Santana - Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time (Deluxe Version)

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Um nope. Is that a joke? Robert Plant’s “version?” You mean the (mostly) original? Also, anyone who commits suicide leaving their children behind to forever wonder ‘why?’ does not deserve an RIP.


#NoOneSingsLikeYouAnymore 🎼🥁🎸🎹🎶 Chris Cornell’s voice beats the hell out of Robert Plant’s version and this proves it. Also, he’s taller and 💯 times more gorgeous! R.I.P. Chris.

rob o schmidt

these are mostly great songs with crap singers(chester bennington,scott stapp,chris daughtry, and who is andy vargas).the only song that has any heart at all is whole lotta love. carlos santans used to be one of the all-time great, but now he's a shadow of himself. nice guy, but there is a definite lack of caring.

Arly W

Beautiful. Stunning. A Woodstock experience. I love it....


Uninspired grab bag of predictable cover songs by an over-rated guitarist. How lame can you get?

Tonio Sheepe

5 years after the much-disappointing All That I Am, Santana is back with… a covers album! What more original? This guy is getting old and has already showed a loss of inspiration in the previous album, but it’s confirmed on this one. Santana is over 60 and desperately tries to sound relevant on this album, but his solos are painfully demonstrative, he repeats himself over and over and over and over and over again… and in the end, his work is fundamentally annoying. Let’s take « While My Guitar Gently Weeps », where he abuses high-pitched notes, which can be really bad for eardrums. And what can I say about the choice of vocalists? It’s either anecdotic (rapper Nas on AC/DC’s « Back in Black », Train’s Pat Monahan on Van Halen’s « Dance the Night Away ») or too obvious (Joe Cocker on Jimi Hendrix’s « Little Wing »). In the end, the result is a whipped-creamed album that sounds as authentic as a foam guitar, in which Santana is (still) his own caricature. Truly forgettable!

Rolla Rock

Ive some Santana , the original stuff. However this is really Rotten, hes adding or taking his own to these tunes, not that in itself is bad, But I warn you, once youve listened to these, you can never go back and you will forever remember!!

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