Keith Urban - Graffiti U

A Hit Red Records/Capitol Records Nashville Release; ℗ 2018 Hit Red Records, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

Graffiti U Tracklist:


Great album, got the CD for the Jeep and played it all summer! Awesome uptempo music that makes you want to dance.


I miss the old Keith songs. This sounds like a bad combination of pop and electronic. I used to really like him! Definitely not country.

G!! R!! E!!A!! T!! !!!!!

Great job, I like every song!


This is a fantastic album. If an artist cannot grow, then he or she should just wither on a desert. Again Keith Urban has given us some great music!!! Country music is made in the modern world now, not in a barn. Without Keith, there are millions of fans who would not listen to country. No country star can play a guitar like him nor sing like him, although they try. Keep it up Keith, you are the best!!!!


I’ve been around forever but have never made a comment here but have to now! This album is fantastic!!! Keith has an incredible voice. He pushes the limit and shines through. Woo hoo, Keith!!!!

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this is the best music ever


Let just take a minute and pause for a moment Kieth Urban is slightly amazing but some people in the reviews pages are right about one thing about him being “Pop” I’m sorry if I’m being harsh a little bit clearly younger viewers are judging every younger or older artiest as a singer these day. Every now and then people need to focus on there self instead of Country Artiest plus Pop and Rock also Hip pop and many more like. I said some teenager are taking it too far a little...Like “omg!!! music need to be more grown up or more better” blah blah blah that is getting annoying and childish kiddo lol 😂Sometime I need to understood Music more then just listening to the beat from my earbuds... Now I’m going to tell you some of my fav song from this Album 1: Texas Time it got some good beat and feel the excitement to my ear to my heartbeat 💗 every time!!! 🔥 2:Way Too Long: It beautiful passion in between with “Blue Ain’t Your Color” it got ur feeling about being soo sad or how you been in love 🥰 every time he said “way too long” his vocal voices make it extra smooth and professional at the same time!!! 3.Horses: Make it extra Romantic and powerful every way as it get some time when I hear it from the radio in the car I just stop for a min and listen to it quietly and calming it all the way with the song with me such a great tune from Kieth 😊 Thank for listening to my reviews 💗💗 Enjoy your Day and Night!! Bye!!! Cya :)


Keith needs to disappear out of country and go to some other genre. This is not country. It’s crap.

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I saw this in concert for my 10th birthday and it was amazing I listen to the album literally every day


Keith has never been all the way country. This album has its good songs and bad songs. He’s still a great vocalist and songwriter, and one hell of a performer. This album definitely leans more to the pop side, but its still good.


Terrible album. This isn’t country. Just go to pop so you don't get played on country radio.


Keith Urban has out done himself with "Never Comin' Down." Its sole purpose is to make you want to get up and dance & be yourself. I put this song in the same class as: "Vogue"/Madonna, "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough"/Michael Jackson, "Two Doors Down"/Dolly Parton, "I Love it, I Like it"/Tim McGraw, "Boot Scootin' Boogie"/Brooks & Dunn, "Upside Down"/Diana Ross, "Boogie Wonderland"/Earth, Wind & Fire, "Dancing"/Kylie Minogue & "How Little We Know"/Frank Sinatra. Yes, I'm mixing genres, but these classics are meant to get you to dance. And, that's what this song by Urban is all about!

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More POP Garbage! ZERO STARS


Get over it people. He’s a great artist. Love the new album.


Went to his concert tour and heard these songs live. Every song he sang, the crowd sang with him. He left it all on the stage and brought us to tears on a few songs. Incredible musician! Thank you Keith!


This is not Golden Road or Fuse or Ripcord but still it is Keith. I miss him getting lost in his guitar solos and the beautiful things he can do with his voice that don’t seem to be in some of these songs. Got kind of lonely for a little something I can’t put my finger on. Still the fun-loving nature and adventurous spirit are there and this music satisfies as only Keith can.


This record is the one I’ve been waiting for Keith to make. He’s channeling his inner rock god & I love it!

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I absolutely LOVE this album! I went to go see this concert like a week ago and it was AWESOME!!! Keith is one of the most talented country singers and guitarists EVER!❤️


I can’t even describe how much I love this album. It is constantly playing in my house, in the car, at work. Everywhere. The beats are great, the lyrics are everything. Favorite album of the year.


Always five stars for me!

Edisto Ron

All around we love your music. This album is fun, sweet and rocks our country. Keep it coming!

Rick DFW

Keith at his best.


I don’t know why people hate on Keith urban he’s great!!!

Found freedom

•Fun and surprises •On my “Fierce & Fun” playlist •KU never disappoints!


Come on people give him five ⭐️ 🔥🔥


I love every album Keith Urban sings. I like his style, his delivery, his guitar playing, and his enthusiasm for evolving. He wants to stay relevant and I think that’s awesome. He appeals to different tastes in music and I think that is ideal. And his music just happens to be good.

i heart radio country

Best Album ever!!!!!!


I have been a KU fan forever. Seen him about 15 times over the years and this is the first time I’ve never bought an album of his. The last two albums before Graffiti U were venturing into too much drum machine territory and I ended up rarely listening to them, but this one has just gone way too far. I’m so disappointed, too, because I really loved him. I truly miss the old Keith.


Keith… please stay true to the genre that made us love your music. Don’t give in to this pop crap they are calling country. This pop stuff is a disgrace to country music. You and all the other real country singers should know better… and do better…do what is right and real. I will never buy any pop music just because it is listed under the genre of “country” because real country music fans know the difference.


Can't wait to see you in Tahoe in two weeks! You're an amazing artist and your music matters ... not the "label" of a single genre that differs from this album (which is not nearly the sum total of your super blessed career). I love Country and I loved your last album and I love this new album. I say: Don't let the 'number one offender' getcha ;). Like TS says, haters gonna hate hate hate hate ... shake it off. Peace!

WF BloodKing

This Is Not Country


What the HECK (because i don't want to cuss) is that mess for the last 1 1/2 min of Steal My Thunder and how do I get rid of it???? I have never been a radial Keith fan who must have everything thing he releases, but I do hope that being away from American Idol will get him back into writing and releasing songs with less "showbiz" and more substance. I did buy 3-4 off this album though- rating is for those. But wish I could refund SMT just because of the ending.......


I'll be honest i'm probably the newest KU fan in the review comments. I started listening to country and Apple Music would always suggest Keith to me. So one day I gave in and I'm glad i did that. Love his music, also love how he would branch out and reach & touch different genres. This album, Graffiti U is not a country album one bit. In fact I don't think there is a single country song. Most of its pop/country based which i love. I'll be seeing in Brooklyn this October. I can't wait. Favorite song on the album is Coming Home and a close second is Gemeni


Way too Long is hands down best song on album. That could still be us was best on last album but not released as single on radio. I hope Way too Long gets airplay. Just Keith and the piano for the most part.


I love the new album! Keith is a true entertainer and shows his depth with the variety of music he creates. While I still enjoy classic Keith, the newer tunes keep things fresh and interesting. I am a fan for life. Rock on!

In the hole9

Made better country songs when he wasn’t sober. This crap is far from country.

Goddy Gottwalt

Keith my boy, you used to be one of my favorite artists, I was excited for a new album, but to her this makes me wanna punch you on the face, this has nothing to do with country, I sing along to all your songs in the COUNTRY radio, no songs from this album should be on their “coming home” makes me wanna shoot myself, I shut the radio off everyone it plays


Keith is such a phenomenal artist and man. I love him AND ALL his music!!

roller cup

I just don’t like the club like bass.


The best!! The way to actually have a better day! I needed this, your stories in your interview, on Sirius radio, have made me stronger. Then the actual songs, I love them! I’ve even created my own playlist of songs that have helped me through some very hard times. I want to say thank you as I continue to ride my wave!!🌊❤️ Melissa


This is the best album and the best artist. Some people don’t like the new country but some like the new and old. I prefer both. Keith Urban keep up the good work and I’ll always buy your music.


I've been a Keith Urban fan for about 15 years now and he is a lot of the reason I started listening to country music a long time back. I have loved every album and how different they sounded. I tried to give Graffiti U multiple listens, but this album is terrible. The lyrics and electronic music just don't seem to compliment each other. I hate to even type this because Keith is one of the best musicians in the biz. This album is one to skip for long time Keith fans. Hope his next album is less electronic and more country sounding.


I am blown away! As always! Keith the King!!! 🔥🔥


This is an amazing album!! I love it. Have listened to it everyday on repeat since it came out. It’s different from what he usually does, but times and country music are changing. Congrats on this album, Keith. Can’t wait to see you on the Graffiti U tour!!


Keith is one of my favorite artists, but he’s straying too far from his country roots. This album doesn’t have one single song that sounds country, it’s all bubblegum pop.


KU never disappoints. Love every song! Keith Urban is an amazing musician/ artist, not afraid to take chances. Those that say he’s a sellout and not country enough #labelsareforjars You’re always going to get variety and great music with Keith urban! 💙


This isn’t even country, if your going to put out pop music go to the pop genre.


Such a great cross between country and pop... for a music lover of all genres like me! Very enjoyable to listen to, as Keith always is! Great work!!!!

honest reviews...:_

This guy use to be so talented and awesome but he sold out hard with American idol don’t waste your money

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