Idina Menzel - Gorgeous (Tracy Young Remix)

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Gorgeous (Tracy Young Remix) - Single Tracklist:


All of you people who gave it a bad review just because it's different, GO AWAY AND DIE!!! Idina Menzel is amazing and so is this remix! Just because you are afraid of change doesn't give the right to take it out on Idina! This is an amazing remix!

Saint 1

While this remix is fun and funky, it doesn't leave much to the imagination. It follows a very simlar pattern to the "Flying Monkey's Club mix" of "Defying Gravity" (and, honesty, any other remix Tracy Young has done). Simply put, it's a good remix, but not overly exciting. It's upbeat, but not enough to get you up on your feet. It's well done, but I reccommend the "Funky Junction/Antony Reale remix" if you're looking for something a little more uplifting.


I could never quite warm up to the remixes of "Defying Gravity." A pretty song on the stage, it was just too much cheese when revamped for a dancefloor. But here, Idina is showing us what she's capable of with straight up pop songs. I look forward to more. The Tracy Young Remix is definitely the best remix available on iTunes.


By far one of the best mixes that I have heard in a while. Totally reccomend purchasing this song.


Can she do better SURE!! So could Madonna, so could alot of people. At least Idina can sing! It is cool song. It is a breakout song and style for her also. She is showing the world she can do other things besides broadway show tunes. Rock on Idina!!!!


idina ur still amazing!


The original version does nothing for me, but this dance remix is slammin'.

tyson and spencer rice are so HOT

both versions are p+0-0=p


Idina Menzel is amazing!! This song is amazing!!! Her voice is GORGEOUS and she did an awesome job on the song. I love her in Wicked and Rent and in Enchanted and this pop song was a great new thing for her!!


Affter listening to Idina countless times on the Wicked soundtrack and her other two albums, I would have to say this is not a song tailored for her voice. I guess if you were in a dance club and wanted a song to dance to this could work but it would not matter who was singing it. She has such a beautiful voice, lets hope better music comes along for her to sing.


The voice seems really...wrong in this version. I much prefer the original version.


This is an OK song, but I really think that Idina Menzel should stick to what shes good at, which are songs that show off her beautiful voice like defying gravity, and I'm not that girl, both of which are from Wicked. She shouldnt be doing these pop songs, it just doesn't suit her.


painful. she is going nowhere


There are better songs but this one isn't bad. I prefer the remix over the other one though.


I like this song a lot. The regular version is nice too. But making it a remix, was a good idea. This song is different from her songs from Wicked. Very good.

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