Journey - Greatest Hits Live

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Greatest Hits Live Tracklist:


This is the best live version I’ve ever seen wish I could of seen him in concert


Steve Perry sounds even better live.


I feel like I should have a black light fired up and the Audie set to 11. Miss those days.

Gail Simmons

I have been listening to Journey and Steve Perry for about 42 years now. I loved them when they were Journey with Steve but Steve is my rock hero and mentor. His voice and music never gets old and I still get goose bumps when he sings. I have several versions of his new album Traces amungst other merch. I still get goose bumps with Traces. I am beyond thrilled that he is back! I love hearing him sing live especially when there is an Orchestra or just one or 2 instruments. Long live "The Voice" for those who know the meaning of this phrase "I will Yah Yah til I cannot Yah Yah anymore"

Prayer the rosary

The title says it all! The Best! Every song perfected and live? No other band could pull this off. Great record!


I love Steve Perry, that is JOURNEY TO ME! Never will there be a group like Journey, the best band ever!


This brings back so many memories of seeing them in concert in '84! They were an unbelievable concert band, in many cases performing better than the studio cuts! Can't miss with this one for the true Journey (Steve Perry era) fan!!


since almost all of the songs of this live "recording" seem to be the same ones on their other 2 complete live recordings, if you are truly a Journey fan and want a better experience buy "Captured" and "Live in Houston". You'll get a lot of really great songs (and some duplicated, but performed differently) that aren't included here.

Tis Fenton

Made the mistake of buying this... can't say I'd recommend this album.


bought lights live by Journey but the song was cut off, I never got the end of the song. It would be nice to get the whole song.


This album is awesome! Steve Perry's voice is irreplaceable... Worth the money!


This is one of the most listened to albums I own. Best songs (in my opinion) are Wheel in the Sky and Any Way You Want It, but everything else is also good.


The best ever cant stop playing it love it

drama king 508

This is the best live album I have ever heard in my life and does not hurt that it is by Journey. I mean one of the greatest bands ever and an awsome live album you can not miss. I have seen them twice in concert and it is just as good.


Don't Stop Believing is awkward live


Don't stop beleaving


Uhhhhhh ok I guess


Brings back way to many memories. Of all live albums, this is truly a must have. You won't regret


Great price!!!!

Captain Strongo

This is the best live album ever, because A) it's Journey, and B) it's live. Not much else needs to be said, but I also love this album because it shows what musicians used to be capable of. In today's music world, it's rare if not impossible to find a band whose live sound even approaches their recorded sound. Computers have kind of screwed that up. So, I was amazed when I heard this album, because if anything, they (especially Steve Perry) sound even better live! It's incredible.


if i could i would give this 10 stars out of 5 this song was amazing and a huge classic and it's live so your hearing real singing not remixed songs like everybody seems to be doing anymore.


Steve Perry sounds even better live! I love these songs!! Wooow so awsome! I wish Steve Perry was still in Journey, it's just not the same without him. But anyways, this is THE live album of all time! :)


JOURNEY IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are going to buy any live album by Journey, than this is the way to go. My personal fav on the album is probably dont stop belivin', but who dosen't love that song. When Journey first started out, they were the best band on the road we knew, and they still are, so keep the spirit alive and buy this cd in honor of the greatest band alive!!! Rock on \m/*o*\m/


this is great!! I bought this cause journey is just one of those bands that at the end of the song you can look around the room and everyone is singing and this C.D. is worth $10 I havn't looked back after buying it!!


JOURNEY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO JOURNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doc Dash

This is not the album to get if it is going to be your Ipod "Journey" album, get the greatest Hits disk with the red and blue spheres on it. I thought I'd try something different with this one, and it was. But i didn't like it too much. I am used to the standard studio album and the "Live" enhancements didn't really blow my socks off. There were a few standards that I missed and a few songs on here I heard for the first time. Not bad, but like I said, if you're getting your "JOURNEY" album you might want the studio one


All the song on this album rule. Also they are all better than their studio version!


The live version really showcases the tremendous talent of Steve Perry! If possible he sounds even better live! The other guys sound pretty good too!


This Is A Great Band! They Rival The Doors. Loving Touchin Squeezin Live Is Serious Old School Rock And Roll. Neil Schon And Jonathan Cain And Steve Perry Play Some Serious Rock On This Song. I Just Found I Had This CD, This IS Classic Rock!!


Journey is AWSOME LIVE! "Wheel in the Sky" has the one of my all-time favorite Neal Schon guitar solos! If you love Journey, and Neal Schon guitar solos, you'll love this too!


i love journey! listening to this album is like being at the concert! good times!!! yeah! go journey!