Green Day - Greatest Hits: God's Favorite Band

℗ 2017 Reprise Records

Greatest Hits: God's Favorite Band Tracklist:



Nothing more to all you haters


American Idiot: best Green Day song by far.


Typical modern Green Day

Agent troll

God favorite band is not green day, he likes 69Goreface


Superinternational was for the old, this is what I grew up.


Praise the LORD that I Tunes gives the option just to purchase the new material. It’s true that JESUS died for them (members of Green Day) as it is true HE died for you! You should know it’s not intelligent to seek wisdom from a group Of pot heads (isn’t that what their name implies). They have stayed true to their sound even in maturity which is somewhat immature. Hey guys I will hang with you Friday, if you hang with me Sunday! LOL?

reet master

I’m only like 15 but this band is better than any other music this era


I am not a huge Green Day fan but I like some songs. This cd is pretty good by mixing the older songs with the newer ones. I am definitely considering buying this cd. Cause it sounds good.


Should of added just a couple more ''Hits''.Walking Contratiction,Geek Stink Breath and Nice Guys Finish Last should of been included.Also the Country-flavored Song with Miranda Lambert is lame;that should of been left off the Greatest Hits List.


To be honest, I disagree with some of the track listing, not to mention no tracks from 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours, I would have added Christie Road (Kerplunk!), 409 In Your Coffee Maker (1,039), and Android (Kerplunk!). Buy International Superhits instead.


Love the new song, also like the compilation, truly a talented, motivating band. Hoping for new material soon . To the haters, easy solution, don’t listen.


A second greatest hits of the same songs? Must not have anything left in the tank!


Thx Green Day for this best hit album 🎸🤘

Jaydan Sutton

It’s lit...

James Flanigan

Green Day has so bad songs and these are just the greatest songs ever


Boulevard of broken dreams is my favorite song ever and yet they have never made a clean version. Please make one. It would make me so happy.

Jcf rock inc

They could have put more unreleased stuff but classics none the less.


I’m a teen and my mom surely rose me in the right road!

@rosesforlovato < twitter

Not only God’s favorite, but mine.


why a greatest hits? are you or did you break up? Typically bands release a greatest hits sometime years later after they broke up. AND; Gods favorite band? especially when we all know it was the Beatles and unfortuatley for GD, you are not that close to claiming this title. the Beatles changed music as we know it. GD just added to it. Now, dont get me wrong... GD is a great band and one of my favorite bands, Im sure many angels on both sides of the fence like your band... but tread lightly with your accusations of being Gods favorite band. . Look to history for examples such as John Lennon declaring that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ. You are now in that same gray area. Hopefully, you wont get the kind of blowback that John received. its just too bad that whoever thought it was a good idea to add this catch phrase to some of your best work did not think this through.


My fav isn’t on here but that’s cool




Decent selection of songs; however, there are a lot I would have also liked to see be included. Not a fan of the the version of ordinary world with miranda lambert... her vocals are just kinda eh in my opinion.


The person that wrote nope dose not know what there talking about these are great song


My favorites

The Tazman

New greatest Hits? No. Its the record company not the artist fault. It in the record company’s contract.


Most of these songs have been collected in similar style before, but they are all fantastic, so it’s hard to be mad. My suggestion; don’t buy the whole album, just pick a few you like.


Honestly if you are really a fan of Green Day, you wouldn't buy this album. Most of the time, the so-called "Greatest Hits" are not the greatest. This album is not for people who enjoy listening to the band itself. This album is for people who like the Green Day songs they happen to be exposed to. If you want to like Green Day and what they stand for, don't buy this, you miss so much. Buy their actual albums.


love how they included some of their newer hits, classics & a couple brand new songs. a great mix/compilation. recommend if you’re even a slight green day fan!




Amazing compilation!


Not buying, never liked G.D. talentless.


Tracks 1-11 are actually good. The rest are meh. They're desperate for money after releasing so many mediocre albums.


yes, just yes.


That’s awesome!!!! Lol


I love all there music, and this CD is so amazing!! 💚


Only so many times you can have a greatist hits.. They're a washed up punk band that's digging for straws in 2017.

Geni tools

It's good to stay the same and not always join the mainstream. Glad they do what they do best.


Great compilation and even if you already have these songs you should download the new song “Back in The USA”


one ofthe worst bands ever created (and not by God)


Good mashup of songs, what would’ve been really cool is if they remade these songs instead of using the original versions of the songs.


Pretty much have sucked since American Idiot... and God hates Billie Joe.


nice to have this just running in the background when you’re going on with your day

The Bradleyss

Wow! They actually took a break from doing stupid Broadway shows to figure out a way to get the suckers to buy more product. Who buys this corporate imitation of Punk? They're about as Punk as the Archies. Just the worst.


A nice collection of songs. If you like Green Day it’s worth the download.


Green Day : A band that rose to popularity big time with their album Dookie in the early ‘90s started to slump towards the late ‘90’. So they release a Greatest hits with a couple of pretty goods new songs. They then do a super political and driven CD called American Idiot-that allows them to do it all over again... The difference this time, is follow up albums are really poppy crap with a couple of good songs- They then release 3 full albums of this crap - Again with just a couple of very forgettable songs .... Now in order to try again they release “some” of their actually Great songs (missing many others) and added some of the forgettable crab. No a political driven video for a not so good song! - Guys “hire someone or write songs with some punk friends” This direction just isn’t working.


Yes, all of these songs are previously released, BUT, they finally got smart and released Boulevard of Broken Dreams as a buyable single (without you needing to buy the entire album to get it). I cannot tell you how long I've waited for them to do this. For that, this album gets 4 stars. Plus, I mean, it's Green Day, so you can't really rate them anything lower than that.

God of Thunder

The songs on this are great, but they already had a greatest hits album of all of their hits up through warning. Maybe a greatest hits from American Idiot to the present would be a better idea.

Gene Everett 187

They already have A best of! Why not just do part 2 and do songs post 2003 since the last best Of was in 2002? Total money grab! Lame