Mac Miller - GO:OD AM

โ„— 2015 Warner Records Inc.

GO:OD AM Tracklist:



Most Dope Forever

E. Atherton



Love Mac

pharis wheat

he is my idol. my king. my everything. i love everything and anything about him. iโ€™m sad to say that i became a fan of his after his passing. the day he died (i didnโ€™t know yet) i listened to the โ€œswimmingโ€ album. half way through the album i got a notification on twitter saying โ€œmac miller has passed away at 26โ€ i just dropped my phone and sat in bed while the album still played. i was in disbelief. i was half way through the album and i knew i wanted to see him on tour and getting that notification kind of broke something inside of me. i was devastated. because i knew i would never be able to see him in concert or meet him and i knew he was my new favorite male artist. i am still in mourning currently and its 2019. i think iโ€™ll still be in mourning because this death really took a tole on me. mac, this is personally for you. i love you forever and with all my heart. i miss you so much. i respect and honor your courage for dealing and fasting all your demons. i know you suffered with substance abuse but just know this wasnโ€™t your fault. i remember in the song ascension on your album โ€œGO:OD AMโ€ you said that you were afraid to die and i wonder if before you died you still were. i will unconditionally love you forever.


Probably Macs most mature projects. Youโ€™re missed bro ๐Ÿ’” rest up.


rest in peace




The absolute most underrated album of 2015. His best work to date, no question.

This name is_already taken

Most dope ๐Ÿ‘

Water Buffalo Boyo

Every song on this album is enjoyable in itโ€™s own way. Macโ€™s beat selection was beyond perfect, each is unique but they all have the same underplaying vibe/feel to it that makes the whole album flow together so nicely. Iโ€™ve listened to this album many times, the whole way through and picking songs in playlists, and it still has not grown old to me. One of my favorite albums of all time and I hate to say it but I highly doubt Mac will be able to top this album.


Mac Miller became one of my top 5 fav rappers with this album. I listened to Kids and became a fan then as time went on, I noticed his music started to mature a bit.


I was introduced to this album by an old friend. We got high and listened to it while we played pool in his basement. I'd heard a couple of his songs before and thought the beats were dope. Didn't pay much attention to the lyrics at the time. Now I'm in college, trying to stick to the straight and narrow (to some degree of success) and this album resonates with me more and more everyday. It's such a beautiful story. Mac sets his eyes on money, gets tangled up in drugs, and really loses sight of why he wanted money in the first place. He finally cleans up when he realizes how he's starting to affect other people, and realizes he's finally made it. While on the surface this album may come across as just a bunch of drug references and misogynistic bragging, it's one of the most human and relatable things I've ever heard. Mac's not perfect, but he's trying his best. Just like me.

Sir Lance A-LOT

Listen closely

Mike Hackerts

Hold tha butta


Love it so far, can't wait till full release!


One of Mac Miller best ablum. I can listen to this from beginning to end.




My fav Mac album

[email protected]/)/'ban

Mac's back with a revival album about his wake up


Mac is just something else. This just rocked my world. He needs to do more albums. Best stuff out there right now.


I โค๏ธ the way u make me feel, i โค๏ธ it, i โค๏ธ it Love this song


This guy never seizes to impress me and keep me motivated for new music. A lot of artists change towards the mainstream crap everyone wants but Mac stays true to himself. Jump, 100 Grandkids, Doors, In the Bag, ah they're all outstanding songs!


Mac never disappoints


Mac is so epic. I love his work


Absolutely love Weekend ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’— got that on replay 24/7


Mac, you're tha man dawg! Every album is better than the last!


I remember when I first heard Mac, Though I though he sounded like a corny white kid I liked his music nonetheless, But gosh has this dude improved as a rapper!! They sleep on this catโ€ฆ I hope he blows up!


Great album


Mac is back and better than ever


This is one of my favorite albums , it's diverse and love Mac ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


Love this album๐Ÿ”ฅ


Awesome dude awesome.

The trill swaggy P

This is an unbelievable album. I am amazed someone could produce such beauty.


Whole album was good


Thank you Mac..


why are you looking at this review? Buy the album already!


Yo Mac killed this album he never seems to amaze me off this album I can say my favorite songss on this project would be Brand name, rush hour, time flies, weekend & clubhouse can't wait till next album or mixtape


What a great Album. Love Ascension and jump.




This album did not get as much attention as it deserved, EVERY SINGKE SONG ON THIS ALBUM WAS PERFECTION


Mac's personal and artistic growth seriously crescendos here. I was ok with blue slide park. I enjoyed movies with the sound off. And I love GO:OD AM. A truly stunning album, and my number one of the year


Mac Miller really stepped up his game lyricaly with this album, by far one of his greatest albums he has put out. Some songs that are my favorite you should check out are Brand Name, Rush Hour, Weekend, God Speed, When in Rome, and jump. What makes this album different, then his other albums is the flow, and creative thinking. If I had to say something bad about the album it would be he raps about money a little to much, but hey he is a self made millionaire.


Straight fire, best album of 2015 by far




God I love this guy so much, he's killing so much ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ ugh so underrated. Glad I got to meet him this year, anyways GO:OD AM is fire AF


Mac Miller is such an amazing lyricist and always knows how to relate to his listeners. He's been through a lot and so have I (and I'm sure you have too). If you're considering buying this album, DO IT. If you like this album and you like dope, deep and meaningful lyrics you should also cop Mac Miller's album Watching Movies With The Sound Off...that album is sick.


Every song is good, and it's so real

Do da di daaaaa

brand name and rush hour are the best. a few of the songs are pretty slow but still good.


Love this dude and always will, missed the concert but I will definitely be at the next one!!!! Keep up the freaking amazing work Mac!

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