Journey - Greatest Hits 2

℗ 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1986, 1996, 2005 Sony Music Entertainment

Greatest Hits 2 Tracklist:

Bob o



Wow. What a collection of hits! Steve Perry is truly the greatest rock singer of all time- just listen to these songs! So many great memories- this is the soundtrack of my youth. Do yourself a huge favor and buy this album.


Get this album and you'll start getting your memories back when Steve Perry used to sing back in the 70s 80s and 90s too. get this album you don't know what you're missing!!!


Get this album and you'll start getting your memories back when Steve Perry used to sing back in the 70s 80s and 90s too. get this album you don't know what you're missing!!!


This is absolutely wonderful. I went to two of Journeys concerts back in the day when Steve Perry was with them. Brings back so many memories. Thank You Steve for doing this and thank you for singing with the Eels. We need more! I am definitely buying this Album.


Just shows you how great a band Journey is. A shame most people just remember them by Don't Stop Believin'


I think this is the one they did with Areal singing some of the older greatest songs. It's great, his pipes are so much better than Steve Perry's ever were. Glad to see them back and doing some great new stuff as well.


this and the first greatest hits compilation are great, but there is a song called "people and places" on departure that is absolutely beautiful and i believe deserves a spot on these compilations.


I definitely like Stone In Love, After the Fall, The Party's Over (Hopelessly In Love), Still They Ride, Suzanne, Feeling That Way, Anytime, Just the Same Way, Patiently, and Mother, Father (I would have preferred the original, but the live one is fine). However, where is Why Can't This Night Go On Forever, Line of FIre, Message of Love, and Keep on Running? Those are some good songs. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to get a few material on here from their earlier albums before Steve Perry joined. Still, it's okay. Not as great as their first hits collection. Plus, why was this made? Isn't there already an Essential Journey CD out there?

Richie Zbras

No one can match arnel's voice today especially kip winger. You're an idiot. Lol

Luke Galloway

Awesome music thanks for the mysic


NO STEVE PERRY NO JOURNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!! kip winger sounds better than the so called singer they have now


Steve Perry did a fantastic job putting this album together! Absolutely the best!


i was so excited to see journey's greatest hits vol. 2 out. it made my day..... this is the true journey with the voice steve perry. i love the sound of his voice. i still remember seeing them in person, one of the best concerts i have seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love ya steve perry


I love Journey and know most all of theire songs. This album of hits are more of the ballads and not too much of the hard rock as on the first Greatist Hits album. I love both the soft rock and hard rock of Journey and I am pleased with the songs and the Layout. I also enjoy the fact that the first greatist hits album is red for the hard rock and the second one is blue for the ballads. Overall this is a great peice to anyones music collection.


Of Course Steve Perry Knows how to make a Journey album amazing, this GH2 is JOURNEY, And with Steve Perrys masterful editing and remastering skills the Real Journey Will Never Be Forgotten

rockin rob M.

lover journey. they rock. but i dont like every song from this one. only the 80's journey off this one. but they still rock and always will so KUDOS TO U GUYS. rock on you will always b a part of the soundtrack to my life.


Another greatest hits album WOW! These are all the greatest songs that couldn't compete back in the 80s when the original greatest hits came out. And I know that Jrny will continue to release greatest hits cause they have a lot more songs that can become greatest hits like City of Hope, Edge of the Blade, Faith in the Heartland, Higher Place, Raised on Radio, and After All These Years. These are all hits that should be put on a greatest hit cd.

farwest mojo

Walks like a lady and Feeling that way....I dont care if you call it pop rock, metal or blues, they are great songs in any genre, any age, anywhere. These two are must have for any library.