend their earlier stuff like Nightmare and City of Evil.


Is it me or do some of these songs sound like old Metallica


So many people are hating on this album because they are comparing it to the likes of Waking the Fallen, Sounding the Seventh Trumpet, and City of evil. Get your heads together here people, those albums were back in 2001, 2003, and 2005 respectively. They all have grown up so much since then and have created a sound that is catchy and fantastic. The album should be listened to as it’s own piece of art, and not compared to older albums. You can’t compare one album to the next with Avenged sevenfold. They change their sound every time they put out a new record. Listen to them all from start to finish and then tell me i’m wrong ( i know you can’t ) This is a fantastic album so enjoy it


I became an A7X fan shortly after the release of Nightmare. I bought all their albums and I was really excited to see what they would release next. At first, I was very disappointed with this album. It grew on me though. It's not as good as I would've liked it to be, but it is good. The best songs are Hail To The King, Doing Time, Crimson Day, and Acid Rain.


I have never been disappointed by any album they have released! They change the style of music while keeping it true to ROCK! All time favorite band!


The only 2 good songs of this album are Hail To The King and Shepherd of Fire. But shepherd of fire's drumming and hardcore guitar is EPIC


Ummm well I bought this thinking that there will be hardcore rock, as this is true there are some slow songs (acid rain)

Reborn Grevious

This is the Album That got me interested in Avenged Sevenfold


Some of the songs are ok. But like many have pointed out, a lot of the songs are rip offs from other artists. You can't tell me that Shepherd of Fire isn't their version of Enter Sandman or This Means War isn't a rip off of Sad But True. Doing Time has old school G'nR all over it. The Rev from what I understood wrote most of their old material. The songs just feel lazy to me. Anyone can rip off other musicians and this just feels like the same old stuff we've been hearing since the late '80's-early '90s. I wish them the best but if this is how the next few albums will come out like, I won't waste my money on it.


This album is different compared to their other albums but different is good. People who think that they need to go back to their old music need to stop because all bands' music evolves/changes.


Not their best work but I'll give their new drummer some credit... R. I. P. The Rev


Loved this CD, you guys ROCK!


Unfortunately, I didn't get into this band until after the Rev's passing; once I heard "Nightmare", I got that album along with its two predecessors. Hail to the King, released at what may the peak of their popularity, is their first with newcomer Arin Ilejay. His playing is fairly simplistic to the Sevenfold's past records. I feel like what they're doing to him is similar to what Metallica did to Jason Newsted on ...And Justice for All. In any case, the band was committed to writing great songs and getting in the grove than in your face instrumentals. They pay homeage to classic recordings by Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Metallica, Guns N' Roses and others on this album. My personal favorites were "Hail to the King", "Doing Time", "Coming Home", and "Planets". M. Shadows' vocals are top notch, and Synyster Gates plays plenty of face melting solos as usual. While it's radio friendly to some extent, I thought it was overall a good record that prove Avenged Sevenfold is here to stay.


This album is amazing! They just keep getting better and better!


I love this band. This album album rocks it's to bad thow that the singer from this band joined a new band. So I've heard


R.I.P rev


Ok, first let me say that anybody that doesn't like Arin has either a) never heard Carry On, b) never heard Not Ready to Die, c) has never seen them live, and d) has no musical ability whatsoever. These songs would not sound good with crazy drum betas. There are primarily medium tempo songs with basic rhythms that need basic drum beats. IT WOULD NOT SOUND GOOD WITH CITY OF EVIL STYLE DRUMS. Second, let me say that this albums is perfect. They were going for an Iron Maiden/Black Sabbath sound and they certainly achieved that while adding their own flair to it. In the process, they created some of their best, most mature songs ever. THose songs are Shepherds of Fire, Requiem, Coming Home, Planets, Acid Rain, and St. James. Those are the shining stars of the album. Planets and Requiem are probably the most interesting and creative songs they have done. This is one of A7X's best albums. it has a completely different sound than anything else they have done, which is good. They achieved their goal and started anew. RIP Rev. Arin is doing great, but we still miss you.


A7X has been my favorite band for a couple of years now but it seems the music gets worse with each album release. This one was...meh. Nothing special about it in my opinion. Wish I could like it more :/

Heavy mettle lover

F awesome


I think this is an indication of what they'll sound like without The Rev. They've removed all melody except for a couple of ballads.


Most of the album is good stuff, but songs like 'Planets' where M. Shadows is carrying the note for quite a few seconds at a time kinda get boring after hearing it over and over.

sam fix

Best one yet


A7x lost their distinctiveness. Where's the wicked dual guitar shredding?!?!? Basic thrash, good but not as good. They sound like every other thrash group out there now. No edge anymore, kind of boring...I still stand by them though.


Still sounds like a rip off of too many other bands. Not a good one at that.


A7X is back! They are just killing it with this monarchy album. This it probably the best rock album of 2013!


I know that people are mixed on this new album. I've followed A7X since the very beginning, from Waking the Fallen to Hail to the King. I love the band, and I especially love the tribute to the forefathers of classic rock! It's different, yes. But for the first album without the Rev (RIP Jimmy), the band is still continuing. Solid guitar work, solid beat, solid vocals. If you don't like it, listen to something else.

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This album is amazing!!!!!!!!


This album is different but that's what make Av7 so unique they aren't afraid to try new things. A true fan will always stick by them.


Buy all their albums today! Love AX7!!


All these so called "songs" sound like other songs one in specific is the intro and a majority of doin time sounds like hell yeah by rev theory

Angel of the fallen

You should buy this album


This album is just so amaaaaaaazing! ❤❤


Avenged sevenfold has always been known for their metalcore music and that is what made them famous. I understand the hate on the album but to be truthful not many people like that music anymore. A7x is adapting by bringing classic metal back to life and they have dome it extremely well with this album. The Rev was an amazing artist and songwriter but without him the band has taken a turn for the good by making this album. So much of this music has been inspired by bands like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Metallica and so on. Great album, great music, A7x keep up this great metal.


As a huge fan I'm very disappointed. It's like they tried to mash Metallica's Black album with Guns n Roses and a tiny dash of Maiden but the results are a steamy pile of poo. What happened?


Well if you wanted an entire album of ripoffs from other, better metal bands then you have it here. Avenged Sevenfold haven't put out anything worth listening to since their first album. Sure all the emo kids love this stuff and love to paint themselves up like these fools, but metal not a chance. So do yourself a favor, but their first album, enjoy it for a week or two then get rid of it and forget that you ever heard of Avenged Sevenfold.


I love this album. It's one if my favorites!!


This is the album of the year, no competition!

New To Ferg

This album is worth every penny. Amazing lyrics and guitar. They may have lost jimmy but they do not disappoint.