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Broadway Lollipop

Idina Menzel, the best singer in the world in my opinion, is back!! This song, "Gorgeous," is a fun, catchy, pop song about being able to get through anything with the one you love. Rent and Wicked, of course, were Broadway phenomenons, so you can't really compare this song (and the rest of her "I Stand" album) with it because they're two totally different genres. However, "Gorgeous" doesn't only let Idina's beautiful voice ring, but it also is a fun, sweet, beautiful song that compels you to get up and dance! Please, buy this song, and begin to experience just what Idina can do!


i love idina's wicked stuff but this is great too!


i love idina but i agree with sasafras, i just always picture her theatre singing. i love her, but i just like her better doing rent or wicked.

All You Need Is Luv

Idina is amazing and this third single on her new album helps prove it! I love her as Elphaba, Kate, Maureen, Amneris, all of her characters; but I especially love her as herself. The lyrics are great and I can't wait for her album.


omgodness- i love this album ssoooo much. !!! I also love that you sort of made Alpaba in your audition !!!! I love the song Defy Gravity it is, and always, will be my favorite!!!!


I can't wait for Idina's new album and I'm in love with this song! This song is truly amazing and Idina is truly one of the most talented woman out there!


I really like Idina's voice, but I totally think she looks BETTER GREEN!!!!!


Its good, but for anyone who's actually seen her live as elphaba on stage in all tht green make up, all i can see when i look at her face is elphaba


I love this song! I had only seen her in Rent before this. What a voice she has! I've already preordered the CD.


I love idina menzel and i love everything she does and this is my favorite song ever!! GO IDINA YAY!


basically Idina Menzel is the most amazing preformer, has the most amazing voice and the cutest personality ever! plus she has a hot husband. if you dont love her, you should.


If you just love a feel-good song, you absolutely must buy this! I'm a huge IDINA fan - she was amazing in WICKED and in RENT, and with this single we get to see a new side of the beautiful woman with an amazing voice that she is!!! Me and my friends will listen to any of her music and she is sooo amazing that it makes the hair on your arms stand up! I <3 Idina and this song!!!

green elixir

This song is beautiful, and it conveys a great message. I think it's better than Brave, and going to be one of the best on the album! Looking forward to it!


Idina Menzel has no doubt, one, if not the best, voice out there. Her purity of voice and vocal range is amazing. I was shocked when I saw this album single because I am so used to seeing her on stage in the spot light. This is definitely a change from the musical theatre Idina I know, but it is nice to see her mix it up a little. Great Job on this Single!


Idina Menzel acted in Wicked, the broadway preformance as Elphaba, and is one of the most powerful singers i have ever heard. She really puts herself into the music, and isn't afraid to hold back. If you like this song, i would recommend checking out the Wicked soundtrack. Just so you know, she was the Elphaba in the New York production on Broadway.


This sing is so fun to listen and its nice and upbeat. Buy.


This song is so Idina, it is so amazing! It has a very addicting beat to it and it shows her voice off in every which way. She has made a wonderful transition from Broadway star to solo artist. I totally recommend this song its so good!


I love this song!!! I knew her from my favorite movie "Rent".I always loved her voice as Maureen, but i didn't know she was an acual singer!


thought it was wierd to see it thought she was more musical theatre but i love it :] <3 i'd recommend buying it

tyson and spencer rice are so HOT

this song ISN'T gorgeous




its that slow pop with the high vocals i h8 that sh$t but thats me personally if your into fast upbeat pop i do not reccomend this. if youre into slow high note vocals then this is your stuff.


stick to the stage. i dont think she has a voice for pop, or mainstream music. She has a great stage voice.


YESSS!!! Increadible! Almost, sorta, kinda like she used to be! Pure...


Idina Menzel is still going strong from her big hit in Wicked!


Im so excited to see something else by her other than defying gravity! I adore idina Menzel...saw Wicked 3 times just because of her voice( the play was awesome too!) . This is a pretty good pop song, I hope it does well. Looking forward to her album :)


"Gorgeous" is an exciting new single from Idina Menzel. While the song sends an uplifting and universal message about the power of love, there's a melodic and lyrical darkness that is very haunting and captivating. This studio version captures that balance very well. Of the songs unveiled from "I Stand" so far, this is the one that most closely resembles Menzel's earlier rock/soul sound from her debut album "Still I Can't Be Still," and one that truly allows the passion and power in her voice to shine.


omg, her voice is AMAZING!! i loved it in the musical Wicked! when i saw she had a single out...i totally flipped! cant wait for the album. she was amazing in wicked and enchanted!! GO IDINA MENZEL!!!


That "I Stand" was not chosen as the second single (by the way, did some people just miss Brave? Because that's been out awhile people)... However, Gorgeous is almost as good. It's a bit more pop than Brave. But it's a fine song. Idina has grown a lot from being the original Elphaba or the original Maureen. She's not just an amazing, Tony-winning actress anymore. The verses are superb, particularly the second. And her voice shines as always.

g l e e b e r r y 22

I love Idina Menzel! Her voice is just so pure. Her songs just keep getting better and better. She was awesome in the musical Wicked and she acted really well in Enchanted. Releasing another album is something that will really boost her career higher than it already is! We Love You Idina!!!!


Amazing!!! I love this song and I can't wait for her new album


the beginning is not so good but the middle gets you into the song and keeps you listening




i can't beleave it! it's Elphie from wicked! i have to buy this song! she has an amazing voice!


it is hard to picture idina back in her green make-up as elphaba, but listening to this song makes me feel good about myself for some weird reason. She is a very talented actress and singer and she is spreading her talent into newer song which are better than i expected them to be. keep on singing until you reach over the rainbow.


her voice is unique and her style is pretty different when it comes to her song "Gorgeous". I've listened to her pop version of "Defying Gravity" and I have to say, she is fabulous.


Idina Menzel's career really kicked off when she starred in RENT. Fans all around the country fell in love with her voice including me. She's got a lot of talent and I think her voice is really a refreshing take to the music industry.


I have to admit, I was a bit surprised when I saw this single. I mean, Idina has a fantastic voice, but I've always seen her as a musical theatre singer. This song was a bit weird, and I wish it would have shown off her voice more. It's hard because nothing will ever come close to her performance in Wicked... All in all though, it was pretty good.


this song is great. i really show her beautiful voice! its so powerful! i love it!


isn't this the girl from wicked? well anyways she has a good voice but i don't think this is good song that shows off her voice. over all, pretty good though.....

mazing manda x3

This song is pretty good. Idina's voice is so fresh and expressive. If you like colbie from bubbly you might like this song <3


I LOVE wicked-- and Idina Menzel has an amazing voice but i think that this song a small bit boring and it is definatly very plain-- much different from defying gravity.


Let me just say that I love Idina Menzel's voice. This song excellently captures her talent and her emotions and I cannot wait for the next single and the release of her new album.

eye popper

I remember her name b/c she's the girl that plays Patrick Dempsey's fiancee from that new Disney movie "Enchanted." I didn't know she was a singer!! Very good song and great voice.


Idina has a great voice with amazing range. BUT she should stick to musicals and this song proves it. While its pretty enough and the dance remix has a cachy beat, the tonality of her voice isn't pop and commercial -- it's just best suited for the world of musical characters (ie the original Broadway cast recording of Wicked) not pop singles like Gorgeous.

broadway legend

ive heard this song on her myspace.. i love it its soo amazing

AstroTj great! A lot more upbeat than Brave, a lot better, also. Idina did another great job, now only for I Stand and Better To Have Loved!


This song is powerful and it shows off her beautiful voice. I'm glad she went out of her comfort zone and did this song. Great!


I love all of Idina's songs. The lyrics are always beautiful and meaningful, and this song is not exception. Great song, and she sounds amazing as always.

caitlin williams

hey ideener fans! This is a great song, and is the perfect song to follow BRAVE..i love this song and i know all the ideeners out there will too..great job Idina and keep up the good work!..if you like this you're going to love her new cd..Jan 29:) This song shows off some great range for Idina. You can really hear her voice behind it and almost feel her presence.

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