Idina Menzel - Gorgeous (Gabriel Diggs' Perfect 10 Remix)

℗ 2007 Warner Records Inc.

Gorgeous (Gabriel Diggs' Perfect 10 Remix) - Single Tracklist:

Gorgeous Perfect 10 Remix

Gabriel Diggs' Gorgeous Remix easily trumps all the other Gorgeous Remixes. He has the talent to flow the music into every part of your soul and beyond. Way to go my man! I can't wait to see you explode into the stars and outshine all the others with your creativity, talent and strength!!


I love all of these Gorgeous remixes! They're all great! She should make a music video for this song, and maybe one for the remix like an alternate version of the music video. anyways...this song rocks! This remix rocks! And Idina is amazing! Oh and itunes, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get Idina's other music video for Minuet! Not a lot of people know about it (cuz she made it a while ago) and if you put it on here all Idina fans will love it and will love you itunes so PLEASE put it on!!


She is really good! I espically luv defying gravity funk remix!! She has a good voice and she was the one who played Elpheba in Wicked. She is going to get more popular soon!


It's absolutely amazing how this super talented broadway star is now singing on her own. She has a fabulous voice. This remix is funky yet somehow relaxing. Yay Idina!

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