Ashley McBryde - Girl Going Nowhere

℗ 2017, 2018 Ashley McBryde under exclusive license to Warner Music Nashville LLC.

Girl Going Nowhere Tracklist:


There is no reason to even skip a song! They are all hands down amazing!


After a long day, listened to Fooled around and feel in love with Ashley and a lot more amazing artists who I then fell in love with and started digging listened to a couple live performances and my oh my!!!!!! Talk about Clarity,Passion, emotions, genuine,love, realness and so much more! Amazing ALBUM! Album of the YEAR Till 2030’


I love her stories in her songs. She puts them together so well and their from the heart. Her upbeat tunes like “better on the water” from her “jalopies and expensive guitars” album can get a party started or keep it going... which ever comes first!

Judd Madison

Ashley this is a masterpiece.


Absolutely fabulous. She’s the best “Country” female vocalist in the business, in my opinion.


This is it, girl!!!!!


Sitting here on my bed with tears in my eyes. Girl Going Nowhere is one of the most heartfelt beautiful songs I’ve heard in a long time. Definitely hoping this chick keeps the old country style going because she is incredible!! 😊


One of the Best Albums by a Country Artist I’ve heard in the last 20 years! Thank Goodness Beautiful REAL Country voices like Ashley’s is still around!!

Maygan Amanda

What a breath of fresh air, she is truly bring back the true country sound! We need more artist like her!

Terri Ames

Had heard so much about this, and found it to be rather boring.


Great album! Finally glad to see Ashley get the recognition she deserves. It was emotional but oh so appropriate to see/hear her perform Girl Goin' Nowhere on the ACM awards show.


I feel as though I’ve found a pot of gold after listening to “Girl Going Nowhere,” she’s my new favorite artist. Her vocals are like honey, smooth & sweet, with a little rasp & sass as well on the title track, heartfelt & true to her core. There isn’t one cut that’s better than the last, honestly. Every single song on the album touched me emotionally - isn’t that what music is supposed to do? Brava! I can’t wait to watch her journey to the stars - she’s going somewhere, far, far beyond nowhere!


I was introduced to her in a bar and grill in Hardy, Arkansas. And on that day I told my husband this girl is going to be a star. And I became one of her biggest fan. And today she was awarded ACM New Female Country Artist of the Year. Congratulations Ashley!!

The. Mom

It’s been a really long time since I’ve purchased an entire album from ITunes, but after seeing and hearing Ashley on CBS morning show this morning, I knew it would be amazing. And it is!!! Such good country music and what a voice!!


This woman is a breath of fresh air in this crazy world! As each song plays she tells you a story about her life and makes you feels like you are in the passenger seat with her. She is bringing country back to its roots.


I heard “Andy” awhile back and loved it but didn’t follow up on who the clever & beautiful singer was! Just heard “girl goin’ nowhere” twice on the radio today...downloaded entire album...& found Andy again! Love this album—fantastic!!!


She’s the Adele of country music...mark my words!


I just saw her in Vegas. The best singer song are out there right now


Just heard her name for the first time this week. A friend in Florida said "hey you gotta hear this gal named Ashley McBryde". The first song I listened to was "Dahlonega". I was sold from there. I love her grit, and down home honesty. She's a tattooed whiskey drinking girl with a voice and and a message. She delivers it incredibly. Ashley you are the real deal. I now hope to see you on tour. RMR


Ashley was singing on the TV over the December 2018 Christmas holiday's for one on the networks. I was unfamiliar with her and by fluke happened to catch her half way in a song. I loved her voice, the song she was singing and how well her band accompanied her. I went to the iTunes store and after demoing her songs, bought the album. This lady is absolutely GREAT and a MUST BUY, if you enjoy well crafted folk/country harmonies, lyrics and rhythm.


Ashley McBride is the real deal. Great writer, story teller and singer. Her raw delivery makes her believable. She has been paying her dues for a long time and Girl Goin’ Nowhere is definitely going somewhere fast. She is like a female version of Eric Church. Look for her to have staying power!!!


Love her voice...songs are awesome


The ladies are keeping it classic and putting out better music then all the guys. Keep it up! Amazing album!

CW2 O'B.

Keeping it real and down home. A voice that calls up past hurts and loves. And a bar in northern Georgia.


This is a top 5 album of 2018 and for a debut is extremely impressive. Highly recommend. Radioland, American Scandal, and of course Girl Going Nowhere are some notable songs. This is the female country artist that we need now, we are starving for more great female talent, Ashley is the brightest.


Hands down one of the best albums from a female country artist in a while! It’s a true country album and I can’t get enough, I especially love “The Jacket” 💜 I’m excited to see what she does in the future!


I instantly fell in love. This album is amazing. Her voice gets me feeling like Janis meets Dolly. So powerful and personal.

Merlin's Mom 70

Wonderful storyteller/amazing voice!

The Pug Savior

Real, raw and hits you in heart

Scott from the sandbox

Had the privilege to see the young talented women in of all places, Djibouti, Africa. I think I downloaded her first album right then and there. Great performer, love this Girl!


She’s the real deal folks! Such a great sound and a refreshing break from the pop-tart country they play on the radio these days.


I remember the first time I heard a little dive bar, stopped me in my tracks, cranked up the radio, for days after I was trying to peg the artist behind this gem. I'm relentless and finally stumbled on Ashley McBryde. True form of classic country. When I describe her to people I say "a more refined Miranda Lambert", so blessed to hear the real deal back on the radio. Prepare yourself to hear this young lady's name over and over. Just an incredible album! Well done!!!!


her voice is absolutely beautiful!


Amazing album! Love the honesty and the her voice!


to my favorite streaming album. Great lyrics. Great vibe. Can't wait to see her win awards.


Ashley’s hard work pays off in this earnest debut effort. There is a sincerity in her voice that has grown rare in modern country music. A country song is supposed to be representative of real life, and Ms. Mcbryde delivers in spades. “Home Sweet Highway” has a familiar melancholy to it, that is relatable to anyone who pines for the past, and wonders what the future may hold. “The Jacket” paints a sweet, and reverent picture, using an article of clothing as a unique canvas, representative of a patchwork of memories. Overall, it is difficult to find a more complete album, in terms of quality songs from the first track to the last. Here’s hoping that This CD is just the apetizer, as it leaves a hunger for the rest of the meal.


I came across Ashly by accident and fell in love with her music right away. What a pure and fantastic voice with songs that tell a story. You can picture the songs in your mind, love that they are so personal.

rodney snow

This is a well done, balanced, beautiful album, listen to the title track and you will know what I mean... “if you’re ever tired of being happy give me a call, I’ve never wrecked a home, but don’t put it past me. I’ve listened to it 10 times in 2 days, thank you...


Best country voice and soul since Stapleton. And it’s not arguable. Wow. Get it Mcbryde.


The first time I heard her was A little Dive Bar. She has a beautiful voice.

Sig P320

Shame on the teacher who did not encourage you! You ROCK! Follow your dreams!


If you haven’t had the chance to listen please do,I bought this cd and it’s great from the first song to the last one...😊


This girl is a phenomenal songwriter. If Eric Church and Miranda Lambert has a child it would be Ashley McBryde. So glad I found this. Thank you


It’s been a long time since any new music has struck a chord with me the way old country music does! This is the real deal!


I'll never forget the first time I heard her at a tiny house concert venue called the Hobson House in Nashville. It's small and intimate and she blew the crowd away. The songs are authentic and local and truly representative of some of the southern experiences.

[email protected]

I have bine listening this album 3 times a day since it came out have no idea who she was and had never head of her. Every song is a HIT here you can’t go wrong.

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From the first time I heard Ashley on The Highway I was mesmerized. This record is no disappointment. Every song is relevant and beautiful. She is an amazing songwriter and she reaches into my soul with her voice as she sings the story! This is my go to right now when I want to cruise and forget about my life for a while. Thanks Ms Ashley!


She's got the soul of a poet.

ted laney

I first fell in love with talented young lady’s voice over 10 years ago when I met her in a bar in the Smoky Mts. She was hanging with some friends of mine And we got her to get up and sing for us. She blew me away then and I couldn’t be more excited that she has arrived and is able to share her gift and talent with the whole world!