Grey Daze - Amends

℗ 2020 Sean Dowdell, Mace Beyers and The Chester and Talinda Bennington Family Trust., Under exclusive license to Loma Vista Recordings. Distributed by Concord.

Amends Tracklist:



Great album.. I’d buy it again.


Great stuff! I’m so glad they worked so hard. Chester’s voice is amazing as always..but everything is so more impactful now. The music itself and riffs are great. Definitely heavier than I expected and that makes me so happy! There are deep songs though. He shows his amazing range in this. 2 1/2 years worth of work was worth it! BUY THIS! Try to also get the physical copies that come with bonus songs and are essentially collector’s editions.


Thanks guys for brining this back to life, I hope if there is any other music with CHester that they will also share that with us as well. The album is great. I also struggle with anxiety and depression and feel very connected to All Chesters music. LP , Dead by Sunrise, STP, and now Grey Daze no voice or lyrics are like his, my favorite vocalist ever. Also the music is great as well u guys deserve a lot of credit for putting this together. This music is deep and touches my soul, gets me through tough days. At some point we all have to make our AMENDS. And Thank you to Chesters family thanks for sharing him with us, God bless u.

brady r creasy

Thank you 🖤 rip Chester


Chester would be proud! This album is amazing and I can only hope there’s more to come.

Sean Dowdell

This album was made with love for our dear friend Chester. We hope you love it as much as we do!


I love every song, they each show a different side of Chester. One we didn’t get to really see or hear in LP. THANK YOU FOR THIS!


I don’t even know what to say except I’m blown away.

Landry H

Is it just me or does Chester remind you of Maynard in this??? 🧐


I know why Chester left this band to be with L.P. Chester is an amazing talent but this band does zero for me.


I can’t find a single bad song on this album. I love the 90s feel of darker rock from those days.


This album is a masterpiece. The raw energy in it that finally got the polish to really show how incredible Chester’s vocals are. Major props to the rest of the band for doing this! I’m so grateful. Rip Chester, you’ll never be forgotten.


He has the greatest voice I’ve ever heard. It brings joy to my heart to be able to hear something new (even if it’s not so new) RIP Chester


This is definitely in my top five albums of 2020. Chester Bennington had a beautiful voice even at such a young age. It’s so sad we lost his talent way too soon.

Why Why ???

I mean no disrespect, and this is just my opinion,but I have the original tracks - and to me they sound so much better - buy the original albums before buying this !!!


I thought to myself “this guy sounds A LOT like Chester,” turns out it is Chester. R.I.P. great songs so far. Looking forward to the rest.


Don’t see Commit or Holding On!!!😡🤷‍♂️ Was so excited to hear that redone!!!! Even Bluest Day I know was a demo but man is a Great song hopefully y’all get your pre orders cause Sean said they have enough material for 2 more albums if Amends does good!! Get on it People!!✌️One Love!!🤙


Wish they would just post the original albums.


Can’t wait, these are their best song.

Ken B 147

I remember watching them back in the 90's in the Arizona club scene. Loved there music and always shared it with friends back east and saying these guys were awesome and some day are gonna be huge. Didnt think it would be 20 years later but I am happy for Sean and Mace, great guys. Also a big shout out to Chesters family for going ahead with this.


These vocals are raw emotion, I love old LINKIN PARK, but after Metora Chester was in the wrong band. Grey Daze is way better. This album is going to top the charts on its release.


Love how they mixed the music SOUNDS GREAT!!!! miss you Chester! And the person that wrote about making money off the dead and that its not good, thats disrespectful, bro! And what happened to the sometimes single it was on sale and now its not?


Make chester proud


Than the last three LP albums!


A voice like his is so rare, beautiful and haunting. Funny these songs remind me of his older music.❤️


I still can’t believe this


Well wow....this remastered album was unexpected. Once I heard Grey Daze was remastering an album in memory of Chester I immediately had to listen to the original versions of these songs and holy sh*%. This is a very unique remaster and is honestly beyond what I had hopes for. I’m so excited and can’t wait to be listening to this album . This does justice to Chester and I get chills every time I hear his voice . He’s always had that unique range and power since he was just 15 although he was in his early 20’s when he recorded these vocals . Truly a unique gene and will be the best way to honor Chester . You guys are freaking amazing . ❤️


Chester and those and haunting vocals

DK's Tunes

It's important to understand where people come from. This song "sickness" conveys all the colors of Chester. I can literally hear his style of music before it was infiltrated by producers and yes men. This is pure and where he began as a singer. The melodic sound and heaviness captivates you in a unique way that I haven't heard in awhile. I wish they would of released this earlier when they were a band.


This is so cool! I really miss Chester even though I’ve never met him. Loved him in LINKIN park as well. So glad we get to hear this! 🤘🏼


Chester Bennington is a great singer !!!


Thank you Grey Daze for bringing your music you made with Chester and his voice back to the masses. Thank you for allowing the music not to die and for showcasing your talents. Both songs that have been released are amazing. Much love ❤️