Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere

β„— 2006 Gnarls Barkley under exclusive license to Downtown Music, LLC and Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States, Canada and Mexico.

St. Elsewhere Tracklist:


One of, if not my absolute favorite albums of all time. Danger Mouse is hands down one of the greatest producers to ever walk the earth and Cee Lo is a modern king of soul, the only issue I have with this and the Odd Couple are that they’re the only full albums in the Gnarls Barkley discography, I so hope we get another album, especially with how this year has been


Crazy is actually a somewhat decent 3 star song, but the rest is as annoying, grating and unfortunate as Cee-Lo himself is. While reviewing this, i could only think: "They're famous for this? Really?" Talk about vastly, dramatically overblown and overrated. I'm still wiping the blood from my ears. Nearly every time Cee-Lo opens his mouth with those scary shark-like teeth I'm treated to the sound of a cat undergoing surgery sans anesthetic. Aside from Crazy, there's really only two positives about this album. First, nearly all of the songs are short. Though dropping lots of short songs is generally a sign of a lack of actual talent, I see the brevity of the tracks a blessing. Less pain to sit through when revewing a garbage album. The second positive is all the room reviewing this album made on my IPod. I was given this album a decade ago and only just now got around to reviewing it as i started running out of space. There's far too many good songs out there to keep this pretentious junk cluttering my IPod. Except for Crazy, all of these songs were easy throwaway decisions. Crazy is a 3 star song and the rest are all throwaways. The overall album rating would be 1 star if not for Crazy.


Every time I hear this son, the memories start playinπŸ“½

The video game master

The album is good! Extremely experimental, like more than Gorillaz' self-titled review, but nonetheless it never lets down. NOTE: Apple incorrectly lists The Grey Album, Danger Mouse's (who is 1/2 half of Gnarls Barkley) Jay-Z Beatles mixtape, as a Gorillaz album that DM produced, when instead, DM produced Gorillaz' phenomenal second album Demon Days, and The Grey Album is unassociated with Gorillaz. Yea


I remember listening to this album with my dad everyday in the car whenever we went somewhere and then my parents got a divorce but I think listening to this album really helps me remember the times when life was easy. My favorite track has got to be Crazy


There isn't 1 track I could even think of skipping on this album. The fact that this didn't get a Grammy is mind boggling to me. The production by Danger a Mouse is legendary. Each song is a new entity in of itself. Cee Lo KILLED this album, and in a good way. One of the greatest albums I've ever heard, period.




Gnarls Barkley has shown us all a new experimental side of hip-hop with St. Elsewhere. From Go-Go Gadget Gospel to Necromancer. Gnarls Barkley has struck gold!

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β˜…β˜…I love!β˜…β˜…


Looked and looked for this song ~ and found it on a great album.


This is the best music I've ever herd!

The awsome lj

5150 certifiable. Bit a good real girl.!!!! Love me. 7. And that is 100%. Real love so I will take crazy any day period!!!


Hahaha bless your soul.


Omg I can't wait to get a iTunes card! Lol :)


Soul singer in New York this amazing musique


Really all I want to know is βž‘β¬†Is It Cee Lo Green or Another Person who Sounds EXACTLY like him a AND LOOKS like him? and if it is another person explain who this person is.β¬… someone Please answer that for me in the Simplest way possible Thank You.


Who would imagine that crazy made me cry after 7 years I havent listen to it.


The song crazy was named the best song of the 2000's by Rolling Stone magazine. He has one of the best voices of R&B whether by himself, in Gnarles Barkley, mentoring Andre 3000, recording a multiple GRAMMY Award winning song "Fool for You" with Melanie Fiona, or with Goodie Bop.

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This is essentially a fusion of soul, funk, electronic, alternative, techno. rock, pop and even hip-hop. Of the aforementioned genres, there are few I regularly listen to. However, Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse simply create such a tempting harmony that every song, though some require some listens to warm up, is catchy and nearly impossible to skip on a mix; and once you learn the words, you'll be singing every lyric to your heart's every delight. Indeed in my perhaps biased opinion it is that good of an album: it is so unique as to be irresistible. The following ratings are based on a scale of comparisons to other songs on the album; if not for that, most songs would get nearly perfect scores in my opinion. Go Go Gadget Gospel: A crafty use of alliteration to formulate the song's name, this song is pure joy. The lyrics aren't as deep as they come later in the album, yet it provokes the same twindling emotion nevertheless. Singing this tune will certainly put a smile on your face. Catchy. May require a few listens to really get into it. (8/10) Crazy: Critically acclaimed, to perhaps too great of an extent. Regardless, this song has much to deliver; notwithstanding Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse didn't see much potential in it. The lyrics are deep, but again, not as deep they come. The instrumental of this song is possibly my favorite amongst those which are rather basic. Sad song that promotes happiness somehow. Best harmony on the album, yet not my favorite, perhaps due to its mass recognition. This may be the only song you probably won't sing along to because of Cee-Lo's precious talent. (9/10) St. Elsewhere: In comparison to the other songs on the album, this song is a relatively weak effort. The ride cymbal makes the music all the deeper. This song is, like Crazy, emotionally depressive, but less enjoyable. Of course, it is still awesome, but skipable. (6/10) Gone Daddy Gone: A cover of a Violent Femms, this song has one of the more outstanding appeals to new-comers. To veterans though, it isn't as much of a stand-out. This is a pretty innovative remake, especially considering its lack of correlation to the Gnarls Barkley style. Yet, it is blatantly nothing short of a good work. Not bad, but not with a strong lasting appeal. (7/10) Smiley Faces: This is my favorite song on this album; it is, in my opinion, the deepest -- though it takes a few listens to really uncover the aspect. "I see you smiling, which is easily one of the hardest things to do" is genius. The background effect causes the beat to be impossible to ignore, all supported by a prominent and almost unchanging bass line, which carries the song though it is hard to notice at first. This only became my favorite after my fifth time listening through the album, and since then my opinion of it hasn't changed. I think I've listened to this full album at least 20 times. The coolest thing is how Cee-Lo seems so alienated by the trauma of losing whomever ran away from him, and that the lyrics, though seemingly unintelligent or average at times, truly promote perspective. Truly a work of art. (10/10) The Boogie Monster: A lot of people appreciate this song's comedic value and bass. It's somewhat cool, but this song has never really reached out to me in any way. It strikes me as a filler, but many would disagree. Give it a try. You might find what I don't in it. (5/10) Feng Shui: Catchy! Again, with somewhat comedic value. Many of the songs seem to be from the perspective of an obsessed fanatic on the album; this is certainly no exception. Short, but it holds its ground. This is the only hip-hop song on the album. I like it a lot: it will surely be stuck in your head at some point. If you don't enjoy it at first, give it time. It has good "stickiness," though I'll admit it can get old. (8/10) Just a Thought: Whoa! A suicidal song. While I still think Smiley Faces is the deepest song, this is certainly the most depressing. The drums heard in this song are my favorite addition to any of the tunes on here. The ending instrumental techno thing is quite an experience, which I can honestly say sounds like pain. Though this song is overly sad, it won't kill your mood if you don't get too into it. I highly recommend it since it's really well-done. (9/10) Transformer: A truly stupid follow-up to a great, meaningful song. Techno can be good, but this is just obnoxious -- which can also be good, but believe you me, not in this circumstance. Overall simply annoying. The public opinion may differ. (3/10) Who Cares?: This song is far from being catchy, but should be appreciated for what it offers nonetheless. "And I didn't believe in magic until I watched it disappear" may be my favorite individual line on the album. Worth a few listens, and has some comedic value as well. Similar to Gone Daddy Gone. (7/10) Online: Most dismiss this as a filler tune. I refute this; it's got a cool little beat and its climax is catchy. Due to its length, there isn't much to say about it though. (6/10) Necromancer: Again, a song that explores the mind of a demented psychopath. This song is a little weird, but the beat is the bomb. Nice work by Danger Mouse. Disturbing lyrics, but since they are written out of fun, the song itself being classifiable as such. (6/10) Storm Coming: Subpar lyrically-speaking, perhaps on purpose. This was Gnarls Barkley's first song. Weak at first, but drives it home in the end. Sometimes I just fast-forward to the last minute in a half. "Don't ask why; just live and die" is a cool little line among the disorganized wordage. The score is increased because of the ending. (7/10) The Last Time: A nice little diddy at first. I often skip it though because it doesn't leave the sense of closure provided by Storm Coming. Gets old faster than any other song on here. (4/10)


I love this song it's catchy


This type of music makes me feel good. Soul. Cee Lo's singing is so unique and great. I love Crazy. I wish more songs were like that.


Who cares?


I listened to the song F*** You by Cee Lo Green and at first I hated it. Over a period of months the song grew on me because of its incessant playing on the radio. After looking up the artist, I found this to be an earlier work and decided I would try it. I love the entire album! Especially the Rorschach styled music video of Crazy. I hope you purchase this album so you can enjoy this wonderful duo as well.


Coming from someone who does not generally appreciate the hip hop movement, there is true musical value here. This offering manages to display the potential of the genre by bringing many musical styles epochs to creat a pleasant oasis in the wasteland that is be come hip hop today.


People have a bad habit of hating or dismissing what they don't understand. They say, "this persons crazy" or "I don't like how it sounds, I hate it." Honestly, would you rather everything sound the same as your favorite artist? I think that would get old pretty fast. Hate it, Love it, whatever. Be appreciative that there can be so much diversity in music, in the World for that matter. At a time when everything sounds the same... to me that is, it's nice to hear something so abstract. Even if I don't like it. Crazy is my favorite but that is because the lyrics mean something to me, and it's the only song I baught or listened to all the way through. Honestly. Peace Everyone, peace.


That St. Elsewhere's average score is 4 stars when The Odd Couple is 4 1/2. But this albums a little better than their latest release. I gave it 5 stars cause I want it to be at the height of The Odd Couple's average score. Don't know bout you though. I'm not a big fan of Cee-Lo that much, but him with Danger Mouse is still cool. Favorite song: Transphormer

Bob,halo,girls my life

Love this guy does that make me crazy LOVE IT. Better than girls in πŸ‘™

By Lauren A.ξŒͺ

Luv ya Cee Lo! I love the version where all the voice coaches do it but it ain't on iTunes. Dang it. AWESOME though!!!!!! GREAT VOICE!!!!


Beef ripper stealth ninja


U people do know that cee-lo does in fact sing in crazy?! Well he does. Duh


The crazy song is my favorite !!!! Such an amazing song


Crazy sounds like cee-lo!!😌


The song St Elsewhere actually makes me want to drive off and never look back every time I hear it.

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THis album is a great addition to my iTunes collection. I recommend you get "Crazy", "Smiley Faces", "Who Cares?", and DEFINATLEY "Just A Thought".


This is to the person saying they stole crazy and gone daddy gone from the violent femmes. The gnarls Barkley version came before the violent femme's version, so there is absolutely no way they could have stolen the song, (without a time machine), from them. And they were given permission to do their own cover of gone daddy gone, a song which originally itself used a whole entire verse from another person's song in itself, by the violent femmes. So don't go giving this a bad rating because you aren't smart enough to get your facts straight. (This is a great album btw, super chill.)

overby james

Great album, very solid CD.

Weewee peewee

CRAZY good! O3O

Lil Sauce1

awesome songs!


This is one of my favorite albums. Just a perfect combination between Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo Green. This is a must have album for any music lover.

i like ac

its so nice to find someone like gb. he's new and fresh and not trying to copy everyone else like the pop stars these days are. i mean serouisly every somg is like the same now


I'm not sure which is better: the song or the music video for it. To make a music video out of animated inkblots was shear genius. I certainly never would thought to make that connection between the two, but it was a great concept. The song itself was also very entertaining.


Has anyone else noticed that rolling in the deep by adele sounds a lot like crazy?


crazy is the only good one the rest are so so. too many better albums out there


All i can say is this album is simply GREAT!!!!! Whoever dont like it has problems with amazing music.

Dr Ruiz

So many great tunes


I am crazy for crazy!!!

Alex Maples

It's good, and worth buying, but it irks me that people are calling Gnarls Barkley "he." Gnarls Barkley isn't a person. It's Cee Lo Green and Danger Mouse, not just a guy named Gnarls Barkley.

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When I first heard this it reminded me of something from the 70's but a lot more & definitely a lot better better, all I know for sure is I love it.