Idina Menzel - Gorgeous (Lior Magal Vocal Dub)

℗ 2007 Warner Records Inc.

Gorgeous (Lior Magal Vocal Dub) - Single Tracklist:

Because I Say So

Out of all the remixes I previewed for "Gorgeous", this one was the only one I ended up buying. The breakdown (which is in the preview) is absolutely beautiful and anthemic, and the production throughout is incredible. The song in its original form is already pretty great, but Lior Magal just takes it even higher.


But not the best. Tracy Young Remix is the best. I would suggest buying that remix before any other.... This remix (to me) is the worst Gorgeous remix. It's not bad!! Just not the best


This beat is truely something different from what I've heard in a long time. Magal is complementing Menzel with this solid progressive groove, the arrangement is unique and the breakdown is breathtaking. what a combination of artist and remixer!!! We would love to hear more of this collaboration!! thanx . . .

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