Galantis - The Aviary

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The Aviary Tracklist:

pretty boiii

You aint a legend no more..... 😈😈😈


I LOVE No Money, I listen to it all the time!

🐳narwhals forever🐳

😵yes oh yes! I love it

sunny sand wing



Sounds like the kids of South Park singing.

lily druge

I don’t have words to describe it’s awesome




Great Buy John 3:16


Electronic dance masterpiece! This whole album is FIRE. My favorite song is still "Hunter".


all the songs are so great Highly recommended

Mockingbird Inc.

For an EDM album, The Aviary is pretty great. The tunes are enjoyable, it has the normal synthesizers and bass, and the lyrics are fine - it's just a fun thing to listen to. For a Galantis album, it's mildly disappointing. The depth of the lyrics and excitement of the bass seemingly disappeared in this album, and overall it dosen't seem to compare to Pharmacy. This isn't to say it's a bad album, however - I enjoyed the fun, bouncy tone of several tracks as they ran through the fun tunes. I think if Galantis brought back the tone and lyrics of Pharmacy and mixed it with the catchy tunes and hooks from The Aviary, we'd get possibly one of the best EDM albums ever made. Until then, The Aviary should be sufficent, but not Galantis' best work.


This album is amazing hopefully they keep them coming!!!


This is just what I needed!


Gotta bump Hunter in way to work everyday I’m a sales rep and it pushes me to be my best thanks for wonderful music


Galantis is my favorite group and they will always be my favorite group. I like every song that they put out. They are perfect


I'm kind of disappointed that Galantis went to this direction of tropical EDM. It's just that every song in this project sounds the same. And some songs kind of end up being forgettable. It's good, but not that great... :(


I felt so strongly about this that I had to write a review. I don’t know if people judge off of pure nostalgia or just crap taste but Pharmacy has nothing on this album. The only memorable songs off of Pharmacy were In My Head, Runaway & PBJ. All other tracks were rehashed & watered down cliché dance songs. I felt uninspired listening to Pharmacy. The Aviary legitimately has jams in True Feeling, Girls On Boys, Tell Me You Love Me, Hunter, Written In the Scars, Pillow Fight & No Money. And the remaining songs are still incredibly decent. Some of you are crazy for thinking Pharmacy stands up anywhere near The Aviary just because it came out first.


I haven't heard their songs on the radio in so long that I completely forgot that they exist... The only song that I remembered the last time I listened on the radio was Runaway and it was from a different album from them... I mean they're okay now but they were so good ten years ago! And it seems that they're ratings and reviews are going down hill too... I mean I would go back and listen to Runaway by them but I wouldn't download it because I'm not sure if I'll hooked on it or not so I'd rather listen to them on YouTube music 🎶 but going back to when I was in middle which was six or seven years back and listening to their old songs brings back tons of memories but again only listen to them on YouTube music I wouldn't download it...


I love the Aviary!!!! It is a new turn from bass and house music to more tropical sounds Galantis has really made a change for the better!!!! All the songs are my favorite!!!!


These two never let me down, despite that I thought this could go in a chainsmokers direction after some of the singles started dropping in 2k16, but it didn't after it was released. I especially liked love on me, girls on boys, tell me you love me, and call me home. They're basically the new dead or alive at this point. Can't wait for another one😁😁😁!

Clair A. Voiant

uh, the galloping beat gets to the point for the next mall club trash to fill a void and waste my time with its vapid uplifting cliches.


I love galantis. Smile is still one of my top edm tracks but this album just doesn't sound like them. Some tracks are good but most just fall flat. Hopefully they go back to their great style with their new album(whenever that will come)

Swag 33287

All these songs are awesome, No Money is the best!


I feel like a just drank a six pack of Red Bull after listening to these tracks .


Every Song is such a positive mood changer!!!🔥🔥🔥

Bobby Wojo

I must say, I was hoping for another 3-4 solid songs from this album. I was actually dissapointed. It doesnt live up to Pharmacy. When you sort the album by popular song, and then listen to the songs. You will see what I mean. I would almost list the whole album in that exact order. Top songs: Tell Me You Love Me, True Feeling, Girls on Boys.


I've been waiting for so long! I love it

P.s. i handmade it

I am #kingshaunjadin reviewing this album from another device. Because galantis is my favorite group, I am going to give this album a complete critique. 1. True feeling 7/10 True feeling all the way around has a good message, warm pads, and a great voice behind the beat! I would just say add more beat. The beat is okay when it drops, I just wish there was more of a clap. Besides that, great song! 2. Hey alligator - 6/10 Hey Alligator's chord progression in the back was pretty much the way I expected it, because when you think "alligator" you thing of that type of melody. In this song, Galantis really embraced the unique features of their typical song. The drop was unexpected with a drum pattern and dj snake type vocals! I loved the song for the most part. Where it needs work: The singing was a bit generic, if they were more like true feeling, the song would be perfect all the way around! 3. Girls on boys - 10/10 Girls on boys is a great song with a great collaboration. The drop, chord progression, and how catchy and likable this song is makes it hard not to like! 4. Salvage (Up All Night) [feat. Poo Bear] - 7/10 The singing was generic again, but hey, it's poo bear. In "Would you ever", the generic style was welcomed without hesitation. I suppose it added to the effect. It was very catchy with heartfelt piano chords, and a poo bear vocal drop with galantis steel drum vibes in the back. Pretty good all the way around! 5. Tell me you love me - 12/10 Yes I gave this more than ten for a reason! Tell me you love me clearly has a galantis style voice, but that voice can sing really good, without too much auto tune and generic/unlikable style. I loved the choir, the beat, the happiness, and how enjoyable this song was!! Second favorite off of the album! 6. Hello - 4/10 Look.. hello wasn't terrible. But the production was too generic for me. I understand that ever since no money was released, galantis went with steel drum vibes, the hey, go, or children type vocals, but I feel like now it's over used. The drop was too expected. If you listen, there's also this vocal that shrieks "yeah" during the drop that I guess is supposed to sound like a child and add to the "no money" effect to the song... but it sounds terrible.. I really want to like it but I can't. The beginning was unique, but the beat sounded like it was recorded by a guy in his room recording with mediocre equipment. I like the clap noise in the second part of the song, but besides that, hello just doesn't do it for me. 7. Hunter - 10/10 Unique, cool, and catchy. The beat was tropical, but very mellow and chill. The last part of the song was so unexpected!! I loved this song and have no complaints. 8. Written in the scars -13/10 Again - on purpose. By FAR the best song on the album. So smooth and likable.. it's also heartfelt, nice, and there's nothing could complain about. It's not even generic. could see this song doing well on billboard hot 100.. so all I can say is wow! 9. Call me home - 5/10 Call me home wasn't the best. The vocals switch up from the beginning, where they voice was high pitched, generic, and auto tuned to the chorus, where the singer sounded pretty good, I just wish it was like that the whole song. The beat was unexpected from galantis, and in a good way too with rock/alternative vibes. The song as a whole would sound so much better if the singer wasn't so generic, with way too much auto tune. 10. Love on me - 9/10 Great way to partner with no money. It sounded so happy, and I loved it! My only complaint is that I could barely tell if this was a boy or a girl singing.. it sounded like a boy and a girls voice combined, even though this song was for a girl. If it is mixed vocalized, make it a very broad message, like I have no money, of I'll remember you. It's not like those songs were written for any specific gender, so mixing vocals then wouldn't be as confusing. 11. Pillow fight - 10/10 This song was very chill, I think the beat stuck with the style of no money, but made the pitch less peppy and more deep, giving it the vibe of counting stars, sleeping, and pillow fights. Unique, and a work of art. 12. No money - 10/10 I was rocking to this all last summer. It's so unique, and it did the best out of any song they've released.. therefore no complaints. Best songs of the album: Hey Alligator Girls on boys Tell me you love me Hunter Written in the scars Love on me OVERALL SCORE : 8.58/10 I loved the album overall! Great job guys honestly!


Even though this music brings most people to the dance floor.... It's just not for me. The music has more of a tropical vibe that I'm used to from Galantis! I'm more used to songs like Runaway (U&I). I like the bass drop and I excepted that. I'm not trying to sound like a critic but I just am disappointed this year. Overall I like Galantis's music it has a good vibe and I like them! it's just the tropical sound that brings it down to 4 Stars. But keep up the good work anyways!

Ben riggle

Half of these tracks released and so far, none of them hold a candle to Pharmacy or the EP Incredibly sad to see Galantis sell out this early, they sounded like they had an incredibly bright future in EDM now.... They're another Chainsmokers knockoff that will probably be irrelevant making these kind of tunes EDIT: after hearing it 3 times, ehh..... It's okay. I'm gonna. Listen to it more, hoping it grows on me, it isn't anywhere NEAR as good as pharmacy and the lack of ratings show it

Foreverghost STAR WARS



Love this album. I love every single song on it there is not one song I dislike


This is great! This could get better if we get a clean version!


Exactly what I want from Galantis


I know this sounds like a nitpicky basic bedroom producer type of comment, but seriously its hard to enjoy some of these songs without sub/low-mid bass. You're songs are amzing as usuall but I feel like I'ma have to go into ableton and add the bass myself to properly enjoy a lot of these... its not as "dancy" without that low bass/sub


I want the Pharmacy galantis back! All of these songs are so high pitched and sound like they were made for toddlers. A couple are cool but they have been our for over a year already. This is way too bad.


I love it!!! Wish there were more songs!!!!! No need to add the other hits on this album..


These guys somehow keep topping themselves!!


Tell me you love me, true feeling and pillow fight are masterpieces. The rest is just OK.

Lebone Burgiundy

they always seem to put out catchy music


thumbs down to the cheezy music though..... all the millennial cliches: pitched down vocals, millenial whoops.... icky!




noo dont be explicit




I really like galantis as musicians, but I think I need to give this review some honest feedback. I love the new sound, but if I'm being completely honest, every song on here so far has a connection to no money. No money was probably their biggest song, played everywhere, popular, and has 350M views on YouTube, and this is why that's the style galantis is sticking with. It's either children's vocals, the vocals that say "hey" or "go", or a steel drum - tropics type song. I love all of these songs and the style, and I do think it's fun and catchy, but none of the other songs have become as big as no money. This is because you guys really didn't mean to make a huge hit, but no money just became so big that now every song has some sort of connection to no money. The chainsmokers did the same thing where drew sang almost every song because of how popular closer became. Don't get me wrong, basically anything they put out never disappoints me. But I am about to have to wait a month to have this album. I'd love if more of a different style was put into the next seven tracks, so that I don't know what to expect. Not that I would hate it, but if 34 days from now I realize the whole album sounds like no money, I'll be pretty disappointed. Also, please release the tracklist. I'd love to at least know the names of the songs 😂. I just ripped apart the musicians I listen to the most, so let me say on a brighter note that I'm REALLY looking forward to this album and what it has to offer. I have a theory that says it'll sound kind of like bloodstain the galantis remix by wrabel. and aw man they took off no money 😂


All I can say is that I am the hunter...

Can i habe Da hambuger plz!

This album is going to be lit

Lover girl 915

Galantis has changed so much over the years and I'm also so proud of everything they've done! I'm so excited for this album!! also did i mention this will be released on my birthday?? thank you galantis!! ;)


Okay nows the time I'm going to be full honest here. I'll admit originally I just put 5 stars because I was incredibly excited for new Galantis music after the incredible Pharmacy ( my 2nd favorite Dance record of 2015 Aside from Adventure by Madeon ) But...... As the singles from this thing started dropping in 2016 I started to notice a drop in quality .... Less use of bass and more use of just trendy tropical house instrumentation and it started to sound uninspired..... While the vocals and lyrics were still fun and catchy.... The songs were definitely not fully enjoyable And you may be thinking .... Well that's just 5 out of 12 songs. Even if the rest of the songs were great..... Every song on pharmacy I liked/loved so with 5 lackluster songs ( even though I liked no money and Hunter ) the other tracks will have to be PRETTY GREAT to make the sort of watered down, less interesting Galantis fare presented in this LP I'll change this when it comes out but, so far .... Galantis is capable of much better and has already shown it with the EP & DEBUT I'm depressed

Wayne Ferell

Too good i love u guys sm

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