Green Day - Father of All...

℗ 2020 Reprise Records.

Father of All... Tracklist:

mr.awesome-tank stars

I think that graffita and oh yeah we’re pretty bad but it only gets better and the top of the album is meet me on the roof


Was so excited for a new rock album full of great hits..... not a “surfer pop” album.... highly disappointed. Hope they play all their old songs during their new tour.


Okay so their sound changed a bit but its still a good album i just like the American Idiot album a little more


I hate to break it to ya. But Rock bands are not like fine wine. They DON'T get better with age. Think of every rock band you love and try to think of one where their new material is as good as their earlier stuff? Good luck! Green Day hasnt been punk for YEARS!! They are too commercial. Just look at their picture up above. They look like Vegas lounge singers for pete sake!


The songs grow on you!! I really really enjoy this album!!!

Pandora can shove it

I’m glad I didn’t buy this! Never thought I’d see these guys sell out like this. You do you Green Day. Enjoy your new fans while all your old ones move on.


This is pure garbage. I really want to believe that this is Green Day’s way of getting off their record label. This isn’t the Green Day I fell in love with in the 90s...their new albums were ok but nothing will beat smoothed out slappy hours or dookie or nimrod... let’s hope that they will drop magnus opus soon after this crap has been released. It’s supposed to be their actual real record.


This is a great album! Who cares if it doesn’t “sound like Green Day” these are 10 fun, rock songs that are a blast to listen to. They really did a good job experimenting on this one! At least they are actually trying something new unlike most bands their age.


Amazing, butch walker helped so much- love this album!!!!!


This is by far Green Day’s best work. They have truly grown up and left theirs idiotic punk fans behind. They’re still eating dog food while Green Day are going stronger than ever! The Kinks, John Jett, Lennon, Eagles, The Clash just to name a few of the CLEAR influences on this record. This has the hooks for Warning, the Social Substance of American Idiot, the Lyrics of 21st century Breakdown, the guitar work oh the trilogy and the dark tones of Rev Rad! It’s all of their best work wrapped in a gut busting 26 min ride of old, new and wild!!! Must listen! 5 stars!!!


Sure it may not be classic Green Day but it does mean these songs aren’t good.


Simply horrible

BuckShot J0nes

This sound like a 26 minute iPod commercial. The hell were they thinking?

doctor zhivago 112

What a shame, we just got noise shoved down our throats and no water to choke it down with


Let’s just hope this new direction these former punks are taking is just one bad music experiment that ends with this terrible album. Never again

The Darko

Classic Green Day album just a bit too short, I hope their next album will be at least 60mins


Sounds like their originals but not like they’re trying too hard. Not denying themselves a new sound.

St. Jimmy 409

Haven’t been a big fan of Green Day since probably 21st century even doe I bought the deluxe trilogy (big mistake) but I mean this one isn’t even that bad it’s been on repeat for a good week or so 👌🏼 could be a little better but good enough


This album shows how much this band has sold out. Moving on. 1990’s albums were great and then they decided to go mainstream and now here we are.

The Unheard

Not worth it.

We searcher

I’m a fan of Green Day and own all their albums except this one but this Album is a letdown and by far the worst album by them. You have Sum 41 who makes a new album and keeps the same style while Green Day on the other hand goes to complete trash and changes styles completely


I was expecting a pretty good modern alternative rock album with a little bit of a classic green day flare and I got a pop album about meeting billy on the roof, being a teenage teenager, and sugar youth (whatever that means). Oh Yeah! That’s just what I needed!


This is surprisingly upbeat for the cover


I like the new album so happy that there is another one coming soon. I will always support my Green Day heroes:)

666 president

remember when greenday were poor and good?


Seriously, this album is like a bad parody of the Black Keys or Cage The Elephant. It sounds like a generic band on any alternative station. This album is dreadful. I gave the whole album a couple of listens this past week on Apple Music, hoping it would grow on me, but I can't stand it. I actually deleted it from my music library, because I don't ever want to hear it again. This isn't experimentation, reinvention, or pushing boundaries, it's pop culture sameness for the sake of youthful relevance. It's like being the old dudes at the club. All they actually had to do to be relevant was SOUND LIKE GREEN DAY.


Where did the Green Day from Dookie and American Idiot go??? I miss them 😢


This album is not Green Day going back to their roots. This is them meshing pop punk with Rockabilly. And it works for me. I can see why purist will be turned off by this, but I think it’s a nice, fun punkabilly album.


Great album that offers a different sound/theme of Green Day.

Biscuit Bear 69

It's a sad state of affairs when fans turn on the bands they love so much. Employing a schoolyard bully paradigm to make yourself feel better because you're nowhere near as successful as Billy Joe, Tre and Mike speaks more about you than the three of them. Show me your over 200 award nominations and over 90 wins including four Grammy's as well as your spot in the Rock 'n Roll HOF and I'll accept your bashing Green Day for more than the compensating of your own failures that it is. This album is awesome!


Wow...this is way out of left field for the band. Will not be buting the album.


Seriously, someone needs to forcibly separate Green Day from Pete Wentz and his dork squad. The samples, the dance beats, I expected the Munster’s theme to kick in on half these songs. If you ever wondered what fall out boy would sound like with Billy Joe on vocals here ya go. I’m all for artists pushing their ranges but imitating a band that is, essentially imitating you? Come on, guys. Even you know this is your worst record.


this is a sad excuse of an album. drums are solid but the writing is awful.


Bruh bruh


Why the f•ck is everyone so triggered. Sure it isn’t their best work but chill


I get experimenting with different sounds but wow this is bad


I know they changed a little for this album but it still sounds like them! Not sure where all the hate is coming from!


This is not Green Day to me.


I legitimately enjoyed this album. This album doesn’t ask for much of your time, and doesn’t waste it either. While it doesn’t sound like their old sound, I think it’s better than producing a clone of revolution radio. Kudos to them for doing something different


As a big fan of International Superhits, this album is a disappointment. Maybe like one or two good songs from here?


I feel that most of the tracks are great, but they could take out some of the pop type of sound


Everyone just wants a carbon copy of American Idiot, 21st Century Breakdown or Dookie. This is not that. And that is a great thing. This is Green Day doing what they do best .. making great music. Short, sweet and to the point.


Go listen to Fire by Jimi Hendrix and try to convince me they didn’t steal that songs riff/drums for Father of All... You could have at least picked an artist a little less famous than Jimi to riff off of. I mean c’mon guys. For real?


They had to go a different direction because they’ve been around for many years now so just because something sounds different doesn’t mean people should just write them off by giving the album one star. Have an open mind people,and trust Green Day. They’re not stupid nor burnt out. They’re gonna make something to satisfy their fans. It’s not about the money anymore. They have enough money to retire if they wanted to. This album is sick! Starting with the 1st song to the last. Just trust,trust and trust !!!


Just awful. Not much effort put into this. Why do this to the fans?

Lexypoo 💕

This was a horrendous album it makes sense that they have to drag other artists and genres to bring hype to their album since they haven’t been relevant since two decades ago.


Idk what I was expecting but not this...

real iron man

I love that Green Day put a lot of work into their new album this is not a forgettable album by Green Day it’s just Green Day making awesome music and songs


Ngl this album isn’t the greatest. It’s just not Green Day, and you can’t even hear the words in the songs. I will admit that Oh Yeah, Sugar Youth, and Graffitia are okay, but the rest of the album is just crappy.