Daryl Hall & John Oates - Greatest Hits: Rock 'N Soul, Pt. 1

℗ This compilation (P) 1983 Sony Music Entertainment

Greatest Hits: Rock 'N Soul, Pt. 1 Tracklist:


One or the best albums I've ever listened to. I'm 21 and can't stand most music today


This is an awesome compilation of some of their greatest hit! On repeat 👏

Kathryn C Henson

Hall and Oates does not disappoint. It's a album of the best of their hits, nothing could get better!💖


I'm only 14 and I LOVE ALL these songs! They're great! 😊❤️


This seems to be the only H&O album with the radio version of She's Gone. Their original from 1973 wasn't the one that made it on the radio but this version is. I'm happy to buy the whole album to get it because their songs bring back my happy childhood memories plus they are all really good songs

New Religion

This "cassette," for those who remember what those were, was in constant rotation in my parents car as I was sitting in the back seat during the mid '80's. We later bought the CD since we wore it out. :) This duo dominated the pop charts for the first half of the 1980s. Carry that over with their big hits of the 1970's; e.g., "Sara Smile," "Rich Girl," and "She's Gone," and you have a fantastic collection of their hits.


When I Found About Hall & Oates I was 14 Love The Music To This Day, I remember my parents "borrowing" my Tapes and not Giving them back to me but thanks i-tunes for having these guys so i can always have them @ my fingertips


One of the greatest duos of all-time. Their music influenced me deeply to this day!! There is one one like these guys!!!

King Hayate

wish music today was like this, too much poptart crap out today


Eventhough Im only 19 I recognized all of these songs...Partly becasue I'm a big 80s music fan, but seriously I have never LOVED! all of the songs on any Best of Album except for Daryl Hall & John Oates'...Never knew these guys but always knew there songs, so now I can definatley give them credit for being great musicians.

Looks a lot like Elvis

Hall & Oates are a big part of the rock foundation. Bet you can't meet one cool kid who can't recognize more that four of their hits, these guys were the hungry artists who made it good because they could. Thanks for the great tunes. I just bought the album for my girl, nothing's too good for her!


This is definately worth buying. Some songs that may be familiar are "Kiss On My List" and "You Make My Dreams". Personally, some of my favorites are "One on One" and "Say It Isn't So". Daryl Hall and John Oates are great musicians, and you're doing yourself a favor by buying this soundtrack!

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