Idina Menzel - Gorgeous - EP

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These remixes completely killed the song Idina originally intended "Gorgeous" to be. The strong beat behind the music makes the song lose its powerful sound that it had before. NONE of these are worth buying.


Just so you know, that was a happy "AGH"! Normally, remixers can't remix anything, but boy, DID THEY ROCK AT THIS ONE!! Gorgeous is one of Idina's more up-beat songs, and also one of her newer songs. So not all Idina fans know about it...and most of the ones who DO know and love Gorgeous, will hate these remixes cause they can't face the fact that remixers actually CAN remix an Idina song well!!! The remixes for Defying Gravity were horrible, but the mixers proved themselves with these!! These are the best mixes I have ever heard! My favorite is Tracy Youg Remix Edit! That one is soooo awesome!! The second best is Funky Junction, and the third is Craig C's Master Edit!! The worst is Lior Magal Vocal Dub Edit. That one isn't amazing as the others are!! Gorgeous (Tracy Young Remix) - The best!!! This one makes you wanna dance! 100/5 (can't limit this rating =D ) Gorgeous (Craig C's Master Edit) - Another awesome version! This one is another dance-able song! 5/5 Goregous (Funky Junction) - AWESOME! On this one, I actually's so compelling. 5/5 Gorgeous (Lior Magal Vocal Dub) - =( meh...not good. 2.5/5 Gorgeous (Scotty K Remix) - Another dancer!! 3/5


DO NOT bother with these remixes. the original is sooo much better and shows off her voice more instead of making the focus on the beat..... because i know as an idina fan that i listen to her songs for her voice and not the rhythm. Half the time i cant even sing along because i just want to be able to hear her voice. She is such an inspiration to me because its my dream to be on broadway. PLEASE... I AM BEGGING YOU. DO NOT BUY THIS.... BUY GORGEOUS OFF OF HER I STAND ALBUM. IT IS SOOOO MUCH BETTER. *IDINA ROX* ashley-kay


Idina!!!! Release this album already!!! We need your talent and energy in the music world!!! This song has just shot up to the top of our 'Wedding Song' list..........and my guy never even got to see you on Broadway......but even he thinks your 'WICKED' !!!!! Elphaba Eternal........Idina INFINITY!!!!!! Rock on girl!!!!

JC Alvarez

There's something simply gorgeous about Idina Menzel -- whether it's her unique voice or penetrating looks -- the girl's got mad skillz! With this offering, the third single off of her forthcoming solo effort, Menzel is poised to steal the diva dance throne of gay dance icons every where! The lyrics have all the makings of a gay-club anthem but these remix although thrilling don't really speed Menzel vocally into the stratosphere that she is hoping to claim. Tracy Young's remix is hardly inspired, although lots of fun; the real thrill comes from the Funky Junction take but even that one is missing something. You won't be disappointed if you download this package -- Idina will win you over...but you'll wish DJ producers the like of Radboy or the Freemasons had gotten their hands on this track. It's never too late -- and it's still gorgeous!


These songs may be more into the pop culture and if Idina wasnt doing it I would like it "fine". The problem is Idina is being rather hypocritical. In her first album "still I cant be still" she sings about pop culture and how she wont give into the fad. But now she is doing remixes, completly contradicting herself! So I just have one question, where is Idina and when can I get her back?


Ew..What happened to her?? Broadway, real person, not selling out to the man or pop culture????


This is so GREAT!! Idina is VERY VERY VERY talented and shouldnt be messed with!


that' s just what the song is haha. idina's inspiring as usual. i'm a much bigger fan of the original mix than of the remixes, just as i was w/defying gravity, but in their defense: i know for a fact that the gay community is a HUGE market for idina. i think that's great, and the gay dance clubs is probably where these mixes will be played, so some of her biggest fans can dance to her song.


Idina Menzel is an amazing singer, no doubt about it, but being completely honest, she's not a singer to mess around and remix all her songs. Her songs are so much more natural and pure when her voice isn't edited and echoed all the time. This song is great, even though the remixes ruin it, but I'm still giving props to Idina, good job.


I don't like these remixes, or Defying Gravity's remixes. That take away from the original Idina.


this was the perfect thing to tide me over until Dees new album comes out in January. if you like this you should check out her other albums or her other single from her new album I STAND called brave


Idina has done it again. the unremixed song is beautiful but the remixes at that extra something. great to dance to. definatley reccomend


This is SOOO COOOL! I love every remix! So worth it if you just can't wait until Jan. 29th! Idina is my fav.!!!


I have loved Idina since RENT and of course loved her in wicked. This is a different Idina and it's great. I am excited to hear the entire album since she did write a lot of the songs.

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